Ways to take CBD oil


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in cannabis plants, including marijuana and hemp plants. This compound is gaining popularity due to its purported benefits. The most common method of taking CBD is smoking. However, some people are uncomfortable with smoking CBD products. This prevents them from taking these products. Manufacturers have devised various consumption methods to favor smoking opponents to address this concern. Some of these include ingestion, sublingual, topical application, and inhalation. These administration modes are ideal for CBD beginners and those seeking its experience. Learn more about the various methods of CBD oil consumption below.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is derived from the hemp plant, while THC is from marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound causes high feelings to consumers. Cannabidiol (CBD) has no intoxicating effects, and some consumers believe that it might have potential benefits. After extraction, it undergoes dilution with coconut or olive oil which boosts bioavailability. This oil can be consumed in the following ways;

Inhalation (Vape/Smoke)

Inhaling cannabidiol is among the fastest ways of enjoying its benefits. When inhaled, it is absorbed directly into the human bloodstream through the lungs. Consumers can enjoy this cannabidiol via vaping or smoking.

Smoking Cannabidiol Concentrate

Consumers can smoke cannabidiol concentrate with a device resembling a water pipe called a bong. It is conducted by heating the oil rig's nail where CBD concentrate is put. A convenient substitute would be developing a joint with high cannabidiol cannabis. If CBD is smoked through the latter technique, consumers will also smoke some THC.

Advantages of Smoking Cannabidiol
  • Produces the greatest CBD concentration
  • Smoking is the quickest delivery system

Disadvantages of Smoking Cannabidiol
  • Smoking has adverse effects on the throat and lungs
  • High concentrations are not appropriate for people who do not require high amounts for their issues.
  • The method requires extra tools (joint paper, oil rig, and dabber)

Vaping Cannabidiol Oil

Alternatively, an individual can vape cannabidiol oil with a vaporizer pen. Vaping beginners can acquire a vape appetizer kit from numerous popular vaping brands. Vaping functions as an important substitute for smoking. It is suitable for people desiring similar CBD concentrations and optimum probable impacts without the severe feeling accompanying smoking.

Advantages of CBD Vaping
  • It provides a high CBD concentration and the optimum potential effects.
  • The method does not liberate smoke which could endanger your lungs and throat.
  • Regulating the dosage is simple

Disadvantages of CBD Vaping
  • Consumers are susceptible to greater concentration than required
  • Requires extra tools (accessories and vape pen)

Topical Application (Balms/ Creams)

If inhalation is unfavorable for you, tropical cannabidiol products are a great option. The topical application implies applying CBD creams, ointments, balms on the skin. This technique functions superior for skin conditions and sore muscles. Use CBD balm in any body part such as the back, feet, or neck.

Advantages of Topical Application
  • Topicals are convenient to use.
  • No extra or accessories tools are required

Disadvantages of Topical Application
  • Much of this product is applied when a greater dose is needed
  • The impacts do not last like other methods

Ingestion (Edibles)

Edibles are popular among CBD users. This is ideal for those who don’t prefer the natural CBD taste. Cannabidiol edibles in CBD gummies form or lollipops are strong choices. Besides being tasty, they are a discreet technique of consuming cannabidiol, particularly when desiring a dose while working. However, the edibles’ effects take some hours to be felt. After taking a certain portion of CBD edibles, relax for some time to determine your experience before adding more amounts.

Advantages of Edibles
  • The product is discreet.
  • It provides multiple choices since you can combine palatable oils with drinks and foods.

Disadvantages of Edibles
  • It takes time for the effects to be experienced
  • Understanding and determining the correct dose is complicated.


This involves placing some oil drops under the tongue and holding for 30 seconds in the mouth before swallowing. Sublingual is a discreet technique that helps users experience relaxation and calmness.

Advantages of Sublingual Consumption
  • Its preparation is simple and does not require any extra equipment.
  • Dosage regulation is convenient to manage.
  • The product yields long-lasting impacts.

Disadvantages of Sublingual Consumption
  • Results might differ in people.
  • Some individuals may not endure the CBD’s earthy flavor.


people can enjoy CBD oil products' benefits in different ways. Some individuals dislike smoking because it produces harsh effects on their throat. Interestingly, more ways of taking CBD products are devised, including edibles, topical application, sublingual administration, and vaping. These methods give consumers various preferences to access CBD oil benefits. Conducting research before and understanding your cannabidiol intake will guarantee an enjoyable and smooth experience. Consumers should choose the best method to take CBD oil to have maximum experience. For beginners, communicate with your doctor before taking them for medical advice.

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