Why you can’t purchase CBD gummies on amazon


What’s your favorite internet-based enterprise? Amazon is a popular online platform loved by many because it sells most goods! Does your favorite online brand sell a product you can’t live without? If you’re a CBD lover and have searched for CBD gummies on Amazon only to find no result, it’s clear that they don’t sell. CBD gummies are good ways of getting a sufficient dose. Although Amazon is great in most avenues, it doesn’t sell them. So, why can’t you buy CBD gummies on Amazon?

Understand Today’s CBD Regulations

Today’s CBD laws are confusing. A few years ago, the House and Senate of the U.S passed a bill that legalized hemp. Therefore, it was eliminated from the federal government’s list of illegal products. For more understanding, banned items included various drugs, either synthetic or natural, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, and shrooms. Previously, hemp was included on that list. Consumers regarded that action as extreme because hemp is from cannabis plants. However, after a full realization that hemp contains less than 0.3% THC (a cannabinoid that’ll get the user high), the government declared it safe for consumption. Cannabis plants are categorized into marijuana and hemp. Marijuana has more THC levels than the latter. It can have as much as 30% THC. CBD gummies are added CBD oil obtained from the hemp plant’s stalks, leaves, and buds. It helps in managing insomnia, pain, anxiety, and depression.

Hemp seed oil is healthier and more beneficial, and it’s only derived from the hemp plant’s seeds and not its buds, stalks, or leaves like CBD-manufactured hemp oil. A distinguishing factor between CBD oil and hemp seed oil is that the latter lacks CBD. So, if you request CBD on Amazon, you’ll likely get hemp seed oil. Although gummies with hemp seed oil have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and are useful to the body, some users specifically want to benefit from CBD oil. With the understanding provided above, it’s possible to miss CBD gummies on Amazon when looking for them.

Differences Between CBD and Hemp Gummies

It’s advisable not to buy CBD gummies from Amazon. Sellers may convince you to buy a product that does not contain any CBD content. Most gummies sold online have hemp-derived CBD. If you choose to buy hemp gummies from Amazon, consider the following;

Sweeteners and Added Ingredients

Some gummies are made with natural sugar cane or fresh fruits, while others contain artificial ingredients.


Ensure the gummies you intend to buy are free from chemicals like pesticides.

Isolate, Full or Broad-spectrum

Choose the gummies you want. Isolate contains CBD only. Broad-spectrum lacks THC but contains all other hemp compounds. Full-spectrum has all broad-spectrum ingredients and THC content.

CBD Content

Ensure you buy a CBD gummy that’ll give you the most CBD benefits. Go for the one with sufficient amounts of CBD. Hemp gummies have low amounts of CBD. That’s why it’s important to be selective when deciding which gummy to buy.

Hemp Extract is Common in Amazon

For unsuspecting consumers, it’s easy to confuse hemp extract and CBD products. When looking at the ingredient list, it’s even more confusing when you see ‘hemp seed oil.' CBD is obtained from hemp. However, hemp seeds lack CBD content. CBD is extracted from different parts of the cannabis plant using different extraction methods. Different sources explain the countless wellness benefits CBD gummies offer due to cannabinoids they contain. Ideally, food/health and supplement stores sell CBD. However, it’s against Amazon’s policies to retail CBD products, including gummies. Sellers use hemp oil extract as a loophole.

Unlike CBD oil produced from various parts of the cannabis plant, hemp seed oil is extracted from seeds of hemp plants. Hemp seeds are highly nutritious, but they contain very little CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD brands don’t manufacture their CBD gummies with CBD oil pressed from hemp plants. These companies use the whole plant, specifically flowers, because the highest CBD concentration is located in flowers of hemp plants. Hemp seed oil is beneficial to the body, but it won’t offer the broadly-supported benefits of CBD. So, if you choose to buy from Amazon gummies labeled ”with hemp seed oil," be sure you won’t get complete benefits of cannabinoids.

Amazon’s Policy on CBD

According to the Amazon website, drug listings should not include controlled substances or items containing controlled substances i.e., CBD products including hemp oil that contains CBD. However, hemp products are accepted. Despite the loopholes sellers have on the Amazon website, be careful because it’s not guaranteed whether these products contain ingredients the sellers claim. That’s because ‘hemp oil’ contains CBD, but hemp seed oil does not. To ensure you’re purchasing a gummy containing CBD oil, do the following;

Contact the Seller Directly

For assurance, contact the seller and ask if the gummy contains CBD. Also, ask for 3rd party lab results to confirm no THC is added. Send the retailer a message, and they’ll get back to you with enough information to help you make an informed decision.

Check Milligram Content

It’s very unlikely that a product contains CBD if it’s labeled hemp oil but does not mention milligrams or ‘mgs’ on the package. Don’t buy it if the manufacturer is not transparent with the concentration of CBD in the gummies.

CBD Online Credibility Sources to Look for

Many individuals have entered the hemp-derived CBD business. It’s necessary to confirm the retailer’s credibility before buying from them. Some things to consider include;

  • Do they have quality products?
  • Is the seller legally licensed to produce and sell CBD?
  • Does the seller use third-party testing?
  • How long has the vendor been in CBD business?
  • Why are their CBD gummies better?
  • Do they have hemp-specific qualifications/licenses?

Great CBD Suppliers Online are;

  • CBD distillery
  • Global cannabinoids
  • HempMeds
  • Kazmira


CBD gummies’ popularity is spreading. CBD sellers are aware Amazon prohibits CBD selling on its website and only accepts hemp oil products. That’s why most sellers label their products hemp oil. While hemp oil contains CBD, it doesn’t guarantee all products labeled that way have cannabinoids. Sellers can mislabel their products to entice you to buy them.

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