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Millions of consumers worldwide turn to CBD oil as a plausible supplement for their complications. As a result, there are hundreds of popular and budding CBD oil brands online and in local stores desperate to sell their products. Quality CBD oil is normally precious and hard to find; hence it is quite expensive. Consequently, some brands offer cheaper alternatives that they claim are just as effective. However, CBD products are complicated as they react differently with every user, and randomly buying cheap CBD oil may put you at a greater risk of adverse side effects. On the contrary, cheaper products mostly sacrifice quality; hence, you may have a less effective product. This article guides you through the factors that define cheap and expensive CBD oil and how each impacts the user.

What are the Main Types of CBD Oil Available?

CBD oil is available in three major types. Broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. CBD isolate CBD oil is the purest, most refined of the three products. Although some brands may add a few nutritional supplements as a marketing bonus, it contains CBD as the sole compound. CBD isolate offers only the benefits associated with pure CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains CBD and all other hemp-based compounds except THC. THC is the hemp compound that makes you feel 'high.' Broad-spectrum oils offer you all the potential benefits of CBD without any psychedelic intoxication. Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most inclusive type of CBD. It contains every cannabinoid and terpene inherent in the cannabis plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Full-spectrum CBD oils undergo little processing, meaning all its inherent compounds are mostly natural.

Factors Influencing CBD Oil Prices

The legalization of cannabis-based CBD oils in 2018 saw many enthusiasts rush to obtain the product. As a result, the demand for CBD oil went up. High demand results in limited accessibility, consequently leading to hiked prices. Similarly, the time and effort to manufacture quality CBD oil is quite costly. Good quality CBD oil is manufactured using sophisticated equipment and solvents, making the entire process rather expensive. This makes the resulting product quite costly.

Differences Between Cheap and Expensive CBD Oil

Cheap CBD oil is mostly of poor quality or even fake. Using fake or cheap quality CBD oil may lead to negative side effects or even be ineffective. You have to conduct extensive personalized research before venturing out to buy CBD oil to find quality products that suit your needs. There are several factors to consider when shopping for quality CBD products. These include the pricing, extraction process involved, the hemp source, and third-party validation for quality and safety.


Good quality CBD oil is worth every penny to spend on. Much time and complexity go into manufacturing clean, potent CBD oil. Expenses are also incurred due to sophisticated equipment and pricey carrier oils. The end product is therefore rather expensive. Opportunistic brands will always offer a cheaper, ''more affordable'' alternative to unsuspecting consumers. Cheap products mostly undergo haphazard processing methods that compromise inherent compounds and contaminate the resulting product, leading to unwanted side effects. Others are simply fake products with unmerited CBD labels, which always prove ineffective. You have to be willing to part with good money to get quality CBD oil, and it is worth the expense.

Extraction Methods

The extraction method used to obtain cannabidiol used in CBD oil greatly influences the value of the oil. Expensive CBD oils contain CBD extracted using clean, complex, and friendly extraction methods. CO2 extraction is the most popular method used by almost every reputed premium CBD oil brand. This method uses controlled pressure and temperature to extract CBD from hemp using supercritical or subcritical CO2. It is a complex process of extraction and separation that uses expensive equipment to ensure a clean, potent, and uncontaminated CBD extract is obtained. The extraction method justifies the expensive prices of quality CBD oil. Cheap CBD oil is mostly processed with CBD extracted using cheap extraction methods like solvent extraction. Such methods use highly volatile solvents like ethanol and butane, which contaminate the end product and compromise the integrity of inherent natural compounds. CBD oils extracted in this manner always taste bitter. The extraction process is a major factor influencing price disparity between CBD oils.

Hemp Source

Expensive CBD oil is bound to have the source of its hemp extract disclosed on the product label. Good quality hemp is essential to the quality of the final product. Popular brands use hemp sourced from Colorado, USA. Colorado is the reputed home of the best quality hemp grown organically without toxic chemical additives. Cheap CBD oil typically does not disclose the source of the hemp used to extract CBD used to process the product. The information given on the product label is often vague, with unvalidated ingredients and false medical claims. This is a common sign of poor-quality hemp products.

Third-party Validation

CBD oil is sold as a supplement since it is not clinically endorsed. This means it is not subjected to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. Thus, cheap CBD oil brands get away with making false claims of quality and safety on their product labels. Purchasing them puts you at risk of disappointment and unexpected side effects. On the other hand, expensive CBD oil assures you of value for your money through verified third-party lab test results, although not always. A Certificate Of Analysis is also provided for confirmation. You will be assured of a safe, quality product with a transparent account of every inherent constituting compound despite spending more.


CBD oil is available in various brands and types on websites and local stores near you. There is also a considerable price difference between the brands. Quality CBD oil is expensive due to extraction and processing time, effort, and expenses. The extraction method, material source, and quality and safety assurance justify the price of CBD oil. Cheap CBD oil is often processed with CBD extracted haphazardly from poor-quality hemp. It is always advisable to spend extra to get quality, user-friendly, and effective products for CBD oil.

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