How much CBD should i add to vape juice?


Vape juice is an e-liquid that contains CBD used in vaping devices. The vape juice comprises VG, PG, a flavor, and CBD, its main compound. It is necessary to consider the strength of the final liquid needed and to weigh the amount of CBD to the volume of the e-liquid when adding CBD to the e-liquid. Cannabinoid, also known as CBD, can be taken in various ways. One of the methods of taking is vaping. Vaping involves inhalation of CBD e-juice into the lungs using a vaping device. CBD vape juice has four primary ingredients as its constituents; Cannabinoid is usually the primary ingredient. People ask how much cannabinoid should be added to their vape juice. While there is no exact answer, several factors can help determine the right amount of CBD to be added to specific quantities of vape juice. Determine the precise amount of CBD added to the vape juice is necessary. Consider the strength of the final liquid needed and weigh the amount of CBD to the volume of e-liquid.

What Affects The Amount Of CBD You Add To Your E-Juice?

Key Variables

Two key variables directly influence the number of cannabinoids added to a vape juice; body weight and chemistry. According to Freeman et al. (2019), people weighing more or having a significant weight require a lot of CBD to feel its effects. The study above also suggested that individuals with light or average weight require small amounts of CBD. Consider weight to develop a good CBD e-juice that suits them best before adding the CBD compound to the vape juice.

What Are The Materials Needed To Help In Mixing CBD With E-Juice?

Basic materials are required to ensure the procedure is effective and successful to get started. They include a vape juice, a CBD Booster shot of high quality, and a vaping device.

Mixing CBD with Vape Juice

Mixing CBD with e-juice is simple when instructions are followed. It involves adding the CBD booster to the e-liquid and shaking it properly. Add the exact amount of CBD to the e-liquid. The amount should be standard(a regulated quantity).

The strength of CBD vape juice you need as a final product will dictate the amount of CBD added to the vape juice. Consider the dosage.

According to Grafinger et al. (2020), add 10 milliliters of CBD boost to 10ml of e-liquid in a short fill.

Finding the right amount of CBD to add to the vape juice and getting the required strength involves trial and error. Users are advised to add different cannabinoids until they settle on a consistent part of CBD that provides the required benefits.

It is advisable to add one drop of CBD oil into the tank to mix with the e-juice when adding the CBD Oil directly. Accuracy is best for a user who is a novice.

What to Lookout For When Mixing CBD with e-juice

Ensure to read what is labeled in its bottle correctly when buying CBD oil to help understand its health benefits. According to Kalininskiy et al. (2019), It also helps to confirm that CBD oil is meant explicitly for vaping. Getting the wrong product can damage the vaping device and burn the coil and atomizer in your vape pen.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

Helping in the management of pain

People use CBD to relieve pain (Khaleghi, 2020). The study above also noted that CBD could ease discomfort related to chronic neuropathy. However, the US Food and Drug Authority also approves the use of CBD oil to treat a particular type of epilepsy.

Vaping the CBD provides instant relief from pain, as Tran & Kavuluru (2020) stated. The beneficial cannabinoid compounds are inhaled into the lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream. The blood transports the compounds to the required part of the human body. CBD Vape will then provide relief from pain in under five minutes.

Vaping provides relaxing effects.

The twenty-first century has cursed its inhabitants with many mental illnesses. Individuals suffering from stress and anxiety and some Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to multiple pressures of everyday life. According to Elms et al. (2019), when CBD is combined with therapy and counseling, it could ease and reduce post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Vaping is relaxing as a person only needs to inhale the cannabinoid compound (Varlet, 2016).

Availability of different vape pens to choose from

People like to have options; whether it is clothes, food, or even medicine, choosing choices and varieties is wise and good.

Many CBD vape pens, cartridges, and personal diffusers with an essential oil vape. These vapes, cartridges, and diffusers come with different strengths of CBD and flavors for the users to choose from; a person can get a vape in strawberry, coca-cola, mint, and other flavors.

There are many CBD Vapes in the market, and getting a suitable one may be difficult. Users should purchase their products from known CBD brands with a certificate of analysis (COA). The third-party tested products are better since the customer gets to be sure that their claims and results are unbiased since a third party is involved.


Vape juice is an e-liquid that contains CBD used in vaping devices. The vape juice comprises VG, PG, a flavor, and CBD, its main compound. Mixing the cannabinoid and e-juice on your own ensures you get a good experience in terms of flavors and the strength a person requires. The amount of CBD added by the user usually depends on the body weight and chemistry of the person going to use it. People who weigh more usually need more CBD. Get the right amount of CBD in your vape juice; start by adding small amounts and increasing gradually until the required strength and potency are achieved. It is essential to consider the power of the final liquid you need and to weigh the amount of CBD to the volume of the e-liquid when adding CBD to the e-liquid.


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