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CBD oil is no longer the outlawed product it traditionally was. It is partially or wholly legal in Australia, the USA, and the UK. Nonetheless, CBD oil is still expensive as a supplement. Knowing how to prepare it at home helps you save the money you would have wasted on expensive products. Follow the instructions in this blog closely to know how to prepare homemade CBD oil.

The Basics About CBD Oil

It is a chemical substance and one of the 113+ active compounds in cannabis plants. It can come from hemp or marijuana plants, although most brands use hemp to manufacture CBD oil to operate within the frameworks of the 2018 Farm Bill guidelines. CBD oil is often mistaken for THC, which, although being a cannabinoid, is psychoactive and makes one ‘high’ or ‘stoned.’ You can enjoy CBD oil as edibles (gummies, lozenges, and mints), topicals (serums, lotions, massage oils, shampoos, and creams), capsules & softgels, and tinctures. These products are available in three CBD formulations, isolate-based, full- and broad-spectrum, depending on the presence or absence of THC, flavonoids, terpenes, and the cannabinoids the oil has.

Why Should You Learn How to Make CBD Oil at Home?

The importance of consuming homemade CBD oil include the following;

  1. You have full control over what gets into your system, unlike buying products whose ingredient list you cannot prove to be 100% genuine
  2. You can save a lot of money
  3. No traces of solvents when you prepare it at home
  4. No need not pay any delivery fee when you prepare CBD oil at home
  5. Liberty to flavor your CBD oil as you want, based on your preferences

What You Need

Here is all you need to prepare CBD oil at home;

    - 14 g of industrial hemp flower (you can also use cannabis flower if legal in your country) - A simple grinder
    - A baking sheet
    - Aluminum foil
    - A cup (250 ml) coconut oil (or any other oil for a carrier)
    - An Oven and stove
    - An oven thermometer, though this is optional
    - A meat thermometer
    - A saucepan or a pot (a cup will also do)
    - A paper towel or coffee filter (2 or more)

Calculating CBD Oil Concentration Based on CBD Concentration on the Hemp Flower

You can calculate the concentration of CBD oil-based on the concentration of CBD per unit gram of industrial hemp and the amount of carrier oil you are using. In this context, we use coconut MCT oil for its ability to retain the cannabinoids.

    - Let's say our 14 g dried hemp flower has 20.0% CBD, which translates to 200 mg CBD per gram of hemp flower.
    - As such, the 14-gram hemp flower will have 200*14 mg CBD, which is 2800 mg
    - Divide the figure by the volume of the oil in the procedure, i.e., 2800/250, results in 11.2 mg/mL

NB; Decarboxylation is a critical process in CBD oil preparation. It transforms the inactivated cannabinoids into their active forms. For instance, CBD exists as CBDa, and CBG exists as CBGa in dried hemp. However, heating the dried hemp in the oven activates them to CBD and CBG, the forms human beings can benefit from.

The Procedure

Here is how to prepare CBD oil at home;

  1. Preheat the oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the oven temperature might not be accurate, use a separate oven thermometer to ensure precision. Be careful not to overheat or underheat the oven since this may evaporate or undercook the herb.
  2. Grind the hemp flower herb coarsely with consistency. Ensure you do not over-grind the herb, lest you burn it before preparing the oil.
  3. Prepare the ground hemp flower. Lay the aluminum foil on the baking sheet evenly, and do so on an even layer to allow the herb to cook properly. Spread the ground herb on the aluminum foil and cover it with another aluminum foil.
  4. Decarboxylate the herb by baking it for 30 minutes. Before then, check the temperature to ensure the variation is no more than 20 degrees. After the 30-minute baking, allow the herb, which should now be brown and smells roasted, to cool for 45 minutes, and you will see the distinct color.
  5. Mix the brown toasted herb with coconut oil. Pour the oil first in a saucepan or pot turned on low heat, and don't let it sizzle or simmer, and add the extract. Confirm the temperature with the meat thermometer to be 150 degrees Fahrenheit, avoid anything as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit since it will burn the extract. Use an overhead stirrer to automatically keep the temperatures constant.
  6. Complete the infusion by cooking the mixture for ½ an hour to 4 hours. The longer you cook it, the more CBD you infuse into the oil.
  7. Strain the mixture by putting 2 or 3 coffee filters or a paper towel on a cup, pot, or an appropriate container and carefully drain the oil. Discard the residue, and you have your CBD oil ready.


Since CBD oil is expensive, knowing how to prepare it at home helps you control the ingredients that get onto your body and flavor the oil as you wish, besides saving cost. The blog has detailed all you need to prepare homemade CBD oil, from the equipment, concentration calculation, and the procedure.

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