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Individuals have consumed spotted dick, a pudding filled with sultanas and raisins for decades. The term spotted represents dried fruits that offer pud with their spotted appearance. Traditionally, bakers used shredded suet to prepare these desserts. However, the latest spotted dick recipes use cannabidiol (CBD) ingredients to increase the nutritional value. This blog guides on cooking spotted dick with the recipe.

Filled with sultanas and raisins, spotted dick pudding is a retro and nostalgic dessert that people have consumed for decades. Though steamed puddings were common previously, spotted dick puddings have existed for more periods. Many theories explain where this recipe obtained its name. For instance, spotted means the dried fruit that offers pud with its spotted appearance. Many consumers confuse spotted dick with butter and bread pudding since they are prepared with sultanas and raisins. Traditionally, this dessert was prepared from shredded suet. Nowadays, cooks incorporate cannabidiol (CBD), a nutrient-rich cannabis compound, thus increasing the recipe’s benefits. This blog guides on cooking spotted dick with the recipe.

Do you Require Special Equipment to Prepare a Spotted Dick?

According to Yeo & Friend (2009), steaming was the traditional method of making spotted dick. In this regard, the baker requires a steaming pan or a wire rack placed at the heavy-set pan base with an airtight fitting cover. Baking parchment, tin foil, preferred pudding tin, pot, or basin are also used to make the spotted dick. This recipe uses a traditional clay pudding basin.

How to Prepare Spotted Dick

Steaming gives spotted dick its pleasing softy texture using sweet bursts and a soft suet sponge of sultanas. This maintains the sponge springy and moist. Consumers who like experimenting can utilize chocolate chips rather than sultanas. Alternatively, fruit enthusiasts should incorporate additional dried glace cherries or cranberries for a better taste.


  • 250 grams of self-rising flour
  • 125 grams of shredded suet
  • 90 grams caster sugar
  • 125 grams of sultanas
  • The rind of one-half a lemon
  • Golden syrup or custard to serve


  • Choose how to make the pudding before starting.
  • Steam your dough after being properly mixed. Never allow it to remain while having an appropriate saucepan.
  • Put it on the wire rack saucepan base with an airtight fitting cover if you cannot access a huge sufficient steamer. This prevents the dish from sitting on the saucepan base.
  • Sift your flour into one dish and incorporate the sultanas, sugar, and suet.
  • Smoothly, grate the lemon skin removing the zest from a lemon but not a white pith.
  • Transfer approximately 150-milliliter water and blend to achieve a fine dropping consistency.
  • Do not stir it excessively, or it might have a dense consistency.
  • Scoop the blend into your pudding basing and smoothen the surface.
  • Cover the dish using cooking parchment, including a pleat to create more space for your dessert to expand.
  • Slice your paper to allow it to hang around the bowl ring.
  • Seal the dish using a foil sheet containing pleat and scrunch it within the rim for covering.
  • Put the dish on the rack in the saucepan or steamer.
  • Dispense hot water around the bowl to cover approximately two-thirds of its height, and then cover the saucepan with a lid.
  • Confirm the water frequently to ensure that your saucepan does not boil empty.
  • Bake it for about two hours or till it coils back when partially pressed.
  • Remove the dish from your steamer and allow it to cool for some minutes.
  • Put the pudding on a warmed serving platter.
  • Serve with golden syrup or custard, and enjoy.

Can you Bake Spotted Dick in the Oven?

Individuals can choose to bake spotted dick in an oven. Unfortunately, some chefs assume that baking using an oven alters the pudding texture if cooked instead of steaming. However, Yang & Caprioli (2011) showed that using the oven is an excellent method for making spotted dick if an individual cannot access a steamer or appropriate equipment for steaming the pudding. Suppose you select this cooking method and scoop your dough into a huge cooking container to leave two to three centimeters to allow the pudding to expand. Seal using buttered foil and cook for about 35-45 minutes at 6/400 degrees Fahrenheit/ 200 degrees Celsius.

Steaming Pud in an Oven

  • Fill a baking container with boiling water halfway and put a metal rack on the surface.
  • Place the sealed pudding on a rack.
  • Seal the pudding in the foil to absorb steam and bake for about 90 to 105 minutes on moderate heat (gas 4/ 350 degrees Fahrenheit/180 degrees Celsius).
  • Confirm water while baking and add more if needed.

Tips for Baking Spotted Dick with Cannabidiol

  • De Petrocellis et al. (2011) established that cannabidiol is an essential cannabis compound constituting numerous therapeutic benefits. CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, a cannabis variant because it contains high cannabidiol. Reputable manufacturers use the carbon dioxide extraction method to obtain clean CBD oil. The following tips should be understood by chefs while cooking with cannabidiol oil:
  • Never expose CBD oil to high temperatures: Extreme temperatures affects its composition, thus reducing its effectiveness. CBD is usually added after other ingredients have been cooked. This prevents it from breaking down, which might affect the benefits consumers reap.
  • Consider only high-quality CBD oil products: Nowadays, many fly-by-night brands have introduced their low-quality products in the CBD domain. Always purchase cannabidiol products from reputable manufacturers for safety and potency purposes. Paul et al. (2019) argued that high-quality CBD products must have undergone third-party laboratory testing. In this regard, the supplier should have a certificate of analysis for each item. This helps consumers know the ingredients and proportions used to make cannabidiol oil.


Traditionally, bakers used shredded suet where spotted dick was filled with sultanas and raisins. The term spotted means the dried fruit offering pud with its spotted appearance. Steaming required essential equipment, including a steaming pan or wire rack, baking parchment, tin foil, preferred pudding tin, pot, or basin. Interestingly, steaming gives spotted dick its pleasing softy texture using sweet bursts and a soft suet sponge of sultanas. However, correct ingredients like shredded suet, self-rising flour, caster sugar, sultanas, and golden syrup should be utilized. Besides, use high-quality CBD oil to improve the nutritional value of the pudding. Avoid exposing this compound to extreme temperatures.


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