How to use a CBD vape pen


A CBD vape pen is an electronic gadget used to vape CBD e-juice. It comes in two types, the refillable pens and the disposable pens. Using a CBD vape pen is simple and doesn't require expertise. It involves mastering a few simple steps.

Cannabinoid, popularly known as CBD, is an extract of the cannabis plant containing 0.3% or less THC. The compound found in cannabis was legalized in 2018 and has hit the world market with several of its products earning investors billions of dollars. There are many methods of taking CBD, and the current and trending way is through vaping using a vape pen. This method has gained popularity among the youths and teenagers overnight because of its convenience, immediate effects, and the fact that vape pens come in different shapes and colors, making them classy. Using a vape pen is simple and doesn't require a degree or hard training; all you need is it.

What are the different parts of the CBD Vape open?

Choosing the best CBD vape pen would be an added advantage to knowing the essential parts of the cell before learning how it works. The vape pen has three main components:

The Atomizer

This is the heater of the vape pen. It speeds up or turns the molecules of the vape juice to vapor.

The Chamber

This is the part of the vape pen that holds the e-juice vaping material. It is the storage tank.

The Mouth Piece

It is the path that the vapor uses to travel when it comes from the chamber until it reaches the mouth.

What are the types of vape pens?

All the CBD vape pens in the world fall into two main categories. That is the disposable and the refillable vape pens.

Disposable CBD Vape pens

These pens are disposed of after the vape juice is over. According to Julia (2020), beginners in vaping CBD are usually advised to use disposable pens before venturing into other products. These pens are easy to use as they require no recharging or refilling like their counterpart.

They come already loaded with CBD vape juice plus a battery that has been made explicitly for one-time use. The disposable CBD vape pens are draw-activated and only produce vapor during puffing; no buttons are required to activate them. They have an average of around three hundred puffs before being disposed of. They deny the user the fun of changing flavors and deciding the quality of their vape juice, although they are quick to use and already filled. The disposable vape pens are usually light in weight, require no maintenance, and are cheap.

How to Use a disposable CBD Vape pen
  1. Remove the vape pen from the paper it is packaged in
  2. Check if there is a button to turn it on; if there is one, click it to turn on the indicator light. If there is no button, do not panic; skip the second step and move to the next.
  3. Place the vape pen in your mouth and inhale using the mouthpiece. If there is no button, inhaling the vaporizer will ensure that the indicating light is turned on. 4. The last essential step is to exhale the vapor

Refillable CBD vape pens

These are CBD vape pens that can be filled and refilled with CBD vape juice more than once. According to Briens (2010), their make includes a tank attached to a 510 rechargeable thread battery. They also have a power and airflow system that ensures users get the experience they need. For instance, CBD vapers who like a direct lung flow with massive fumes of smoke can adjust their system to do precisely that.

The strength and quality of CBD vape juice in refillable vape pens depends on hygiene, the power of the bow drip, and the size of smoke. According to Sowles et al. (2016), the refillable vape pens are cost-effective and efficient and offer users a chance to explore different flavors. Whenever the refillable vape begins producing vapor without taste or shows a reduction in the amount of moisture, it should be refilled. According to Lerner et al. (2015), it is essential to wash your device with water and allow it to dry before replacing the vape juice in each filling to ensure the current flavor isn't corrupted by the last one (which can lead to poor flavor or taste).

How To Use A Refillable CBD vape Pen

Using a refillable CBD vape pen requires the following steps:

  1. Filling the vape pen with CBD vape juice.
  2. Priming the coil to ensure optimal performance
  3. Giving the coil around five to ten minutes to saturate
  4. Turn the battery on by clicking the power button at least five times.
  5. Adjust the airflow by dialing the settings in the vape pen.
  6. Inhaling small puffs for a start while pressing the button
  7. Pause every ten to fifteen breaths to observe the effect of CBD on your system

It is always advisable to begin by taking slow puffs and increase them gradually until you reach an optimal level or dose. Cleaning the refillable CBD vape pen regularly will ensure the user gets a better experience.


A CBD vape pen is an electronic gadget used to vape CBD e-juice. All the CBD vape pens fall into two main categories, disposable and refillable cells. The disposable pens can't be refilled and are usually terminated once the vape juice they were packed with is over. The refillable CBD Vape pens can be filled and supplied with CBD vape juice more than once. Beginners are advised to use disposable pens before moving to the refillable pens. Using a vape pen is simple and doesn't require a degree or hard training; all you need is to follow a few steps. Learn how to use disposable vape pens using the steps above. Knowing the types of vape pens els individuals to pick the best options when buying vape pens.


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