The environmental impact of CBD oil & hemp sustainability


Cannabidiol (CBD) users are increasing daily. A certain study showed that the UK has about 1.3 million CBD consumers. Cannabis lovers have been requesting authorization for cannabinoid manufacturing and cannabis farming in the United States. The motivation is caused by hemp sustainability philosophy. This means utilizing cannabinoid and hemp products can lead us to a better sustainable and eco-friendly future. This article will discuss the environmental impact of CBD oil and hemp sustainability.

Origin and reasons for using hemp

Hemp is obtained from the cannabis sativa family. This plant family is popular for hemp's close derivative, marijuana. Hemp contains lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compared to marijuana. Specifically, the THC compound empowers marijuana to cause highness in its users, while the small THC amounts in hemp make it a psychotropic-free substance.

For this reason, it was legalized through Unites States Farm Bill, permitting its industrial and therapeutic use. In addition, industrial-quality hemp stalks and flowers are utilized for biodegradable hemp fabric, medication, wax, and rope paper. People process hemp seeds into an oil usable in cosmetics and food products. The FDA has not certified most cannabis extracts for medical use. The anti-epileptic drug is exclusively verified for human consumption.

The environmental safety for hemp crops

When contemplating environmentally safe substances, hemp might not be considered by many. Nevertheless, this inherent fiber contains certain encouraging environmental credentials. Hemp is biodegradable, renewable, and needs minimum water usage and pesticides.

Hemp crops and the greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect occurs when the gases made by earth, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane traps the heat coming into earth. As a result, the earth’s surface temperature increases. The carbon dioxide continually rises to dangerous levels concerning climate change if not well controlled. Different plant varieties lower climate change by absorbing the gas. For each 1000kg of farmed hemp, 16300kg of carbon dioxide is withdrawn from the air. Hemp gives us higher sustainable alternatives to substitute carbon dioxide-discharging sources. For instance, using hempcrete to insulate rather than insulating materials such as fiberglass decrease carbon liberation significantly by inhibiting the source and absorption from the atmosphere.

Hemp as biofuel

Fossil fuel usage and extraction promote our carbon footprint significantly. Scientists have realized lower destructive fuel forms called biodiesel. However, the challenge is the need for large plantations with potent soil and farming to make raw materials for this fuel. Interestingly, hemp is a maintainable alternative because it propagates in poor soil conditions and utilizes small land while yielding a great harvest. The fuel comes from hemp seeds rather than the stalk, lowering waste produced during the process. Since hemp is a renewable source, it helps solve the world's climate crisis from planting to utilizing it as a fuel.

Hemp requires less water

The world should increase its agricultural practices due to escalating demand for industrial and food raw materials. Sadly, the global water problem makes these practices challenging. In such cases, planting crops such as hemp is advisable since it utilizes less water. This plant uses approximately 50% water compared to others, such as cotton.

Environmental friendly ways of manufacturing CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is obtained from hemp flower distillation and extraction. This product has therapeutic and industrial uses. Although cannabidiol oil has many extraction mechanisms, the best environmentally safe ones are ethanol solvent and carbon dioxide extraction methods, as they synthesize the highest quality cannabidiol oil.

Solvent extraction (Ethanol)

In this process, the solvent (ethanol) is passed via a hemp plant compound, removing the plant components in the solvent developing a solution (hemp-ethanol). This solution then undergoes heating. In the process, ethanol evaporates while the cannabidiol oil substance remains. Although this technique is simple, it sometimes denatures oil or removes vital elements such as chlorophyll that change the product's properties.

Carbon dioxide extraction

This extraction can be conducted at either supercritical or subcritical levels. This denotes the gas pressure utilized in the extraction process. The hemp is put inside a full carbon dioxide chamber when this happens. The gas functions as a solvent to clean the hemp flowers for supercritical pressure amounts. The terpene and cannabinoid-rich resin are separated from bigger plant compounds through this. The solution goes through a separator, where carbon dioxide is isolated to be reused. However, the hemp substances are extracted from this solution yielding the hemp extract.

Reasons to buy CBD oil cultivated and manufactured in the US

Although cannabidiol oil is found in many regions, it is important to order it from US-derived companies because FDA supervises cannabis and other associated products like CBD oil. In addition, it guards an individual against harmful products and guarantees quality control. Farming activities, particularly industrial hemp cultivation in the US, are strictly controlled. This implies that only approved farmers can cultivate hemp, which is later confirmed for its THC compound to guarantee usability. Therefore, the product received is legit and has no impurities.


Although the cannabis authorization and its associated products require clarification, the evidence shows that hemp offers users sustainable alternatives. They offer prolonged economic and environmental future benefits. Industrial extracts like hemp seeds and fiber can substitute multiple industrially essential but non-sustainable materials such as cotton. However, hemp fuel is superior in renewable energy sources because it has low-input cultivation needs. In general, the carbon dioxide sequestration hemp plant effect solves a large environmental crisis through its existence. By employing the best harvesting, farming, and extraction techniques, hemp and its associated compounds can help the world realize better and more sustainable future resources.

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