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CBD oil is one of the many things or terms that have gained much popularity and haze over the last 4 years. In fact, you will notice that CBD oil is present in most stores and shops in the USA, small, mid-size, and large; all specialize in CBD oil products. Little means much in CBD manufacturing, but many brands, shops, stores, dispensaries dealing in CBD oil products present their fair share of challenges. While there’s a variety to choose from, telling which oil is the best becomes the hardest nut to crack. Some brands deal in low-quality CBD picks, others have them contaminated, while others misrepresent potency and purity information on the product labels. Although studies do not recommend CBD oil for treating, curing, diagnosing, or healing any condition linked to CBD oil, there are tips on how to choose quality CBD oil among a whole plethora that is there.

What Makes Up the Oil/ The Source of The Oil

CBD oil can come from marijuana or hemp plants, both of which are cannabis plants. However, the Farm Bill passed in 2018 considers hemp-derived CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC federally legal. As such, focusing on CBD oil extracted from hemp plants helps to have products that do not violate federal laws, even if a state allows CBD products with more than 0.3% THC. What's more, THC is linked to the 'high' effect and will likely affect the psychoactive characteristics if it exceeds 0.3% per dry weight. As such, buying hemp-derived CBD oil with the right THC levels helps to enjoy CBD oil without the fear of experiencing the 'high' effect.

Where the Plants Are Grown

The nature and the prevailing conditions of the place or land where the hemp plants are used in manufacturing the CBD oil you are buying also determines the product's quality. Hemp plants grown in areas with heavy metals will likely sip heavy metal traces into the CBD oil. Yet, this is harmful since heavy metals like mercury and lead are carcinogenic, and when they accumulate in the body, they may increase a person's chances of getting cancer and other complications. Focusing on a brand's website, especially the section that deals with growing and manufacturing practices, usually detail the nature of the soil or land where the plant is grown.

THC Concentration in the CBD Oil

Focus on the THC concentration in CBD oil when looking for a quality CBD oil. Apart from focusing on hemp-derived products, pay attention to CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC. While state CBD regulations on the THC threshold in CBD oil might differ, it is wise to stick to the federal guidelines. What’s more, the right THC amounts in CBD oil means you can enjoy CBD oil without fearing for the ‘high’ effect whose repercussions are not quite pleasant.

The Extraction Method

Even if the CBD oil or product you want to buy has less than 0.3% THC and is derived from hemp, the extraction method used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces still matters. While there are many extraction methods like steam and ethanol, the CO2 extraction method remains the gold standard in the cannabis space. It is preferred for its safety and stability, especially because it isolates CBD oil without unnecessarily attaching solvents to the extracts. What’s more, it employs low temperature and high-pressure conditions that preserve the quality of the oil and the volatile compounds that add to its value.

Additional Technology During Extraction

Brands that incorporate additional technology during CBD oil production may offer products whose absorption rates surpass others not subjected to similar technology. For instance, many reputable brands now use nano-technology, promising to provide CBD oil and products that are easily digestible and more bioavailable. Still, further studies will help to prove that nano-technology significantly increases a product’s absorbability.

The Nature and Amount of Ingredients

The nature of ingredients a brand features in its CBD oil determines quality, primarily because all-natural ingredients tend to be safer. As such, companies that make CBD oil and add natural extracts tend to have larger loyal customer bases than others that add synthetic ingredients. Besides, the amount of ingredients a brand features in CBD oil also matters. Little is much in the hemp arena, so the fewer the ingredients featured in CBD oil, the better the product, which is particularly true since unnecessarily many ingredients in the name of additives and flavorings may affect the product's shelf life.

Critical Certifications of the Brand and Membership with Important Agents and Bodies

Focus on certifications when buying CBD oil to increase the chances of landing quality products where a whole plethora exists. For instance, brands that use USDA-certified organic hemp to manufacture CBD oil win many customers who value organic products. What’s more, CBD brands that run manufacturing processes in GMP-certified facilities win customer trust since they uphold the most recent and highest manufacturing practices and standards. Besides, membership with critical bodies like state industrial hemp bodies also increases customer confidence in a brand since the brand strives to uphold the standards established by the body, most of which favor purity.

Third-Party Testing and Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Buy the CBD oil from a brand that conducts rigorous 3rd party tests and presents the CoA for CBD oil on its website. The CoA ultimately proves whether the brand upholds the factors or tenets discussed above. For instance, you will see the product's cannabinoid profile, revealing whether the THC threshold is within the federally acceptable limits. What's more, you will know whether the CBD oil in question is free of solvents, heavy metals, and other standard contaminants whose presence denotes the low quality of the oil. Even if a brand does not share its CoA online, the products like CBD oil should bear scannable QR codes or batch numbers that reveal the CoA.


Many brands now specialize in CBD oil, making the selection process the hardest nut to crack. Besides, many shops and stores stock CBD items, and it is never easy to spot high-quality CBD oil. This article lessens your hustle by sharing information on the key areas you can focus on to increase your chances of landing quality CBD oil. Nonetheless, CBD production is not regulated by the FDA, meaning that there is every possibility of misinformation on the brand's website and product labels.

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