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CBD is a widely known chemical compound from the hemp and cannabis sativa plants. The hemp plant has various elements, including terpenes, cannabidiol (CBD), flavonoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike terpenes and flavonoids, CBD is only in hemp, cannabis, marijuana, and THC. CBD has various health benefits; some are approved, and others yet. The health benefits associated with CBD are from its unique properties, including anti-inflammatory. There are three types of CBD you can choose from to add to your spotted dick recipe with CBD; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Adding CBD to your recipe hinders you from coming into contact with the awful natural taste of the hemp plant as you accrue the benefits. However, how much do you understand about the health benefits of CBD and the possible risks it can cause?

What is CBD?

It is good to understand the potential health benefits and risks it could cause before we include CBD in our spotted dick recipe. CBD is a chemical compound in cannabis sativa-related plants, including hemp and marijuana. The other dominant element found in these plants is THC. However, unlike CBD associated with various health benefits, THC is commonly related to intoxicating side effects. Berthold et al. (2020) explained that the THC levels of the hemp plant are low, resulting in its legalization by the 2018 Farm Bill. The THC levels of the hemp plant are 0.3% and marijuana 2.5%.

What are the benefits and risks of taking CBD?

CBD has been used in countless clinical trials to prove its capability in treating various health conditions. However, in some clinical trials, some negative side effects have been noted. According to Maltke (2021), CBD can be used in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain. The research also noted that CBD could be used for enhancing mental health and improving sleeping patterns if taken considerably. On the contrary, Liu, (2019) suggested that CBD can result in diarrhea, feeling dizzy, and having dry and red eyes. THC in full-spectrum CBD has also resulted in various debates regarding the effectiveness of CBD oil. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp plant has 0.3% THC levels and is safe for consumption.

According to Fattore et al. (2011), THC has psychoactive side effects that would result in poor memory, anxiety, red eyes, and dry lips if taken in high amounts or as a new element in the body. Baron et al. (2018) explained that THC has anti-inflammatory properties suitable for improving your general health and wellness, including reducing pain and improving your mental health, but the health benefits of THC are yet to be approved. Therefore, before including CBD oil in your spotted dick recipe, either of the above could happen. It is also important to seek consultation from the nearest medical facility if you are fighting other health conditions.


Having the ingredients ready is important for easy preparation. The following ingredients are for a basic spotted dick recipe;

200 g self-raising flour
120g shredded suet
Pinch of salt
170g current
Finely grated zest of 1 lemon
Grated zest of 1 small orange
140ml whole milk
Custard for serving


Preparing spotted dick with CBD is much easier and is achieved within the shortest time possible.

Step 1

Pour the flour and salt into a sizeable bowl. Add currants, suet, lemon, sugar, and orange zest.

Step 2

Add the 140 ml milk alongside CBD oil and keep it firm, although moisturized as you keep adding the extra milk if necessary.

Step 3

Put a steamer over a sizeable pan of boiling water, include the pudding in the steamer, cover it adequately, and steam for about 2 hours. As you keep steaming, top up the water from time to time.

Step 4

For the best results, maintain the timing, remove it from the steamer, and let it cool before unwrapping. Consider serving it alongside custard.

How To Pick On the Best CBD Oil for Spotted Dick Recipe

CBD oil can only be effective in spotted dick recipes if it’s high-quality and void of contaminants. This is because of too much exposure to the heat. Heat is likely to lower the effectiveness and potency levels. Therefore, consider the following factors for settling on the best CBD oil;

The Ingredients

The ingredients used are among the top priorities for determining the best CBD oil to include in your recipe. Consider CBD oil with only organic elements minimizing the reaction of the heat. Artificial elements can easily be reduced by their effectiveness. Most brands consider ingredients such as MCT or coconut oil as organic elements. MCT oil has various unique properties that make it suitable to be added to CBD oil. One of the major properties is bioavailability suitable for speeding the absorption rate. The Lab Results

Pay attention to two parts of the lab results; potency and purity levels. The two are key determiners of the best CBD oil and to avoid being harmed.

The Purity Levels

The purity levels are determined by the farming process of the hemp plant. The best hemp plant is obtained from either Colorado, Oregon, or Kentucky. The best hemp is cultivated using organic farming methods to avoid contaminating it using artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Also, most CBD oils are likely to be contaminated during extraction and processing because of the interaction with manufacturing chemicals. Therefore, check the lab results to confirm that your CBD oil is void of heavy metals and chemical solvents.

Potency Levels

Potency levels of CBD shouldn't be neglected. Relying on the potency levels can be misleading and results in overdosing unknowingly. The FDA has been fighting with various hemp-based brands due to posting lower potency levels than the actual ones. Although CBD has been sending warnings to such brands, some are still violating their warnings. Thus, users should take personal responsibility for affirming the actual potency levels using COAs report before using it in their recipe or taking it directly. According to the FDA, the potency variance shouldn't exceed 10%.


CBD oil can only benefit as an ingredient in spotted dick recipes if it's of high quality. CBD has various health and wellness benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety and promoting mental health, as suggested earlier. However, these benefits are yet to be approved by the FDA. Currently, the only approved health benefit of CBD oil is for treating epilepsy. Besides, before using CBD oil in your recipes, it's important to note that it can result in diarrhea, anxiety, and feeling dizzy if taken in excess.


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