What is CBD cream? (and what to look for)


Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active compound found in the cannabis plant. The market has numerous CBD-enriched products like creams. Specifically, cannabidiol cream is manufactured with water as a base. It absorbs quickly without leaving residues on your skin. However, choose high-quality cannabidiol creams for safety and potency purposes. Learn about CBD cream and how to choose them here.

Currently, cannabidiol (CBD) products have flooded the market with incredible health benefits. CBD is an active compound found in cannabis plants. According to Manzanares et al. (2006), CBD does not cause euphoric or psychoactive effects, unlike its counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) molecule. Following the high demand for cannabidiol of compound comes in various product ranges, including creams, capsules, and balms. Specifically, CBD cream is poorly understood by many cannabidiol proponents. This product is manufactured with water as a base. The body absorbs it without leaving residues on the skin surface when applied. Customers should purchase high-quality cannabidiol creams to avoid for safety and potency purposes. Know more about these products here.

What is CBD?

According to Crippa et al. (2018), cannabidiol (CBD) is an active cannabinoid compound found in cannabis plants. Hemp and cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants are the main cannabis variants. Most reputable manufacturers derive cannabidiol compounds from hemp plants because they contain a high CBD percentage, while marijuana has high THC contents. In 2018, the Farm Bill federally legalized the production, harvesting, manufacturing, and consumption of hemp-derived products. These products should contain below the 0.3 percent THC legal threshold. However, many States have illegalized usage and possession of marijuana-sourced products because their THC levels might cause high effects. Cannabidiol compound comes in different products like topicals, gummies, capsules, and oils. Consumers have reported improvements while using CBD products. They are administered in different ways like creams are applied topically to the affected region. Other consumption methods include sublingual, oral, and vaping.

Cannabidiol is available in various extracts, such as broad and full-spectrum isolates. According to Lachenmeier et al. (2019), isolates are the purest CBD format because it excludes all cannabis components except cannabidiol. Broad-spectrum constitutes all cannabis compounds like terpenes, essential oils, fatty acids, flavonoids, cannabinol, and cannabigerol except THC molecules. Consumers who prefer this extract mostly want to avoid the intoxicating properties of THC while enjoying the benefits of other constituents. Full-spectrum comprises all constituents available in a broad spectrum, including THC molecules. THC has more health benefits because these elements work synergistically to yield entourage effects, as Russo (2019) suggested. People who use them are comfortable with THC's intoxicating properties.

What Is CBD Cream?

Adequate product understanding enables customers to purchase their favorite and correct items that address their health conditions. Cannabidiol creams have their pros and cons, and understanding this fact causes a user to make sound decisions. According to Fattore & Fratta (2011), manufacturers use water as a base when creating cannabidiol creams. This process of making CBD topicals has many advantages, including:

  • According to Bruni et al. (2018), topicals manufactured with water infiltrate better into human skin, implying they involve transdermal absorption. This process is among the normal administration techniques for active compounds like cannabidiol and different substances.

However, this might be desirable or undesirable to certain people depending on the individual's health goals. Quick absorption ensures the consumer's skin does not have residues. Select oil-related cannabidiol topical if a person intends to utilize a cannabidiol product that persists on the skin for a prolonged period.

What To Consider When Purchasing CBD Cream

Request for Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

One strategy to identify authentic cannabidiol products is by searching online or requesting the brand to provide a certificate of analysis. This document reveals whether the product has undergone third-party laboratory testing. It analyses the ingredient proportions like cannabidiol percentage and various constituents. A person should ensure an independent third party compiles this report for potency and safety purposes. This certificate shows whether the product is GMO-free and void of pesticides, microbials, and contaminants. Toxic ingredients might cause negative impacts on your health. Consider selecting meticulously.

Determine The Product Extracts

According to Mitro et al. (2012), body chemistry differs from one person to another. Therefore, consumers should discover which product serves their health condition appropriately. CBD isolates, broad- and full-spectrum are only cannabidiol extracts. Isolates comprise exclusively pure cannabidiol contents without other cannabis compounds. Broad-spectrum contains complete cannabis compounds except for the THC molecule. However, full-spectrum has all constituents in broad-spectrum, including THC. consumers should discover which extract addresses their condition effectively. It is advisable to prioritize full spectrum-derived products with more health benefits. According to Michalak et al. (2021), the right topical products have better hydrating nourishing value with correct moisturizers and various compounds. Consider searching for extra healthful and pain calming ingredients such as cocoa oil, arnica, aloe Vera, shea butter, vitamins E, D, and A, peppermint oil, menthol, avocado, and lavender oil.

Company Reputation

Manufacturers are essential because they determine the quality of end products. Considering the longevity or size of your brand does not mean it is reputable. Customers should check customer reviews for products being purchased. Ensure to look for repeated complaints or commendations from customers. It gives you beforehand information before taking your product. Avoid all CBD cream items with recurring complaints from various customers because their safety and effectiveness are compromised. However, prioritize those with numerous appraisals. Consider the ratings for your preferred products. Purchase those with the highest ratings and ignore the poorly rated ones.


Individuals might become confused by numerous CBD products flooding the market. Cannabidiol compound is among the active ingredients in cannabis plants. Its popularity is triggered by numerous benefits that manifest among users. This compound comes in different products like creams, balms, and capsules. Cannabidiol creams use water as a base during production. High water contents make it absorb better on the skin better than balms. Users administer creams topically on specific affected areas. There are numerous products to choose from. However, many consumers are troubled when selecting high-quality CBD creams. Purchase from reputable companies, request COA, and determine your favorite CBD extract.


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