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Bruises have become an everyday part of life, and can be acquired while recovering from surgery, when you trip, fall, or bang a foot (or any other part). The blood vessels (capillaries) burst in the affected area, causing pain and itching. Bruises are painful, and many people do not find quick relief with the RICE (rest, immobilize, cold, and elevate) therapy and medications, so they wonder whether CBD oil could be effective for bruises. Scientific studies have not explored or approved CBD oil for bruises, although anecdotal evidence and early research mention that some people have found relief in CBD oil for bruises.

The Background Information of CBD Oil and Bruises

CBD oil is a hemp extract and one of the hundreds of active compounds called cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD oil is not linked to the 'high' effect, unlike THC. Because of the lack of psychoactive effects, CBD oil use is popularized today and its gummies, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and vapes are sold in stores and shops. Bruises or contusions are the result of trauma on blood capillaries that burst and get trapped underneath the skin. For instance, when undergoing surgery, tripping, banging a foot or hand, or falling, bruises will occur at the injured area. While bruises are not fatal, they create discomfort, pain, and inflammation on the affected area.

Is CBD Oil Effective for Bruises?

CBD oil studies have many limitations, with lack of enough research on the subject. Studies have not explored how CBD oil may help with bruises, but anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil may have a bright future for bruises. Most of these claims stem from the fact that CBD oil is purported to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and other health-promoting effects, but scientific studies have not fully approved these claims.

Why CBD Oil is Claimed to Help with Bruises

While scientific studies have not proven that CBD oil may help with bruises, some claim that the interaction of the body with CBD oil may create room for CBD action, resulting in pain reduction. The human body is believed to have an endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), composed of enzymes, endocannabinoids, and receptors that interact with cannabinoids, including CBD oil. The interactions are believed to be a corrective mechanism that takes things back to equilibrium, although the entire theory is still highly debated. For instance, some studies show that CBD oil interacts with the ECS to prevent endocannabinoids from breaking down and keep up with the many linked functions. They also show that it might help with pain since the ECS controls these functions. Still, scientific studies have not proven this true and are still continuing to unveil the mystery.

Can CBD Oil Help with Pain From Bruises?

The main effects of bruises are pain and inflammation, which result in difficulty in movement, struggles to do tasks and other unpleasant effects. While scientific studies have not confirmed that CBD oil may help with pain from bruises, early CBD studies suggest that the cannabinoid may positively affect any kind of pain, including from bruises. For instance, a study by Hammell, et al., (2016) looked at the effects of CBD oil on mice with arthritis and compromised backs and recorded an improvement in pain. Still, only one study cannot be used to draw conclusions in the scientific field. What's more, the sample population herein used comprises animals. Animals do not make the best indicators in studies since the results from their studies cannot be 100% attributed to the reaction in human beings. While CBD oil seems to have a brighter future for pain, it is not recommended for use until many studies confirm the claims and the FDA approves it for this role.

CBD Oil for Inflammation from Bruises

There are claims that CBD oil may help with inflammation, and people are also using CBD for this role. The 2018 study claimed that CBD oil on mice helps reduce chronic inflammation and pain. Still, it’s not recommended for bruises and inflammation since the mentioned claims do not represent a scientific stand.

What is the Best CBD Oil Form for Bruises?

The same way CBD oil has not been exclusively identified to help with bruises is the same way its best form for use in bruises has not been explored. There is no recommended way of using CBD products for bruises. However, people have used topical CBD products, including creams and massage oils for bruises. Still, some have taken CBD oil to manage pain and inflammation, but scientific studies have not approved any of these CBD uses.

How to Use CBD Oil for Bruises

CBD products are not recommended for bruises since the FDA has not approved it for this role. However, when choosing to use CBD topicals like cream, take the stated amount and spread it well on the affected area. If your choice is CBD oil, follow the dosage and use instructions, whether it is about allowing the oil to stay below the tongue for some 60 seconds before swallowing or adding it to drinks.


While anecdotal evidence and some early research see bright lights in using CBD oil for bruises, scientific studies have not approved of this. Consult the doctor before using CBD oil for bruises. While studies have not explored the best CBD oil forms for bruises, massage oils and creams seem more effective.


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