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CBD conventions and shows provide a great opportunity for business owners as they can check out the competition and learn great deals about the product and the ever-changing market. Once one decides to travel internationally to partake in a CBD show in Europe, many domestic CBD brands focus on Europe because of the continent's many opportunities.

The CBD market is highly competitive in the United States. Consumers in Europe are beginning to catch up in the public interest. Consumers might have a better shot of standing out in the crowd.

The article will provide users with the major basic tips they need to know before attending a vape convention.

Below are some tips to consider before booking a flight for a show.

Research and understand the laws to Avoid getting into TroubleTrouble.

A CBD business owner in the United States needs to stay well updated on the ever-changing laws regarding how vaping products are marketed and sold to consumers. Lachenmeier& Walch (2020) noted that in Europe, the CBD business owners abide by a different set of laws, and they have to abide by them as they show their products abroad. Also, these entrepreneurs have to consider the laws regarding traveling with CBD abroad as they board a flight.

It is easy to research the CBD laws for any destination. Check the local laws and the European laws to avoid getting into trouble.

Choose a Spot in Which CBD is Extremely Popular

To achieve the most out of the trip, research more on the CBD trends in Europe to determine the regions with markets that are doing better than others. Take the products to the locations where CBD is popular. Also, avoid areas where CBD has tough legal status as one may have a harder time convincing the attendees to invest in your products.

Finally, Ensure the area one visits allows consumers to visit consumers to buy CBD products from other countries via the internet.

Have a Variety of Products

Remember that attending the CBD show offers you an opportunity to shine. So, it is time to carry the best products one may have in stock with them. Ensure you provide different varieties as everyone has a different taste and preference for using CBD products. Try as much as possible to avail range of CBD-infused goodies like edibles, vape oils, capsules, topicals, and tinctures.

Carry Samples

Samples enable one to make sales. Remember you are attending a show with a high number of other businesses. You have to stand out; the best way to do this is by offering samples to potential customers.

Everyone loves free products. Giving away free samples enables the attendees to explore the great products sellers provide without committing to spending lots of money. After the customers realize how exempt a retailer’s products are, they become a loyal customer.

According to Nunes (2021), countries in Europe require manufacturers and retailers to state the ingredients even in the samples. So, ensure you check for the country you travel to package your products accordingly.

Remember, you Have Gone to Learn.

Apart from showing off your line of products, one will also have to make an effort to learn about the CBD industry while at the show. Most of the shows feature industry experts who are happy to inform about the growing businesses. So, try to gain some knowledge to come back home with a clear understanding of ensuring your business succeeds.

There are guests, business owners, venue employees, keynote speakers, and celebrities who may be running around the convention. CBD entrepreneurs are advised to be prepared to take it all. There is usually no right or wrong to take you around the show. Ask questions where one may need some more clarification whenever you want.

Wear The Right Clothes

Entrepreneurs and consumers will have to walk a lot. From the vendors to the food and beverage area, then back to the main stage. Some vendors provide tote bags as marketing tools but ensure to carry a personal backpack that can accommodate what one buys.

Attend With Some Employees

CBD entrepreneurs are advised to visit with some employees. To assist in the marketing and sale of products and also for inquiries. Some potential customers may walk away as one is caught up in a conversation with someone else. Also, the extra hand can be helpful in terms of handing out samples, educating the customers, etc.

Network as Much as Possible

Competition is not necessarily your enemy. Network with the local business owners who may be willing to cross-promote your products.

Determine the Local CBD Trends

If a CBD vendor is interested in distributing their products in Europe, observe the local trend and compare them to those in the United States. Certain trends may be more popular overseas, or the customers may be more interested in topicals than vape oils.

Brush up on your Knowledge about CBD.

Before departing, ensure one’s CBD knowledge is strong and up to date. Check on the latest studies and observe the latest techniques in the industry. The more knowledgeable a retailer sounds, the higher the chances the customers can trust their products. Also, knowing about the new groundbreaking studies that other businesses don't offer gives one a stronger competitive edge.

Can You Take E-liquid on The Plane?

Bhatnagar et al. (2014) noted that many airlines accept consumers to take a small amount of e-liquid in carry-on luggage. Larger amounts are taken in hold luggage.

Europe Exports

Vaping products are popular in Europe, just like in the United Kingdom. There are many expos around Europe. Pierson (1999) noted with more than 120 exhibitors; the vape and trade expo is a chance for wholesalers, retailers, investors, and enthusiasts to come and join together.

Bottom line

The above information means that you have never had a better chance to travel abroad and attend shows as a CBD business owner. Ensure you follow the tips above, and you are likely not to face some difficulties on your trip.


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