How to mask the taste of CBD oil?


As the hype around CBD oil helping with various conditions increases, more people take CBD oil tinctures. CBD occurs in different forms, including edibles (chocolate and gummies), topicals (serums, patches, massage oils.), softgels, vapes (vape cartridges and pens), and smokables (hemp flower). However, most consumers prefer CBD oil tinctures, primarily because it is absorbed faster into the bloodstream for rapid effectiveness. Some consumers find the earthy taste of CBD oil unbearable, discouraging them from taking the oil. Learn more on how to mask the taste of CBD oil below.

Try V-caps

If the CBD oil’s taste puts you off, you can try v-caps. These are empty vegan capsules that you can put a few drops of CBD oil into and swallow instead of placing the oil under your tongue. However, ingesting the CBD oil means the results will take longer to be manifest and will only show up after the v-cap is fully digested.

Opt for Isolate Tinctures

You can also opt for isolate-based tinctures to mask the bad aftertaste of CBD oil. The earthy aftertaste is linked to the multiple cannabinoids in the hemp plants. However, CBD isolates have 99.9% pure CBD oil, and no flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids are featured. This means that the taste of CBD oil will be avoided. Besides, CBD isolates are potent and allow CBD effects to manifest faster.

Go for CBD Capsules

Capsules are a convenient way of administering CBD. They are tasteless and mask the natural taste of CBD oil. This method is not preferable for those seeking fast results. Also, CBD capsules are not ideal if you find it hard to swallow pills or gag reflexes.

Have a Snack By Your Side

After placing CBD oil beneath the tongue for 60 seconds, having a sweet snack helps mask the bad taste. For instance, you could have chocolate or a gummy. Biting the chocolate bar or chewing the gummy will help avoid the earthy aftertaste in no time.

Brush Your Teeth Before Taking the CBD Oil Tinctures

Brush your teeth before consuming tinctures to keep the aftertaste at bay. The mouth feels fresh and minty when you brush your teeth just before taking the oil. Consequently, the taste buds will maximize the minty taste instead of the aftertaste linked to the CBD oil.

Have Some Mints with You

Alternatively, you can have mints before or after taking the CBD oil. Immediately after placing the CBD oil underneath the tongue, you can have the chews and see what wonders they do to you.

Add the CBD Oil to Drinks

You can add CBD oil is to your favorite drinks to avoid the bad aftertaste. For instance, smoothies blend well with CBD oil tinctures. Add a few drops of the oil to your afternoon tea or coffee. Put little or no sugar into the tea to maximize CBD oil benefits for best results.

Mix the Oil with Edibles

Edibles such as gummies and cookies are a perfect way to avoid the earthy taste of CBD oil. While baking, incorporate CBD oil into your cakes, biscuits, or cookies, and enjoy the sweet taste while getting your daily dose of CBD.

Use Honey Alongside the CBD Oil

The other option you could explore to mask the CBD oil's bad aftertaste is to take the oil alongside a drop of honey. Honey is sweeter than CBD oil, and when put under the tongue, the organ maximizes the sweet taste.

Swallow it With Yogurt

If you are worried about the natural taste of CBD oil, you can put flavored yogurt under the tongue and follow it with CBD oil. The tongue will focus on the sweet taste of your vanilla yogurt, and you will not feel the oil's bad aftertaste.

Breathe through Your Nose

After placing the recommended CBD oil dosage under the tongue, close your mouth and breath through the nose. This will prevent air from going through your tongue, masking the taste of CBD oil. Alternatively, you can block your nose using your fingers for some time. A blocked nose blocks the taste receptors, hence avoiding the earth taste of CBD oil. However, this method is ineffective in masking the aftertaste and may not work for everyone.


CBD oil is a common way of enjoying the benefits of CBD, but many people find its earthy aftertaste unpleasant and unbearable. This article helps you explore some suggestions to mask the bad aftertaste. Before taking the oil, you could brush your teeth, try v-caps or CBD oil capsules, eat a gummy or chocolate snack after the oil, or swallow it with yogurt to mask the bad aftertaste. Peer into the article to have a full look into the suggestions.

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