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After the legalization of hemp by the Farm Bill in 2018, many brands were established. Currently, there are over 200 hemp-based manufacturers in the USA. Some of the common products in the market include gummies, tinctures, vapes, topicals, and edibles. Although CBD was legalized, the Food and Drug Administration FDA mandated states to come up with their laws. Most states legalized products, but some states don't allow CBD products, making it difficult to get them. Only 36 states in the USA allow CBD products in their territories, although with strict laws on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration, limited to 0.3%. THC is the second dominant component in the hemp plant related to the intoxicating effect. So, where can you buy CBD oil?

Where To Buy CBD Oil

CBD products have become common in nearly every part of the USA. Although the products have become common, state laws determine their availability. States like Indiana, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, South Dakota, Texas, and North Caroline don't allow CBD products unless they are medicinal. Idaho and Nebraska have strict laws, and they have completely banned CBD products in their territories. To be on the safe side of the law, avoid CBD products in either of the states. If your state allows CBD products, you can find them in the nearest stores or online shops.

Buying CBD Online

Most CBD manufacturers have online shops, making access to CBD products easier. With nearly 200 CBD manufacturers, over 150 have online shops. Buying CBD products online has various advantages. Depending on the brand, products can be delivered to your location without a shipping fee. Also, you will access the best prices due to high levels of competition in the CBD business. Although CBD products were legalized, not everyone feels free to move around with the products. However, buying products online will help you maintain your privacy. In addition, it allows you to assess the brand and product by reading reviews from customers and product descriptions.

Buying CBD Oil In Stores

Although CBD stores are limited compared to online shops, you will enjoy a few benefits. First, buying from your local stores works best for urgency since you will start using them as soon as you purchase. Also, it gives time to interact with the products before buying. You can scan QR codes and confirm the lab results before making purchases. In addition, buying CBD products from your nearest store limits various risks such as failure of delivery and getting the wrong products.

How To Determine Where To Buy The Best CBD Oil

Although CBD products have flooded the market, it is important to consider the quality of the products you are going for. You can use the following tips to get the best products;

Confirm the Brand's Reputation

Some brands are committed to offering quality, non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free CBD products to improve people's wellness without posing threats. However, due to the popularity of CBD products, some brands have prioritized making profits rather than quality. Therefore, you need to assess the brand's reputation before buying your products. First, check on customers' reviews to find out their experience with the brand and its products. Also, confirm whether the brand has received any warnings from the FDA concerning its products' purity. Bodies like Better Business Bureau (BBB) leave comments and ratings on various brands' performance. Therefore, ensure the brand has not received negative comments.

The Lab Reports

Since there are a lot of uncertainties concerning the lab results of most CBD brands, there is a need for lab results assessment. There has been misinformation on potency levels posted on the labels and the ones in the products, exposing CBD users to overdosing risks. To minimize such cases, buy from a brand that posts COA reports or avails it when requested. Also, consider a brand using independent IOS-certified labs. Such labs have adequate resources and personnel, minimizing inaccuracy. The brand should also offer QR codes on each product to affirm the lab report on specific products.

During lab results assessment, prioritize THC levels since high concentrations exceeding 0.3% will expose you to its intoxicating effects and land you in legal problems. The federal government and FDA are strict on THC levels to protect the consumers. Also, confirm that the CBD potency variance is within the 10% allowed limit.

The Prices in the Market

Before making purchases, shop around, assessing various prices to get the best deal. Due to high levels of competition, most brands are offering quality products at accommodating rates to win a larger market. Some brands offer up to 20% discounts on bulk purchases and free shipping. However, be keen on extremely low prices since the brand might have downplayed the quality. Also, confirm whether the brand offers a satisfaction money-back guarantee within 30 to 90 days upon making purchases. Such brands have confidence in the effectiveness of their products, unlike those failing to take responsibility.


CBD products are nearly in every corner of the USA. Buying them has become easier because they are found in your nearest stores or online shop. Since the products have flooded the market, consumers should be keen on quality because some brands have sidelined quality at the expense of profits. Before settling on where to buy your products, ensure you can assess the lab results for self-affirmation. Confirm the brand has the required THC levels (0.3%) and the CBD potency variance is within the 10% limit. In addition, consider a brand offering a money-back guarantee if the products don't offer the stated effectiveness.

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