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Do you experience sleep disorders or insomnia? You might want to try out CBD oils to see if they will work out for you. CBD is a cannabis extract reputed to have multiple benefits, and its products are popularly used worldwide. However, they are not officially clinically endorsed for use in treating any medical condition. CBD is a rather user-friendly compound of cannabis. It does not bring about the intoxicating effect that comes with the intake of THC. This article looks at some examples of CBD oil that can contribute positively towards a better sleeping experience.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Sleep Disorder.

Sleeping disorders vary, from irregular sleeping patterns, restlessness in sleep to full-on insomnia. When trying out CBD oil, first conduct personal research to determine which product suits you best. There is an assortment of CBD oils, each with varying compound profiles and potencies. Therefore, it is important to know which type of product you need and if it will be sufficient. Finding out the best CBD oil for you might prove harder than you think. Since CBD products are typically unregulated by the FDA, some product manufacturers may make unverified claims about their products on the label. Thus, you need first hand information concerning the products through detailed personal research and consultation with a certified medical expert.

When carrying out research, there are several factors to consider concerning product safety, credibility, and quality. First, always ensure the product has an available Certificate of Analysis from a certified third-party lab testing. Manufactures that freely point out their cannabis source are also good choices as they are transparent. Check if the product's THC is below the legal threshold of 0.3%. The certificate of analysis should also show if the product complies with testing against molds, pesticides, and heavy metals. In addition, look out for how the product is manufactured, its overall components, and how strong it is. Look for signs showing the product popularity and how widely accepted it is, such as consumer feedback. Through customer reviews, one will know if the manufacturer has made any invalid claims about the product. Below are some popular examples of CBD oil you can use to improve rest at night or even during the day if need be.

Nuleaf Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

It’s generally considered by most people as the best CBD oil to enhance sleep. It is a full-spectrum CBD oil with a CBD potency of 30mg in every serving of half a dropper. You can find the certificate of analysis on the product's online page. Nuleaf Natural strives to produce good quality cannabis compound products with minimal contamination. The natural integrity of the product is also reportedly preserved by using the best method of CBD extraction that uses friendly solvents. In addition to CBD, the full-spectrum oil contains an assortment of other natural cannabis-based compounds and terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene. These compounds work with CBD to offer added sleep benefits. Only two ingredients make up this CBD oil; full-spectrum cannabis extract and natural virgin hemp seed oil. Its integrity and safety have also been ensured through certified third-party lab testing.

Calm by Wellness CBD Lavender Lotion

Made from US-grown hemp, this is a broad-spectrum CBD oil manufactured to provide a CBD product with purely organic ingredients without any fillers. The CBD potency in this product is 200mg in every container. Aloe vera makes up one of the ingredients of this lotion. Some studies conducted in animals have shown significant sleep-related properties in aloe vera. Also, part of the product is lavender water, which research has found to improve the sleep experience and refresh its users.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Cream.

This is a full spectrum CBD cream with a potency of 300mg in every ounce. Notably, it is a cannabis-based body cream designed particularly for sensitive skin. It is intended to restore and smoothen the skin texture before sleep. Its ingredients include full-spectrum cannabis extract, aloe vera, coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil, and oat extract. A 2017 study hints that sea buckthorn oil can positively affect one's mood. A good mood is essential for a calm and peaceful night's sleep. However, more human research is still needed to find out how exactly sea buckthorn oil reacts with the body's receptors. You can find this product's COA on the company's website.

Brown Girl Jane Balance Wellness Drops.

Brown Girl Jane Balance is a broad-spectrum CBD oil with a potency of 25mg in every serving of 1ml. Each container of this product contains 30 servings. It contains a bit of CBN and CBG cannabinoids. It also contains the myrcene terpene listed in its COA, which is available online. The oil is popularly used to promote an improved sleep experience based on consumer reviews.

FAB CBD Citrus CBD Oil

FAB CBD is a collection of full-spectrum oils with varied CBD potency ranging from 5 to 40mg per serving. Each container has up to 60 servings. It's widely praised for its quality and reported effectiveness. FAB CBD has various oils varying in potency from 300mg up to 2400mg per container. They also come in various flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry, and mint, to enhance taste. They are manufactured from natural cannabis grown in Colorado and are all tested by a certified third-party lab and issued with a certificate of analysis found online. FAB CBD citrus oil is also reportedly free of THC. Some other terpenes found in these oils include linalool and beta-caryophyllene, both of which may help with sleep disorders.


CBD oil may directly or indirectly help address sleep-related complications. Most people have reported good results in customer reviews. It is important to note that no CBD product is yet to be clinically endorsed as a medical remedy for sleep disorders. Therefore, carry out proper personal research and consult experienced medical experts before trying out CBD oil to improve sleep experience.

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