Why you should not buy CBD oil on amazon


Following the convenience that Amazon offers, it is the first platform you likely will think about when it comes to buying CBD oil. Not only does the brand deliver its packages first, but it offers you a variety of products to choose from. As such, it only makes sense that you will run to it when looking for a promising platform. After all, the hype around CBD oil has really picked up, and one might not want to delay the experiment with CBD oil products, hoping that somewhat, the claimed experience picks up. However, Amazon should not be your go-to option when it comes to buying CBD oil, and this blog explains why.

The Basics of CBD Oil

Before examining why Amazon should not be an option for ideal shopping points for CBD oil, understand that CBD oil is a chemical compound and an active component in the cannabis plants, also called cannabinoids. Although CBD oil can be extracted from marijuana or hemp plants, most CBD brands use hemp plants to manufacture their CBD products to ensure they are in line with the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp-derived CBD oil whose total THC is less than 0.3%.

There are three types of CBD oil; isolates, full- and broad-spectrum CBD oil. Full- and broad-spectrum CBD oil have terpenes, flavonoids, and multiple cannabinoids and are linked to a full entourage effect, though broad-spectrum CBD oil does not have the psychoactive THC found in full-spectrum CBD. Contrarily, isolate CBD oils only have CBD, no cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. You can enjoy CBD oil as edibles in gummies, lozenges, and mints, tinctures, capsules & softgels, topicals, and vapes, and most brands offer these products in one or more of the three formulations discussed.

Do Amazon Policies Allow CBD Oil Sale?

If you want to buy CBD oil or products from Amazon, it is worth noting that the platform’s policies do not allow it to sell CBD oil or CBD-infused products. Part of its policies has the following extract;

"Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited, including, but not limited to full spectrum hemp oil and rich hemp oil"

This means that the company does not sell CBD oil products, whether in full-spectrum or rich hemp oil platforms. Still, there is some confusion, and the next section addresses this.

The Confusing Thing About CBD-Related Searches on the Amazon Platform

Amazon states openly that it considers CBD oil products prohibited. However, people get confused when they search CBD oil on the search bar and receive search results with hemp extract and hemp seed being part of them. This happens because while the platform might not allow CBD oil sales, it has not made it clear that it does not sell hemp extracts and related products. As such, it allows people to buy the hemp seed and hemp extract products under the radar.

Are Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil Equals?

Even though you get hemp extract and hemp seed oil as part of the search results when typing 'CBD oil' on the Amazon platform' search bar, they are not the same. The industry has made the two oils sound the same, although they are way different, despite coming from the hemp plant. The main difference comes in the part of the hemp plant used to manufacture the oils. As the name suggests, the hemp seed oil is made from hemp seeds, while CBD oil comes from the whole hemp plant, including hemp flowers, leaves, stems, and stalks. Consequently, hemp seed oil has hardly any CBD while CBD oil or its infused products have CBD, only that the concentrations differ from one product to the next.

Why Does Amazon Not Sell CBD Products As Stated by Its Policies?

You are likely wondering why a large platform with millions of customers would not sell CBD products. The main reason is that CBD oil is not regulated by the FDA. If anything, the only cannabis-infused product the FDA approved is Epidiolex, a drug used to manage Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut, rare forms of epilepsy caused by tuberous sclerosis. As such, Amazon does not claim responsibility for selling CBD oil products, although some agents still sell hemp extracts under the radar.

Why You Should Not Buy CBD Oil on Amazon

Although you can find hemp extracts and hemp seed oils on Amazon when searching for CBD oil, do not buy hemp or CBD products from this platform. According to Amazon policy, it should not sell CBD products. As such, any search results for CBD oil are likely counterfeit. Besides, consumable products like ingestible CBD oil need thorough 3rd party tests to ensure they are pure and have no traces of heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, filth, and foreign matter. What’s more, you need a 3rd party test result sheet to know the potency of CBD and THC in the CBD oil or product you are buying, and it is only a certificate of analysis that offers such information, which is not on Amazon.

Where to Buy CBD Oil

Now that Amazon is not the ideal platform to source the CBD oil, there are other online brands that sell CBD. Look them up online and order CBD oil products through their websites. What's more, there are various licensed CBD dispensaries and health food stores that stock CBD oil, and you could visit such to buy CBD oil.


When looking for CBD oil, Amazon is not the ideal platform to visit. Not only are its ambiguous CBD oil search results confusing, but they are too misleading. Besides, they do not offer a certificate of analysis for the hemp products they sell. Consequently, you could visit reputable CBD brands' websites or licensed CBD dispensaries and stores to buy CBD oil.

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