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The Malvern pudding recipe is made by combining creamy custard with soft apples beneath a caramelized sugar crunchy layer. Traditionally, these puddings originated from Worcestershire and were made using custard and apple. Although the recipe use ingredients like butter, Bramley apples, and lemon zest, adding cannabidiol (CBD) improve the end product. Learn to prepare the Malvern pudding recipe with CBD from this article.

Malvern pudding is an old-fashioned custard and apple dessert. These English apple desserts originated from Worcestershire. The recipe combines creamy custard with soft apples beneath a caramelized sugar crunchy layer. This layer breaks when an individual inserts a spoon giving a sweet taste. Such West Midland desserts make a significant change, including pies and crumbles. The Malvern pudding ingredients include vanilla bean extract, eggs, butter, Bramley apples, and lemon zest. Besides, cannabidiol (CBD) is a versatile nutrient-dense cannabinoid compound. This cannabis molecule is incorporated into various recipes following its incredible benefits. Learn to prepare the Malvern pudding recipe with CBD here.

What is Malvern Pudding?

According to Hobson (1910), Malvern pudding is an old-fashioned apple pudding originating from Worcestershire, a Malvern spa town. Researchers date this recipe to 1800, meaning this relatively old English pudding has been used by many people. Some renditions contributing to its popularity and demand include:

  • Stewed apples combined with caramelized Demerara sugar and custard (instead of simple anglicized crème Brulee).
  • Steamed pudding containing dried fruit and apples combined (called Malvern apple desserts).
  • A charlotte elegant apple dessert with the fruit wrapped in your bread.

The first rendition is most preferred among different apple puddings categorized under the Malvern pudding heading. Parker (1910) explained that this delicious pudding was prepared in a huge oval bowl, and servings were scooped into dishes. You can conveniently attain a better exhibition by serving each Malvern apple dessert in ramekins. Apples are major ingredients in these old-fashioned Malvern puddings. In most cases, apples utilized in the pudding should originate or be harvested from Worcestershire.

Why Malvern Pudding is Worth Making

Listing the advantages of apple custard pudding is simple. They include:

  • The recipe is unique and not stodgy
  • The apples offer tart flavor and freshness against a creamy custard.
  • There exist an incredibly crunchy and scrumptious caramelized sugar addition
  • The recipe uses small amounts of delicious cinnamon
  • It creates a welcome modification from common desserts with apples like crumbles and pies.

Equipment Notes and Ingredients

Some consumers wonder whether apples utilized in Malvern pudding should be cooked or eating apples. Use certain cooking apples to convert them into saucy sweetness. However, include eating apples responsible for maintaining their shape when baking. This offers the fruit carrier an additional compound of bite and texture. Some cooks like Bramley apples to prepare apples because they are accessible throughout the United Kingdom. While not initially instinctive to Worcestershire, some bakers source them from Midlands. Regarding apples, certain consumers prefer russets since they are not cultivated in Worcestershire. However, individuals can choose their favorite apples depending on individual cravings. Lemon zest incorporates additional depth and flavor to a fruit carrier. It creates a significant difference; thus, consider this ingredient in the recipe. Butter is utilized in both making custard and cooking apples. Use an appropriate butter for its fuller taste it delivers into Malvern pudding than margarine. Some use three egg yolks in making custard instead of whole eggs, as stipulated by certain Malvern pudding recipes. García et al. (2015) commented that egg yolks increase nutritional value and custard flavor when making these puddings. Vanilla bean extract (paste) is an alternative ingredient. Although it has not been long used, vanilla promotes the custard's flavor.


Prepare the Apples

  • Melt some butter inside the saucepan bottom
  • Skin and core your baking apples, then cut and transfer into the saucepan.
  • Skin, core, slice the apples and incorporate them into the saucepan.
  • Bake over moderate heat, stirring continuously, till the cooking apples disintegrate and the consuming apples become tender, about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • ● Remove from the heat, and mix into the vexed lemon zest while stirring.

Make the Custard

  • Whip your egg yolks in milk
  • Melt the butter using a sized saucepan
  • Put into the flour, combine with your wooden spoon, and bake for approximately one minute.
  • Incorporate milk gradually while stirring till fine every time
  • Incorporate the sugar
  • Put the saucepan on your stove and bake moderately, stirring until the custard becomes thick properly.
  • Stir the vanilla bean paste or extract through

Assemble the Custard and Apple Dessert

Fill the apple blend into huge oval baking bowl bottom. Transfer the custard over the surface and level it. Mix the Demerara and cinnamon sugar, then spread over the custard's surface. Place the dish beneath the grill (two to three centimeters) and bakes for about five minutes till the sugar melts. Take out your saucepan from an oven and isolate it for fifteen minutes to allow sugar cool and stabilize. Serve your product while warm.

Is Cannabidiol Suitable in the Malvern Pudding Recipe?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active hemp chemical cannabinoid. It does not cause intoxicating effects, unlike its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Watson et al. (2020) showed that CBD contains essential ingredients like essential oils, calcium, riboflavin, fatty acids, magnesium, and copper. For this reason, most recipes use CBD oil as a crucial constituent to improve the nutritional value of various recipes. This compound is applicable in most recipes, including Malvern pudding. Never expose CBD oil to excess heat as its composition gets altered, thus lowering effectiveness. Furthermore, use high-quality products from reputable brands for optimum results


Malvern pudding recipe is prepared by blending creamy custard with soft apples beneath a caramelized sugar crunchy layer. Currently, cooks make these puddings using custard, apples, egg yolks, butter, and lemon zest. This recipe is unique and not stodgy, involves an incredibly crunchy and scrumptious caramelized sugar addition, and uses small amounts of delicious cinnamon. Before making Malvern pudding, prepare the apples and custard appropriately, then assemble them to accomplish your desired end product. Cannabidiol is essential in upgrading the recipe’s quality and nutritional value. It contains essential health constituents like calcium, magnesium, and riboflavin. Therefore, keep using CBD oil in such recipes for better results.


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