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Insomnia is a common disorder where individuals experience difficulties falling asleep, getting enough restful slumber, or even staying asleep. The condition can be chronic or acute. Common symptoms linked to insomnia are; mood change, anxiety and fatigue, grumpiness, sleeping during the day and lethargy, irritability, memory loss, and lack of concentration. The two main types of insomnia are primary and secondary. Primary insomnia isn’t linked to many health problems; it can be due to stress, genes, change in sleep schedule, noise, or excess light. Secondary insomnia is linked to health conditions such as; mental issues, pain, medications, hyperthyroidism, or the use of substances like alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco. CBD oil can aid in fighting insomnia and improving sleep; this article will help to find out how this can be achieved.

Type of CBD Oil

It is important to understand the types of CBD oils so that the user can make informed decisions if they want to use them to improve sleep or deal with insomnia. Types CBD oils are differentiated by the cannabinoid content, which is a chemical component in the CBD plant. The three types of CBD oils are; isolate CBD, Full Spectrum CBD, and Broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum has all the cannabinoids and other plant compounds, while the broad spectrum has cannabinoids and other plant compounds apart from THC components. Isolate is pure and is found in powder and crystal form.

CBD Isolate

This is pure CBD, which does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol, healthy plant fatty acids, or terpenes. Most companies sell it in crystal or powder, though we have few that sell it inform of oil. The extraction process is the same as the other CBD oils, only that after extraction of cannabinoids, there is filtration. The next stage is the winterization process, where all the chemical components present in the CBD are removed. Most people vape or place the substance underneath the tongue for effective results. This substance is fairly cheap, so it’s widely used. The substance is super powerful; the user has to take in small doses to elicit the CBD isolate effect. It's best for people suffering from insomnia as it enhances sleep.


Full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabis compounds, terpenes, fatty acids from the cannabis plant, and THC not exceeding 0.3%. It can also be referred to as whole plant extract. The oil is extracted through the CO2 extraction process, and then it’s filtered. Note that cannabinoids and other compounds are not removed. When using full-spectrum CBD consistently, the user is likely to experience an entourage effect because the oil contains all substances, and terpenes are more effective for body benefits.


This type of CBD contains cannabinoids and other chemical compounds but lacks THC compounds. It comes in between the CBD isolate and the full spectrum. It goes through a normal extraction process, but THC is eliminated from the extract, so the end product doesn't contain THC. The removal of all THC mind sounds great but then for the user to acquire some entourage benefits; they might have to take a high dosage.

How CBD Oil can Help With Sleep and Insomnia Disorder

Lack of sleep and insomnia has affected millions of people, and thanks to CBD oil which has come in handy as an aid tool for better sleep. CBD oils can help the user in various ways; they can help cool the nerves from stress and depression hence allowing the body to calm, soothe and relax. It can also suppress underlying anxieties and chronic pain, allowing the mind to relax and calm down completely. CBD oils have enabled users to gain quality sleep, fall asleep and even sleep longer, as discussed below at length. The wellness claims below are supported by one research done by Shannon, & Opila-Lehman. (2016).

Anxiety and CBD Oil

Anxiety is not a sleep disorder, but it can lead to sleep disorders, poor, insufficient and lack of sleep. A recent report indicated that 80% of people who have been using CBD oils to treat anxiety gave positive feedback within one month. When taken in the required dosage, the substance cools down the nerves, the mind, and helps the user relax; hence have a restful night.

Insomnia and CBD Oil

People who have insomnia experience difficulties in sleeping. During the day, they lack concentration and feel moody and grumpy due to inadequate sleep, resulting in physical and mental health issues. If external factors cause insomnia, CBD oil can help eliminate them and improve sleep. Some of the external factors include stress, work shift and jet lag.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep Behavior Disorders and CBD Oil

This is a condition where patients with REM disorders experience aggressive movements and verbalize during sleeping time. The condition is common in older adults and people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Various studies done on patients conducted on REM patients exposing CBD oil before bedtime for about a month reports positive feedback that CBD oil had helped them gain sleep. Sleep disorders are common today, and you might be encouraged to use CBD oil. It's important to visit a doctor for prescriptions, especially when under medications. For a beginner, it is advisable to take CBD oils in low dosage to avoid experiencing negative side effects such as vomiting, fatigue and diarrhea. When the effects persist, stop using it and visit the doctor for a checkup.


CBD oils can be taken in various forms, such as; edibles in chewable gummies, cookies, and chocolates. They can also be found in pills, tablets, and capsules. Topical solutions are another form where they are infused in lotions, balms, creams, patches, salves, and gels. Vapes and smoke are other forms to note, not forgetting tinctures and drops via the sublingual. The choice of how you will use CBD oil is an individual’s. The main types of CBD oils are CBD Isolate, Broadspectrum, and Full spectrum CBD. In case of sleep disorders, don't hesitate to try.


Shannon, S., & Opila-Lehman, J. (2016). Effectiveness Of Cannabidiol Oil For Pediatric Anxiety And Insomnia As Part Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Report. The Permanente Journal, 20(4).

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