Taking CBD oil in an airplane 2022


Consumption of Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained popularity among travelers. According to research, it reduces inflammation in joints and muscles and lowers pain. It also lowers the anxiety and stress associated with flights. CBD is offered from gummies, pills, tinctures, vapes, and topicals. The appropriate dose differs depending on the function and body reaction. For instance, someone aiming at calming anxiety and stress-related issues will differ from one aiming at body relaxation.

Is CBD Legal?

The legalization of CBD varies from place to place. In the USA, the federal government in 2018 legalized CBD at the state level. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), alongside FDA, approves hemp-based products with less than 0.3% THC. CBD is illegal in European countries like Iceland, Monaco, and Asian countries like Cambodia and Vietnam. In the African continent and the Middle East, CBD products are prohibited.

When to Use CBD Oil

It's best to understand CBD oil and its functions before consumption. Research shows hemp-based products have advantages, including anxiety and stress reduction. one can use CBD oil in three instances. The first one is Pre-flight, where Consuming it three days before traveling helps prevent anxiety, giving you a comfortable journey. Second, during the flight. Administer CBD products classified as food supplements such as gummies and beverages during flights. However, it's important to check whether hemp-based products are legalized in your destination or departure airport. Lastly, you can take CBD products after a flight to minimize fatigue due to the long rest.

Best CBD Products for Travelers-2022

CBD Gummies

This supplement can be chewed while traveling and works best in soothing and reducing anxiety. Gummies are preferred since they are discreet and portable. The administration is easier for those who prefer chewing. Improve your flight experience by chewing hemp-based gummies.

Oil or Tinctures.

According to the physician's instructions, these are administered by a drop or two on the tongue or under for about 60 seconds. They have various strengths and flavors to suit different buyers' demands. CBD oil is preferred due to its rapid effectiveness and its liquid state that fastens absorption by the body.

How to Enjoy a Flight with CBD Oil

Some people experience nausea when taking CBD oil, which is rectified by taking plenty of water to improve absorption or clear it. It is recommended to take hemp-based products before a flight to kill anxiety that leads to insomnia. These will enhance sleep since research associates CBD products with improving sleeping patterns. Preparing for any outcome on taking CBD will reduce stress. Understand the impact of CBD on the body before taking them on a flight or before.

Benefits of Taking CBD Oil in an Airplane

Research indicates CBD has benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Calms Anxiety and Stress-Related to Traveling

Traveling is overwhelming regardless of the number of times. The fear of uncertainties makes travelers look for medication to get rid of anxiety. Some of them are unsuitable and have diverse side effects. CBD oil helps fight anxiety, enabling travelers to enjoy their flights.

Helps Get Rid of Pain

Traveling for long hours can be hectic, thus creating pain in joints, muscles, and other organs. Those with persistent conditions resort to CBD oil to help in pain relief.

Decreases Dehydration.

Humidity levels in many airplane cabins are 20% and vary depending on the altitudes. The recommended skin temperature level should range from 40-70% and above. CBD oil plays a crucial role in skin moisturization.

Improves Sleeping Habits

Traveling by plane may result in poor sleeping patterns. CBD reduces anxiety and stressful thoughts that come with the fear of flight and relaxes the mind, providing suitable sleeping conditions.

It Restores Energy

Low metabolism appears due to long traveling hours associated with rest. The stored energy is utilized in other physiological functions. An increase in altitude decreases air pressure and less oxygen. Applying CBD oil ensures you remain energized.


According to Iuvone, Esposito et al. (2009), taking CBD oil has a lot of benefits. However, when taking them, confirm with a doctor on the impacts. Furthermore, confirm with the airport the legality of the CBD products to prevent law-breaking and inconveniences like arrest or penalties. Lastly, CBD has side effects such as getting high when THC exceeds 0.3%.


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