CBD pre-rolls vs vaping which should you choose?


CBD pre-rolls are joints made using the hemp flower that contains less than 0.3% THC while vaping refers to CBD e-juice inhaled into the lungs using a vaping device. Here are some facts about CBD vaping and pre-rolls to help a person decide on one. A research study conducted by the Brightfield group reveals that 62% of CBD users take it to tackle anxiety and sixty percent of them use CBD pre-rolls. There are many ways to be used for CBD consumption. The trend adopted by young adults is vaping, using a vaping device like a vape pen. Other people preferred consuming CBD in the old school as a pre-rolled joint of the legal hemp flower. While vaping CBD provides a lot of conveniences, smoking it as a pre-roll ensures you get the potent taste of the hemp flower. It is crucial to know the little details of CBD pre-rolls and vaping, including their benefits, effects, and downside, whenever a person chooses a vaping device.

CBD Pre-Rolls

What is a CBD Pre-Roll?

CBD pre-rolls are joints made using the hemp flower, containing less than 0.3% THC. They are usually designed for smoking. The CBD compound is consumed in the body through smoking. Pre-rolls are a good way to consume the compound in its raw and potent form, minus additives or other supplements.

What Are the Benefits of CBD pre-Rolls?

Consuming CBD through smoking has some advantages and benefits. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of pre-rolls before narrowing down on them. They include:

Great Taste

Other methods of taking CBD can fail to provide the user with its potent and rich taste due to flavors and additives. Smoking CBD ensures that the user gets to experience and enjoy the unique flavor provided by CBD strains. It is usually advised to try smoking CBD pre-rolls using a filtered device or bong.

It Provides a Unique Experience.

According to Huff et al. (2021), people using CBD pre-rolls always consider the process of smoking it as personal and therapeutic. It is still considered a unique experience.

Although smoking the hemp plant will not provide immediate onset effects like the vaping method.

CBD Pre-Rolls Provide effects that are Unique

Most smokers vow that consuming CBD through their method is the best experience. This is because it provides around experience with the cannabis plant.

Smoking can be Used as A Fun Time with Friends.

Smoking in joints is the best way to connect and relax. The pressure of work on a weekday can be traumatizing. Therefore, people need to get off steam for better mental health. Consider smoking pre-roll and vaping with friends.

Does Smoking CBD pre-rolls have a Downside?

As long as smoking has advantages, it will always have side effects. They include:

Strange Odor OF Smoke

The CBD pre-rolls always aim at preserving weed in its portent form. This leads to an odor lingering around after smoking. This odor can be smelt from a long distance by non-CBD smokers. Some individuals can be sensitive to its scent.

It Produces Smoke

MacCallum & Boivin (2021) discovered that smoking could cause lung cancer, and cannabis isn't an exception. The study above also noted that excessive smoking of the joint could cause long-term effects or damage to the lungs.

Vaping CBD

What is CBD Vaping?

Vaping is inhaling vapor created by an electronic or vaping device. The CBD juice can be consumed using devices such as a vape pen. Vaping is a simple process; all a person needs to do is inhale the vapor in the lungs.

Fast Onset Effects

Some people have had a bad experience with a drug or substance they used by taking more than an hour to provide the desired effects. It can be exhausting when vaping is intended to ease some excruciating pain or stress or induce sleep (Gold, 2020).

An individual gets immediate onset effects when vaping. It provides the desired outcomes quicker than other methods of taking CBD. The compound reaches the bloodstream quickly when a person takes a puff or inhales CBD through vaping (lungs). This vaping method is perfect for individuals who want to instantly reap benefits from the CBD, like relieving stress and anxiety, as Tran & Kavuluru (2020) suggested.

Vaping Provides a Great Taste

The CBD compound is bitter and unpleasant to the tongue and mouth. CBD vape juice usually comes in different flavors to mask its terrible taste. When using the vaping method, consider consuming CBD with a sweet smell, such as strawberry.

Vaping Pens Don't Smell.

Its flavor usually masks odors produced by CBD; if the vapor makes some smell, it is usually a slight one disappearing in a short time.

Cons of Vaping CBD

Vaping requires an Investment of Time and Money.

Buying a CBD vaping device can be costly at the beginning. The refillable pens always prove to be cheap in the long run. The disposable CBD vape pen is affordable and is recommended for beginners.


CBD is a beneficial compound. Whether the cannabinoid benefits its users depends entirely on how they consume it. While one way can be perfect for an individual, it could be the opposite for another person. For instance, one can prefer smoking CBD while another could dislike the odor of smoking. Smoke and meditate with friends to relax the mind. Avoid smoking pre-rolls not legalized. Ensure to consider the side effects of smoking as it may cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Vapes do not have a smell but can be from the smoke, and it won't take long before it vanishes. Smoking and vaping are methods of consuming almost similar cannabinoid compounds. It is necessary to learn about the cons and pros of each vape pen before buying them. Smoking could provide a unique potent vaping doesn't, while vaping can come with sweet flavors like strawberry and mint that smoking doesn't have. Finding the best method is crucial to knowing the little details of CBD pre-rolls and vaping, including their benefits and effects.


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