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CBD is a chemical cannabis compound used globally to aid in managing various wellness conditions. Cooking with CBD oil is a user-friendly way of incorporating a dosage of CBD into an individual’s daily routine. It is also a good way of masking the earthy taste of CBD oil or the bitterness of CBD tinctures. There are multiple ways of taking a daily CBD dose without encountering the natural taste of the hemp plant, cooking oil being among them. We also have flavored beverages, gummies, chocolates, among others. There is an endless list of recipes to prepare with CBD oil. This article guides on the basics, tips, and benefits of cooking with CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is the short form for cannabidiol. It is one of the chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. It is typically free of THC; it can deliver the desired results without any psychedelic side effects. CBD offers multiple wellness benefits, although it is not yet endorsed clinically to remedy any medical conditions. There are, however, plenty of positive reviews on the product websites from satisfied consumers, increasing curiosity in people aiming to try out CBD. CBD oils are quite flexible, so feel free to infuse right portions with your favorite beverage, snack or a meal through salad toppings or as a cooking ingredient.

Where to Find CBD Oil for Cooking

CBD oil is available in local supplement stores or online stores. Since the legalization of CBD products during the farm bill amendment in 2018, we have them all over the market. There are plenty of various products infused with CBD in the market that can be used for recipes. CBD oil is quite common, same to tinctures. Before purchasing any CBD product, carry out extensive personal research to discover which product best suits your needs without having any adverse side effects. For the best friendly CBD oil for cooking, look for CBD infused in organic oils such as coconut oil. CBD products are unregulated by the FDA, meaning some products may have false safety and quality claims. Therefore, look for products with evidence of third-party testing by a certified lab with an available Certificate of Analysis. That way, you get to pick the best organic CBD oil with natural components for cooking.

Basics of Cooking With CBD Oil

You can gain the most out of a cooking experience with CBD oil by observing a few important tips. First, avoid exposing the CBD oil to direct heat. Too much heat leads to loss of essential terpenes and cannabinoids in the CBD oil, therefore compromising its effectiveness. The typical boiling threshold for CBD is 356F. This is why the recommended temperature for baking with CBD is 350F. Advisably, let the food cool for a while before adding in the CBD infusion. When baking the strawberry tress leches cake, for instance, let the cake cool for a while on the cooling rack before pouring the strawberry milk CBD mixture over it. Notably, CBD oil is best infused in another cooking oil for effective results. This is because CBD is metabolized in the fat cells of the human body, hence mixing it with a different cooking oil or fat like coconut oil. If possible, avoid using bottled CBD tinctures and oils in mixtures, to avoid wastage of quality products that are quite expensive and rare. Instead, try buying cooking fat or oil already infused with a CBD oil of your choice.

Additionally, when mixing the CBD oil with alcohol, keep the alcohol intake moderate and follow the required precautions for using alcohol. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Do not use any medical prescription drugs that may react adversely with alcohol.

What Quantity of CBD Oil Should be Used in Cooking?

Always start with the lowest possible amount of CBD oil suggested in the recipe. If the effects do not satisfy you, gradually increase the dosage until you achieve the desired effect. The standard starting point is 5 to 10mg in each serving. Slowly add up to 10mg to your dose, depending on the positive effect and the feeling after consumption. The recommended dosage in every recipe may vary depending on the ingredient balance and how the CBD oil may affect the end product. For example, with the strawberry tres leches cake, use up to three full droppers in the milk mixture. On the other hand, some other cakes require just one dropper to preserve the original taste.

Benefits of Cooking With CBD Oil

Cooking with CBD oil offers various benefits associated with cannabidiol. CBD is believed to have impressive pain-relieving properties, hence cooking with it may benefit people with chronic and MS pain symptoms. The practice may also bear some advantages for people with cancer. Scientists believe that CBD may actively help suppress the growth of cancer cells, although it is yet to be scientifically established on how CBD works against cancer cells. People with chronic sleep disorders and mental health issues like anxiety may benefit from cooking with CBD oil.

CBD Oil Proper Storage

CBD oils have an impressive shelf life of up to two years or more when stored correctly. Thus, it is important to correctly store the CBD oil to preserve its integrity every time of use in cooking. Exposure to light may lead to a compromise of essential cannabinoids in the oil. This is why most CBD oils are packaged in colored or tinted bottles. Always keep the CBD oil in a dark, dry place such as the cupboard. Similarly, direct heat may expel important terpenes and cannabinoids from the product. Therefore, store it in a cool, dry place away from high-temperature environments.


Cooking with CBD is a good way to implement a daily dosage of CBD in meals and snacks. It is a healthy habit that ensures access to a regular and consistent CBD intake. Moreover, it is a good way of ensuring more benefits to meals over the basic nutrients. CBD oil is an effective supplement for various wellness benefits and medical remedies. Cooking with CBD oil may relieve several physical and mental health disorders such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia. The oil must be added to meals in appropriate quantities for desired results and stored appropriately to preserve its quality. Any recipe of one’s choice can be prepared with CBD oil. You have to figure out the most suitable oil or tincture for your needs and the right dosage.

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