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Storing CBD oil correctly is important if you want to consume it in its best quality and potency. In addition, CBD oil products are expensive, and you don't want to throw your money down the drain. Generally, CBD oils have 1- 2 years shelf life, during which they remain potent and in their highest quality. However, poor storage might speed up the cannabinoid's expiration. Therefore, it's important to store CBD oil the right way. Here are the best tips for storing your CBD oil.

Why Is it Important to Store CBD Oil Properly?

The main reason to store CBD oil properly is to preserve its efficacy and potency. Although there are insufficient scientific studies to prove that CBD oil can cure, treat, diagnose, or heal any medical condition, some consumers claim many benefits. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you need to store the CBD oil properly. CBD oil, like other chemicals, is subject to reacting or decomposition when exposed to heat, light, moisture, or air. Here are the tips on storing CBD oil properly;

Keep the CBD Oil in an Airtight Bottle

CBD oil reacts with air, so you need to protect it from air exposure and the resulting reaction. Various air components include oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and inert gases. Of all these gases, oxygen is the most reactive and has a high affinity for molecules. Therefore, exposing CBD to air triggers a reaction with oxygen during oxidation, which degrades the oil's quality and leads to the rancid smell of expired CBD oil. CBD oil can stay for 1 or 2 years, but exposure to air fastens expiration, especially when it reacts with oxygen.

Keep the CBD Oil Away from Light Exposure

The other tip of properly storing CBD oil is to keep it away from light. You might have noticed that most brands use amber, dark, or blue bottles to package their CBD oil, which is no coincidence. The dark-colored bottles prevent light decomposition of CBD oil that would otherwise degrade its quality. Like many other chemicals, CBD is susceptible to light decomposition. Therefore, keep the CBD oil bottle away from windows. Alternatively, you can store the oil in the pantry where light does not reach it or in the fridge.

Store the CBD Oil Away from Heat

CBD oil reacts to heat. Therefore, keep the oil away from radiators, conditioners, or cookers. Most of the cannabinoids in CBD oil are reactive to high heat, so keeping the temperatures low is advised. What's more, THC degrades to CBN, a cannabinoid, when CBD oil is exposed to heat. Full-spectrum CBD oil loses its full entourage effect, and some of its components degrade when exposed to heat.

Keep CBD Oil Away from Moisture

Moisture triggers chemical reactions in CBD oil. A compounds' reaction to moisture is called hydrolysis, which breaks the oil’s composition. Furthermore, moisture exposure dilutes CBD oil, yet the oil needs to be potent to express any benefit. Keeping the oil in its original package and maintaining an airtight light or cap makes the storage conditions moisture-proof and prevents any likely reaction.

Maintain Optimal Temperatures for CBD Oil

If you want your CBD oil to stay fresh and potent for longer, you must keep the temperatures optimal. Optimal temperatures for CBD oil are about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is room temperature. As long as you cut off moisture, heat, light, and air, you can store your CBD oil comfortably in the pantry. However, if you consume CBD oil less frequently and intend to have it for six months or more, you can store it in the refrigerator. Chilling CBD oil prevents the exposure of the oil to possible reactants or degradation factors and optimizes potency. Even so, keep the bottle in the original package and close its top with an airtight lid or cap to prevent air exposure.


Storing CBD oil in the right conditions is important to maintain its potency and freshness, allowing you to reap the benefits linked to the oil. Air, light, temperature, and heat are decomposition factors you need to keep the oil away from to enjoy it in its highest quality. Besides, maintain optimal temperatures, but you can chill the oil to prevent fast expiration. Still, remember that before using any CBD oil product, you need to consult a doctor.

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