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The Rice pudding recipe is extremely creamy with an ideal sweetness and texture. Most consumers prefer this recipe following its simplicity and high quality but cheap ingredients. Remove these desserts from the heat when the consistency is almost that of yogurt. Its thickness increase as cooling takes place, and remember to add CBD oil more nutritional experience. Here is the rice pudding recipe with cannabidiol.

The rice pudding recipe is extremely creamy with an ideal sweetness and texture. It requires countable ingredients and sufficient time to allow the favorite desserts to become ready. According to McCrickerd et al. (2017), similar recipes require fifty minutes minimally to acquire appropriate texture and thickness. The rice pudding becomes ready when it acquires a consistency, almost that of yogurt. It thickens as it continues cooling, but you should add milk before serving to make it looser. Using cannabidiol (CBD) oil while preparing this recipe escalates nutritional advantages. Know what happens when you prepare a rice pudding recipe with cannabidiol.

Easy Rice Pudding

There exist numerous recipes for rice desserts that involve using eggs. Some are complicated and use hardly accessible expensive ingredients. For this reason, it’s recommended to choose the genuine and simple recipe that produces pudding that addresses an individual’s cravings. Among many methods, the ones below are preferred by most consumers.

No Eggs or Tempering

This cooking method requires an incredibly short ingredient list. When cooking, the rice's natural starch is allowed to develop the creamiest rice desserts possible while excluding eggs. This implies that tempering is inapplicable.

Baked with Cinnamon

Most cooks incorporate cinnamon sticks instantly when cooking begins and continues to boil. This is because it absorbs some sweet cinnamon flavors. Contrastively, this is better than instantly adding cinnamon after your rice cooks.

Vanilla Options

Certain people love using vanilla bean paste for its lovely intensity, flavor, and beautiful flavor. Alternatively, individuals utilize vanilla extract. You can separate the vanilla bean halfway and scrape the seeds for optimum flavor. Incorporate this into the blend after adding cinnamon sticks. Pods also have significant results.

Rice Pudding Recipe: with Raisins vs. Without Raisins

Raisins or no raising are major aspects when dealing with rice pudding. Some consumers love raisins, while others prefer alternative ingredients. If the consumers have these categories, scoop half for individuals who prefer desserts without raisins and incorporate raisins into your outstanding product. Consumers store pudding in small containers or little ramekins for serving. This allows refrigeration or serving of warm or chilled puddings.


  • 4.5 cups of whole milk
  • 1.5 cups of water
  • Three-quarters cup granulated sugar
  • One cinnamon stick four or three inches long
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
  • Two-thirds cups of golden raisins (optional)
  • One cup Arborio of research Boomba rice suitable in paellas.

How to Prepare Rice Pudding

This is an excellent pudding to continue baking on the back burners while enjoying dinner. Follow the procedure below to make the most effective and sweet rice pudding recipes:

  • Combine the rice, cinnamon stick, sugar, water, and milk.
  • Stir them sufficiently for proper mixing. Ensure the mixture simmers intensely while stirring continuously.
  • Lower the heat to sustain a progressive simmering, stir repeatedly, and bake until the rice becomes tender for approximately 35-45 minutes.
  • Stop heating the blend and take the cinnamon stick away.
  • Incorporate vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste, and raisins.
  • Pour rice pudding into small containers or each ramekin or huge serving bowl.
  • Cool the desserts to normal temperature mildly before serving.
  • Cork strongly and refrigerators till appropriate for serving.
  • Instantly before serving, incorporate freshly ground or grated cinnamon.
  • Consumers can take cooled or warm puddings, depending on their preference.

Reasons for Using Rice in the Pudding

Rice plays a major role in preparing rice pudding. For instance, it adds some fragrances and determines the dessert's texture. Additionally, rice thickens your desserts and ensures the water, cream, or liquid milk converts into a buttery, mildly solid consistency. Starch, in particular, is a component in rice responsible for thickness. Besides rice, the component is found in wheat flour, corn, and potatoes. Although these foods have starch, the variety varies with the source. Gidley et al. (2010) acknowledged that starch is not a single molecule but a combination of many, and by altering their ratio and sizes, the final starch properties changes.

Why use Cannabidiol Oil in Rice Pudding Recipe?

Cannabidiol is well tolerated with Nominal Side Effects

Cannabidiol contributes to certain side effects when consumed in high doses. For instance, Nabissi et al. (2013) established that an excessive dose of cannabidiol promotes the pharmaceutical medication effects. For this reason, consumers should use moderate cannabidiol amounts for maximum benefits without experiencing adverse effects. Conversely, cannabidiol is well-tolerated because high cannabinoid doses generate nominal side effects.

Encourages Greater Plant Synergy

Cannabis is among many therapeutic herbs globally. However, cannabidiol ingredients interact with various plant components to generate amplified effects. For example, lavender constitutes a linalool molecule responsible for aroma in plants. This molecule is also classified in the plant category called terpenes. They are aroma compounds that offer most herbs a unique scent. Cannabis comprises high terpenes content. When preparing a rice pudding recipe, adding cannabidiol oil and beneficial plants improves your pudding's quality and nutritional value. For instance, Beier et al. (2014) discovered that linalool contains calming effects. Blending some cannabidiol into pudding or lavender tea escalates the intense effects of individual herbal remedies. Therefore, cooking rice pudding with cannabidiol adds herbal benefits besides the desired results.


The rice pudding recipe is incredibly creamy with an ideal sweetness and taste. Some cooks use an expensive and complicated recipe; thus individuals should choose an appropriate one to prepare premium puddings. Certain recipes incorporate cinnamon sticks when cooking begins and after boiling to absorb some sweet cinnamon flavors. Most consumers also love baking with vanilla bean paste following its lovely intensity flavor. Surprisingly, certain enthusiasts love raisins while others detest them. In such cases, determine the proper ingredients to include or exclude when preparing the recipe. Rice contains starch which thickens your desserts and ensures liquid milk converts into solid-like consistency. Incorporating CBD adds significant benefits to your puddings.


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