Taking CBD oil: CBD at night or cbd in the morning


CBD oil has gained popularity since the legalization of hemp-based products in the 2018 Farm Bill. Most people claim that CBD oil can help manage conditions, including insomnia, pain, inflammation, arthritis, and neurological problems. However, CBD studies are limited, and the scientific evidence is insufficient to show that CBD oil can help with these conditions. Still, CBD gummies, tinctures, softgels, topicals, vapes, and oil are easily accessible in stores, shops, and dedicated CBD stores. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has not approved CBD oil for any claimed uses, except for two rare forms of epilepsy. Yet, the hype around CBD oil increases daily. Since this product is not FDA regulated, consumers have various concerns regarding its dosage. Most users wonder whether to take CBD oil at night or in the morning. This article highlights this issue.

Understanding CBD Oil

CBD is one of the many active compounds called cannabinoids in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD oil is available in different forms, including gummies, edibles, topicals, softgels, vapes, and hemp flowers. Besides, these forms are available in isolate-based (no other compound but CBD), full-spectrum (terpenes, flavonoids, and multiple cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, CBN, and CBT.), and broad-spectrum (multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, except THC). CBD oil is partially or wholly legal in most states, where it is sold in CBD dispensaries, stores, shops, gas stations, cafes, and other points.

When Should You Take CBD Oil- in the Morning or at Night?

The best time to take CBD oil depends on the product's intended purpose. People take the cannabinoid claiming it can help with sleep, inflammation, pain, and anxiety. Nonetheless, there is insufficient scientific evidence to back these claims. However, the FDA has approved Epidiolex, a cannabis-infused drug, to help people manage Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome, two of the rarest forms of epilepsy. Here is when to take CBD oil for different conditions.

CBD Oil for Insomnia and Sleep Issues

Many people face sleep problems because of different reasons. Research by Kuhathasan, et al. (2019) shows that CBD oil may improve sleep quality by relieving stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation that would compromise sleep quality. However, there is not enough scientific proof to claim CBD oil's use for sleep. If you decide to use CBD oil for sleep, you might have to take these products at night, especially when nearing bedtime. CBD oil needs time to be absorbed. Therefore, taking the product 30-60 minutes before bedtime is better than taking them only a few minutes before sleep.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

Although the FDA has not approved the cannabinoid to help with anxiety, many CBD brands specializing in CBD oil claim that the cannabinoid soothes anxiety and stress. However, more scientific evidence is necessary to ascertain this claim. If you decide to take CBD oil for anxiety, consult your doctor beforehand. CBD oil capsules or tinctures for stress are best taken before the situation that triggers anxiety. For instance, if you are anticipating a test or an interview that might make you anxious, take CBD oil 30- 60 minutes before the interview or test, allowing yourself enough time for action.

CBD Oil for Pain

Many people take CBD oil for pain and inflammation, although the FDA has not approved the cannabinoid for these functions. Physical or mental pain is unpleasant, and many people consider CBD oil to relieve pain. Besides, the analgesics and pain-relieving drugs people take to manage pain may not work, and some come with side effects. Most people who take CBD oil for chronic pain take the cannabinoid as indicated on the product's label, say in the morning, afternoon, and night, or in the morning and at night. However, others take CBD oil when they experience pain. Consumers should remember that the FDA has not approved CBD oil to manage pain, and should one use it, they should consult their doctor beforehand.

How Often Should You Take CBD Oil?

Research has not revealed how long CBD might last in the body, but those who have experimented with the product claim it could last for up to six hours, depending on an individual. Nonetheless, the long-term effects of CBD oil have not been adequately researched, so when possible, avoid CBD oil. Besides, if you are new to CBD oil, allow time for the product to take effect and keep the dosages low.


CBD oil has become a mainstream product, and people claim it can help with many conditions, including pain, insomnia, and inflammation. The best time to take CBD oil depends on the intended purpose, although there is not enough evidence to support CBD oil for any of the claimed benefits. You can take the product in the morning, night, or when necessary.


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