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Gout is a medical condition that occurs when too much uric acid is accumulated in the body. It results in many symptoms, including paining and inflamed joints, lasting for a few or more days. While naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin have long been used to manage gout symptoms, the benefits usually come with some side effects. Many people have wondered if some natural therapies would make a good treatment for gout and symptoms. Can CBD oil help with gout? Apparently, no scientific studies have examined CBD oil for gout and proved its work for the condition. However, other studies show that CBD oil may help with pain and inflammation that characterizes gout, but it’s still not recommended for gout because of the existing knowledge gaps.

What are CBD Oil and Gout?

CBD oil refers to hemp extract and is one of the cannabinoids or hundreds of active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC that's also closely studied, CBD oil is not linked to the 'high' effect, which is why it is highly popularized to help with gout. Gout is a medical condition that results from excessive uric acid accumulation in the body. Meat, sardines, and some protein foods add a uric acid count, and when the latter accumulates, it triggers pain in the joints(gout). Although there are conventional medications for managing gout, not everyone finds relief in them, and some even present serious side effects.

What Studies Say About CBD Oil for Gout

No scientific studies have explored the effect of CBD oil on gout. There are many uncertainties in using CBD oil to manage this condition, so it's not recommended to use CBD oil for gout or its symptoms. Other studies suggest that taking CBD oil may slow down inflammation and reduce the pain that comes with gout attacks. Admittedly, much is unknown about CBD oil, including how it works. However, the human body is believed to comprise a network of cannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These ones interact with various organs, enzymes, and receptors in the body to control many processes and functions, including sleep, temperature, anxiety, stress, perception, pain, moods, and secretion of hormones and enzymes. Studies suggest that CBD oil and its products may have a role to play in reducing pain and inflammation that characterize gout attacks.

CBD Oil for Inflammation

When uric acid accumulates in the body and joints, the affected cells become inflamed. This may not be visible, but in most cases, it becomes visible when the joint swells causing pain. According to a study by Jamontt, et al., (2010) it suggests that CBD oil may help with inflammation. In another study, CBD oil gel was applied on rats with arthritis, and it was observed that the swelling steadily reduced. While this sounds so promising, it involved animals which, unfortunately, do not make the best indicators or comparison factors in studies since the recorded results cannot be 100% replicated on human beings.

Another research conducted in 2017 established that the endocannabinoid system could reduce inflammation. This study also involved more animals than human beings and does not guarantee that the recorded effects can be fully expressed in human beings. Unfortunately, until now, no studies have proven that CBD oil may be effective for gout. Many studies have been conducted regarding the effects of cannabis or THC on inflammation, but no study is on gout.

CBD Oil for Pain

Wherever there is inflammation, there is pain, and gout is no exception to this rule. This is proved true according to a study by Serpell, et al., (2014) which suggested that administering CBD oil on the affected part of taking CBD oil orally may help reduce the pain. In another 2017 study, male rats with osteoarthritis were given CBD oil, and the study recorded reduced pain markers. Besides, it also noted that there was a considerable reduction in swelling, suggesting that CBD oil may help with inflammation and pain. However, not many scientific studies have backed this particular research, it cannot be recommended for managing gout pain.

Should You Take CBD Oil for Gout?

While the choice of using or not using CBD oil for treating gout is a personal decision, it’s not advised for this role. One study by Ashton, et al., (2010) offers promising remedies for gout. Besides, there are generally many knowledge gaps surrounding CBD use, and how it works has not been established with certainty. What's more, most of the existing studies have capitalized on animals, with little reference to human beings. Therefore, it makes no sense that the results, however promising they look, can be taken for human beings. Admittedly, what we don't know about CBD oil outweighs what we know about it.

What To Do in Case you Choose CBD Oil for Gout Remedy

When using CBD oil to manage gout and its symptoms, first consult a doctor. There is every possibility of misinformation, especially because the FDA does not regulate CBD production. One might land a product with psychoactive THC effects or consume more CBD oil than needed because of misinformation on the product labels. Limit such chances by focusing on reputable brands when sourcing your CBD products.


CBD oil is a hemp extract believed to help with gout. However, no scientific study supports or approves CBD oil for gout. Still, other studies claim that the cannabinoid may help with pain and inflammation, but consult the doctor before using any CBD products.


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