How to store CBD oil & other hemp supplements


Storing CBD oil helps preserve the oil and maintain its freshness. CBD oil and other hemp supplements can last for 1-2 years when refrigerated since that's their typical shelf life. Still, they can be fresh and potent when they’re not refrigerated but still maintain good storage practices. In fact, you need not refrigerate CBD oil and hemp supplements, but you can do so when planning to use them slowly for an extended period. Good storage practices will help in saving money.

Why Do You Need to Store CBD Oil and Other Hemp Supplements Properly?

If the CBD user wishes the oil to last long, it should be stored well. Here are the top drivers of good storage practices;

  • Maintain the freshness of the CBD oil and hemp supplements, especially because the rancid smell and taste of expired products is unpleasant
  • Preserve the potency of the CBD oil as this determines how much you can reap from its consumption
  • Extend the shelf life of the CBD oil and the hemp supplements since they can last for 1 to 2 years, but only if you maintain the best storage conditions
  • Enjoy the original taste and flavor the CBD oil or the hemp supplements have before they can expire
  • Prevent premature expiration

What Factors Change the Nature of the CBD Oil and Hemp Supplements?

In storing CBD oil the right way, you need to know what factors would change the nature of the CBD oil and keep them away to ensure the best quality for the oil and other hemp supplements. Here are conditions to avoid if you want the hemp supplements and CBD oil to stay for their fullest shelf lives;


High temperatures are not ideal for CBD oil and hemp supplements since it might cause some cannabinoids to decompose and change into something else and might also interfere with the structure of the hemp supplements


Most chemicals are sensitive to light, and so are hemp supplements such as CBD oils that will decompose under light, so you need to keep them away from excess light.


Most chemicals react with water in a process called hydrolysis, and this will likely be true about CBD oil and other hemp supplements, which might react and change the structure at the exposure to light and also get diluted, losing their potency


Especially oxygen, which reacts with many compounds in a process called oxidation, and the same reaction might be experienced when CBD oil and other hemp supplements are exposed to air.

How Best Should You Store CBD Oil and Other Hemp Supplements?

After examining the importance of storing CBD oil and hemp supplements appropriately and the factors to consider in storing CBD oil to best have them in their best quality, here are storage ideas;

Store Your CBD Oil or Other Hemp Supplements in a Cool Dry Place

Having read the instructions of other chemicals and chemical substances, keep CBD oil and hemp supplements in a cool, dry place to have them in their best quality possible. This provides the best heat and moisture conditions that would ensure the CBD oil or the hemp supplements remain intact during the entire consumption period. As such, keep CBD oil or any hemp supplement away from the fridge, radiators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or any equipment that naturally produces heat or releases moisture and might cause negative reactions in the CBD oil. Besides, you need not store your CBD oil in the fridge, so you can have it and the hemp supplement in the pantry and enjoy it in their pristine forms as long as you maintain the right temperatures. In extremely hot areas, store the CBD oil or other hemp supplements in the refrigerator, which is okay. Besides, storing CBD oil in the refrigerator ensures you enjoy the hemp supplements in their freshest time and expand their shelf lives. You can have CBD oil fresh and potent for up to one year in the pantry, but you can enjoy the 1- 2-year potency by refrigerating the CBD oil.

Keep the CBD Oil or Any Hemp Supplement Away From Light

Light is one of the conditions that affect the freshness and potency of CBD oil and hemp supplements, so you want to keep it off to enjoy the hemp extracts in their best forms. Most chemicals decompose when exposed to light; no wonder CBD oil and hemp supplements, and other chemical substances come in opaque bottles. The use of such bottles is no coincidence but serves the purpose of ensuring the contents do not react to light. Besides, keepCBD oil and hemp supplements away from the windows to prevent exposure to light and heat.

Ensure the CBD Oil, and Hemp Supplements Are Stored in Airtight Containers

Keeping the CBD oil and other hemp supplements in airtight containers is another factor to consider in best storage practices. CBD oil and other hemp supplements have a high affinity to air, especially oxygen, and will react in a process called oxidation. Airtight containers will ensure no oxygen finds its way into the supplements to spark any reaction. Besides, if you open the CBD oil, use it fast and have the airtight lid or cap back to prevent exposing the supplement to air for an unnecessarily long time.


Like many chemicals and chemical substances, CBD oil and other hemp supplements need the best storage practices for preservation and freshness. Keep any hemp supplement in the pantry away from heat, light, air, and moisture since these four factors determine how potent and fresh the supplements remain. Do not refrigerate your CBD oil, but doing so will ensure you enjoy the product and prevent premature expiration. Besides, refrigeration sounds better for the CBD oil and hemp supplements if you live in warm areas.

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