Eve's pudding recipe (with CBD)


Apple recipes are good for your health since apples are loaded with healthy compounds, some being unique to these fruits only. Eve's pudding uses apples and incorporates a sponge, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of apples. Making eve's pudding at home helps you add extra ingredients to the recipe, including CBD oil, which studies find good for health.

Nothing is as pleasant as eve's pudding on a chilly morning when you are feeling gloomy. Besides, you can choose to explore the eve's pudding recipe and prepare the dessert at home instead of walking to the stores and buying what they have to offer. The dessert features stewed apples and Victoria sponge cake, but you can adjust the ingredient list to achieve the desired results. Studies show that apples boast many compounds, some of which are unique only to them. Making eve's pudding allows you to enjoy the benefits of apples. Besides, studies claim that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, which you can take advantage of by preparing eve's pudding. Here is all you need to know about making eve's pudding with CBD as a critical ingredient.

Why Apples for Pudding?

Apples are versatile fruits and fit well in many dishes. You can prepare vinegar from apples, and you can also make a salad with these fruits. Besides, you can use apples to make desserts like eve's pudding. These fruits are not only sweet but have a unique taste and flavor. According to Bondonno et al. (2017), apples are incredibly healthy and boast many healthy compounds, including antioxidants. The redder the apple, the more lycopene antioxidants they boast. Apples have many other antioxidants and micro- and macro-nutrients the body needs. Stewing apples and using them for eve's pudding recipe helps you benefit from these compounds.

Eve's Pudding Is Easy to Prepare

Whether tired or energetic, simple recipes that take a little time to prepare are the best. The simpler the recipe, the better it is. Eve's pudding is one of the simple recipes that need little preparation time yet result in great products. Once you have peeled and stewed apples, you only need a few minutes to enjoy eve's pudding, as shown later in this article.

Can You Prepare Eve's Pudding with CBD in Advance?

Nothing is as comforting as finding ready-to-eat food when you are tired and cannot cook. Busy work schedules compel many to live on precooked and refrigerated foods, and you may wonder if the same is possible with eve's pudding. Yes, you can prepare the dessert in advance and heat it when you want to eat it. Still, like many others, you may want or prefer freshly cooked eve's pudding to enjoy the sponge while soft and fluffy. Still, there is absolutely nothing wrong with preparing the pudding in advance and warming it when you want to eat it.

Introducing CBD

This article is about eve's pudding with CBD and not plain dessert. Thus, you may ask what CBD is and why you would add it to your recipe. According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Such compounds are generally called cannabinoids, with more than 140 of them. Of the 140 cannabinoids, CBD seems to be the most popular one since it has the highest number of research papers.

What makes CBD a cannabinoid of interest? According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic; although there is insufficient evidence to prove that the cannabinoid is therapeutic, people believe in it and flock to CBD products. The primary way of taking CBD is sublingually or orally administering CBD oils and tinctures. Yet, they are mostly bitter and earthy, and many cannot put up with such taste, so they for better alternatives. This is where CBD edibles like desserts (including eve's pudding), savory foods, drinks, and beverages come in handy. They are sweet and deliver CBD to the bloodstream without letting you feel the bitter taste. Still, they need patience since they take time to digest before letting the cannabinoid into the bloodstream for the effects to surface. Here is how to make eve's pudding with CBD.


You need the following ingredients to make eve's pudding with CBD;

  • 200 g of self-raising flour from a brand of your liking (a ready sponge cake would also do)
  • 4 large eggs
  • 6 large finely peeled and sliced apples
  • 140g raisins
  • 200g of unsalted butter
  • 100g soft brown sugar

Procedures and Instructions

Eve's pudding is easy to prepare. Once you have the ingredients above ready, follow the procedure below to make the dessert;

  • Heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  • Peel and finely slice the large apples
  • Grease a large serving dish with butter to about 2 ½ or 3 liters and tip in the apple with the remaining butter
  • Top it with raising for glaze
  • Put the remaining butter in a separate bowl, add sugar to it, and whisk until the sugar dissolves and the butter yellows
  • Whisk in the eggs and cautiously fold in the flour with a large spoon
  • Batter the apples and bake them in the oven for 45 minutes
  • The apples should be golden
  • Serve with the custard or cream and enjoy

Making Thick Custard

Do you want to make your custard thicker to better its experience with eve's pudding? Here are tips on doing so;

  • Bring together 250ml double cream, 250ml full-fat milk, and 2 vanilla pods together
  • Put them in a pan and heat gently for 10 minutes for complete infusion
  • Bring together the 100g of light brown sugar, 8 egg yolks, and 1 tablespoon of cornflour together and mix them
  • Add over hot milk, stir, and put everything on the pan
  • Cook continuously over low heat for 10 minutes until it thickens, and sieve it before serving


Eve's pudding is a great dessert since it features apples that studies find good for health. They have antioxidants that add to your total antioxidant count and boost the cells' ability to fight free radicals. Besides, early research claims that CBD is therapeutic, and one way to tap into the therapy is by featuring CBD in your recipes. This article is about eve's pudding with CBD, a recipe you can explore to benefit from CBD without feeling its effects.


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