How to shop for CBD creams, balms, and other topicals


All CBD topicals are powerful and soothing to deliver direct CBD relief to inflamed, itchy, and dry parts of the body. Generally, CBD topicals are the best products for athletes, massage therapists, and home self-care, providing temporary relief to your sores and muscles. These CBD balms and creams are efficient and quick in relieving muscle and joint soreness and addressing problem skin. Additionally, CBD topicals are used in cosmetics to help with removing acne on the face. This article guides you on shopping for CBD creams, balms, and other topicals.

Understanding How Cbd Topicals Work

It's important to know how they work because topicals interact with our bodies differently. Most CBD creams and balms are derived from a cannabis plant called hemp. The hemp plant contains almost no amount of thc, which is responsible for causing you to be high. Generally, other cannabinoids don't get you high; they work on their own and with each other to impact a host of other therapeutic benefits. Topical CBD products interact with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system for a better experience. This system interacts with our central nervous and peripheral nervous systems, regulating sleep, mood, and immune response. Additionally, receptors in the endocannabinoid system interact with the cannabinoids we ingest and pass along the benefits to the integrated system. It's important to keep skin absorption and ingredients before shopping for any topical CBD product.

How CBD Products Work Differently From Other Products

When ingesting CBD edibles, our body metabolizes the CBD product before the CBD takes effect. Generally, holding a CBD tincture under your tongue, the sublingual membrane absorbs the CBD and enters the bloodstream quickly. When inhaling a CBD product, it enters the bloodstream through the lungs.

CBD Topicals and Our Skin

Most importantly, before shopping for any products, it's vital to remember your skin is an organ and a very porous one. Our skin takes many products like CBD, which are absorbed directly on the skin and tissues targeting the area with the problem. Generally, CBD products contain many ingredients absorbed directly into the skin. Every ingredient has a different chemical absorption rate on our skin; therefore, it may damage your skin if the product has a harmful chemical. The skin absorbs about 65% of every chemical we put on our body, even contaminants found in the water. It's important to shop for pure products as much as possible and be clear of harmful chemicals. Additionally, it would be best to look for additional beneficial ingredients that are natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatory, supporting and protecting the skin.

Quality of the CBD

Quality product means that the product has quality ingredients, and it's true for CBD topicals and any other CBD-related products. Hemp is incredibly good for removing toxins like pesticides and heavy metals from the soil it grows, restoring it to good condition. Most importantly, while shopping, make sure the CBD product comes from organic, pesticide-free, and non - GMO farms. You should also ensure that the CBD product you are purchasing was extracted from hemp using the CO2 extraction process. This method doesn't leave behind any harmful residue in the CBD products, making them safe to use. Generally, the next thing to check is a lab report from the third-party analysis. This process will tell you what's in the product and what is not in your product, not leaving the presence of pesticides or any dangerous toxins that you don't want your skin to absorb.

The Actual Purpose of Your CBD Topical and Additional Ingredients

CBD topicals are formulated for a specific purpose, and each product contains an active ingredient. Most CBD products are chosen because they relieve muscle and joint soreness. They also help soothe dry and irritating skin, providing healthy and soft skin. These topical CBD products are made with additional ingredients that boost CBD effects and add their unique touch. Most of them are made to address pain and strain injuries; this is made possible because of the extra ingredients. These extra ingredients include white willow bark, which helps to keep muscle strong and healthy. Shea butter and tea tree oil are the most popular extra ingredients for a popular natural skin and relief. Additionally, a good CBD cream should be fast-acting and absorb quickly, leaving no residue on your skin. Generally, one of the healthiest nutrients is omega 3-6-9, which is extremely healthy for your skin.

Check for CBD Topicals and the Endocannabinoid System

There is a big difference between applying CBD topically and ingesting it into your body. Generally, CBD creams and balms skip the endocannabinoid receptor, which blocks the signals for pain. Ingested CBD is faster in relieving pain because it goes directly into the body, passing through the endocannabinoid receptor.

The Bottomline

You need to know how CBD topicals interact with our bodies. Most CBD topicals are made from hemp, which contains no thc. Hemp is responsible for making a person high hence all CBD products should have little or no THC. Generally, CBD interacts with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system.

Most importantly, edible CBD products must first be digested and metabolized by the body before the CBD can efficiently take action; this makes it slower than CBD tincture, which is held under the tongue. The sublingual membrane absorbs the CBD and other cannabinoids, which enter the bloodstream quickly through the lungs. The quality of the CBD product is also essential. Better quality of the CBD product results in a higher quality ingredient of the product. Additionally, while extracting, you should use the co2 extraction method, which leaves no harmful full residue in the product.


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