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CBD oil was once under the radar and edgy for long, but not anymore. Currently, it is part of the mainstream items commonly found in the food and health stores. Besides the tinctures, edibles, and topicals of CBD that people are used to, it can be used in cooking. In fact, sauces, comforting soups, coffees, afternoon teas, homemade creams, smoothies, and home-baked products now incorporate this cannabinoid. Are you willing to try CBD oil for cooking? Here are a few reminders that will provide a guide throughout the process.

Start With Homemade Recipes

While the thought of buying ready-made foods from stores is great because it saves you the hassle of cooking, it's not always the best. One has no control over what ingredients are used in ready-to-eat foods, and the ingredient list may not necessarily be what’s written. When exploring CBD oil for cooking, focus on homemade recipes. For instance, add a drop of CBD tinctures to an afternoon cold or warm tea. Also, mix your favorite coffee with CBD oil. Sprinkle small amounts of CBD into homemade whipped creams or smoothies. CBD oil will go well with the soup prepared.

Be Careful About Too Much Heat

Subjecting cooking oil to excess heat leads to oxidation and the release of free radicals that have many health effects and the increased risks of lifestyle diseases. Yet, it is not only cooking oils and fats that are affected by heat. Subjecting CBD oil to too much heat may lead to reduction in CBD oil quality or potency, so be slow with heat. Focusing on recipes that do not require excess heat will serve best. Still, sprinkling CBD oil on plated foods may be the best thing to do to preserve the cannabinoid's potency, but when adding it to the pan while still cooking, keep the temperatures below 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Store the CBD Oil Well

CBD oil is susceptible to excess heat. Besides, it is affected by exposure to excess light, and it's no wonder that tinctures come in blue and amber bottles. Keep the CBD oil in a cool, dry place, far from heat and light. Air exposure also compromises CBD oil quality. Consequently, keep the CBD oil airtight for durability. CBD oil can stay fresh and potent for as long as two years, provided that it’s in the best storage conditions, away from heat, light, and air.

Do Not Waste the CBD Oil Vitals

People like using CBD oil for cooking, but this can be done differently. For instance, choose CBD-infused cooking oils and fats that have the cannabinoid in their structure. You will still benefit from the cannabinoid without unnecessarily wasting the CBD vitals. Besides, the FDA does not control CBD production since the products are sold as supplements. Therefore, there is every possibility of misinformation, especially on the product labels, when referring to potency and purity. To increase the chances of landing legitimate products, focus on REAL; Raw materials, Extraction methods, Additional ingredients, and Lab testing. Yet, at the end of the day, lab testing results are the only true indicators of the claims by a company.

Start Slow; Go Slow

Are you new to CBD oil and are just trying this new regimen? Start slow, go slow, and keep it slow. This means that you have to keep the CBD oil dosages low, even just using a few drops. Since the FDA does not regulate CBD production, there are no recommended dosages for CBD oil. However, typical dosages include 5 -10 mg per serving, and you can add the same amount to a plate of food or an afternoon tea just before taking it. Still, if you feel the need to add some more, keep the dosage intervals at 5-10 mg.

Be Patient With the Effects

As a first-time CBD oil user, do not expect immediate results. Be patient with CBD oil effects, whether you are drinking the tinctures directly or are using the oil for cooking. Be more patient especially when cooking with CBD oil. The 'first pass effect' is real when using CBD oil in foods and drinks. It basically means that the food or drink in question will have to be digested first before being absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD effects take different times to surface in different people, depending on one’s genetic makeup and other factors. However, the effects may take longer to show up when using CBD oil in cooked foods, so do not grow weary but keep waiting. Besides, avoid the urge to keep adding drops if the effects delay to manifest.

Be Sure to Mix CBD Oil With Fats

CBD oil is fat-soluble, meaning that it excellently pairs with fatty products to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. It's no wonder that most companies use coconut MCT oil as a carrier for maximum bioavailability. Add CBD to cooking oils, like coconut or extra virgin oil, to maximize its absorption when cooking with it. Keep the drops low to avoid wastage if you don't like the final results.


CBD oil is a mainstream product today. This article shares a few tips that will help a new user to explore CBD oil for cooking. Keep the amounts low, store the oil well, mix it with cooking oil, start with homemade recipes, and go slow on heat to avoid affecting the oil’s potency.

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