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CBD oil is one of the most effective products compared to other formulations such as gummies, capsules, and topicals. It is manufactured in a liquid state using organic hemp plant extracts, among other useful elements. Different oils have different elements, depending on their functions. However, MCT oil is a common natural ingredient used in most oils. The reason why most companies prefer it is because it has bioavailability as a primary feature. This enables easy absorption. After being crafted, most companies assess the oil’s purity and potency levels to ensure that it is safe for consumption. However, the question remains, does CBD oil expire?

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Like most products, CBD oil expires. Different brands display the expiry date on the product’s label. Therefore, t is important to confirm the expiry date on your products to avoid negative side effects. However, the expiry date is not the only safety measure used to avoid taking spoilt CBD oil. Various factors such as storage affect its shelf life. Below are the factors that affect the shelf life of CBD oil.


CBD oil is manufactured with various natural elements for effectiveness and quality. MCT (coconut oil) is among the common ingredients used in tinctures. Although CBD, which is the main ingredient of CBD oil, might be safe, other elements used might affect the longevity of the oil. For instance, the flavoring can determine how long the CBD oil stays fresh. Therefore, always ensure you check on the ingredients used and analyze the certificate of analysis (COAs) to ensure they are void of harmful substances such as heavy metals and mold. Generally, the fewer the ingredients, the longer the CBD might last.


Packaging has a direct impact on CBD oil. Exposing your product to direct UV light might affect its quality. The value of CBD oil degrades by 15%, especially when exposed to direct light for a long time. Most established companies pack CBD oils in opaque bottles to protect them from direct sunlight. In addition, they offer storage guidelines to help consumers avoid exposing their products.

Method of Extraction

Most CBD companies focus on quality by using the CO2 extraction method to obtain useful elements of the hemp plant that proceed to the manufacturing stage. This extraction method is regarded as safe and clean compared to other methods. It minimizes contamination of the products and the environment at large. It is important to check on the extraction method since some use harmful chemicals like butane, which are not safe for our bodies.


When you get high-quality CBD oil, it will last longer than a low-quality one. Factors that determine the quality of this product include the conditions in which the hemp is grown and the quality of plants used.

Tips For Identifying Bad CBD Oil

It might be difficult to determine whether your CBD oil is safe for use or not. Here are some tips to help you identify spoilt products;

Skunky Smell

Although most CBD products are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts, their taste and smell are bearable. Most products have no smell. After buying your CBD oil, identify the smell before using them. In most cases, CBD oils without sweeteners have an earthly and mild smell while still fresh. If you notice the skunky smell dispose of the products since they might bring harm rather than offer help.


Dark and thick viscosity is a key tip in identifying degraded products. However, it might not be easily identified at times since it begins from the lower part of the CBD oil bottle. Also, the oil can be cloudy when it stays in the refrigerator for a while. This is easy to correct when you leave it at room temperature for a short period. If it loses its cloudiness and retains its original form, the oil is safe for use. However, dispose of the oil if it retains cloudiness, thickness, or dark color.

Awful Taste

CBD oil has an earthy and nutty taste. However, this might not be the case with those containing artificial flavorings. It is important to taste the oil to determine whether it's awful. If you experience a sour taste, the oil has gone bad.

Best Ways of Storing Your CBD Oil

How you store CBD oil also plays a role in determining how long it will last. Here are some tips to help you safely store your CBD oil.

Store It Away From Light and Heat

Too much light or heat affects CBD oil by heating it and degrading its quality. Therefore, it's important to store it in a dry, cool, and dark place to keep it fresh. It is also important to avoid keeping your CBD oil in direct light.

Store It in the Original Container

Some people transfer the oil from the original container to another. This might expose the product to other contaminants. Avoid mixing your CBD oil with other products because its effectiveness will be interfered with. In addition, consider the following storage tips;

  • A pantry, closet, cupboard, or dark place far from light is ideal for storage.
  • Keep the CBD oil at room temperature, between 16 to 210 C.
  • Anytime you use the CBD oil, close it properly before storing it.
  • To avoid any contaminants in the CBD oil, use a clean dropper or spoon to take the product.
  • Store the oil in a place free from heat or cold sources, e.g., stoves, ovens, windows, and ACs.


CBD oil is among the most effective products compared to gummies, capsules, and topicals. However, it is prone to expiry. Consuming spoilt CBD oil can cause adverse effects on the users. Some of the negative impacts include diarrhea and severe headaches. Therefore, it is important to check the expiry date upon receiving the products since they might have overstayed in the stores. In addition, ensure you purchase your CBD oil from a reputable brand that posts accurate COA reports. Follow the tips discussed above to extend the longevity of your CBD oil.

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