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Dementia is a medical term used to describe various symptoms affecting thinking, memory, and social life – all aspects that interfere with your normal life. According to research, there is no specific disease that causes this condition. However, such symptoms are linked to various diseases, including Alzheimer's. Common symptoms include amnesia, memory loss, and behavior and personality change. While there is no clear remedy for dementia, researchers have associated CBD oil as a possible solution to relieve dementia symptoms.

Dementia causes could be linked to genetics, as well as physical trauma and age, with the disease being common in older people from the age of 65. CBD oil has been associated with managing the side effects of this condition but not treating it. When buying CBD oil products to address dementia, it is vital to first consult with a practitioner to establish their viability for the condition, and also opt for quality. In this post, we shall examine how CBD oil can be beneficial in relieving dementia symptoms.

CBD Oil and Dementia

CBD products have been noted to have various health and wellness benefits, including helping address symptoms related to several health conditions, including dementia. Clinical trials are still in their infancy on this claim, and more research is still needed to associate CBD with dementia at some level of certainty. Although the claim lacks substantial evidence, clinical trials have attempted to prove them. A clinical study was conducted in 2016 to verify this claim using a small number of study subjects suffering from dementia. Blending CBD with other elements showed promising results in patients who had dementia. Another research later criticized it because various elements dominated the combination used to address the side effects of dementia.

Another research conducted in 2016 provided better evidence that CBD could benefit people diagnosed with dementia. It showed that CBD, via its interaction with the body’s CB1 receptors in the brain and central nervous system, helps eliminate brain cells affected by dementia. Additionally, CBD creates a positive impact on the endocannabinoid system linked to dementia.

However, the research is still weak because there is still much to uncover on how CBD helps with dementia symptoms. Although various CBD users have experienced promising results from the side effects of dementia, no research proves that CBD stops or prevents dementia. Instead, psychological and physical therapies are still used as a mainstream solution to reduce symptoms.

Impacts of CBD on the Mental and Physical Effects of Dementia

Various researches, including one done by World Health Organization (WHO), indicated positive results in various behavioral and mental symptoms related to dementia. Mental symptoms included anxiety, agitation, and depression, while physical symptoms included memory loss, difficulty attending to heavy tasks, and general confusion. People who have been identified to suffer from either of the above symptoms have the challenge to enjoy their daily life and are susceptible to impaired mobility and other advanced side effects.

Moreover, CBD has been identified to address various mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. According to National Institute on Drugs Abuse (NIIDA), CBD offered positive results by reducing stress levels in animals (rats). Additionally, scientists in 2014 identified a dose of 500 mg of CBD oil to have promising results on reducing stress. However, neither of the research offers substantial evidence.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Dementia

If you are stranded finding a solution to address dementia symptoms, you can try CBD oil since it is also associated with various health benefits. Here are some tips that can help you benefit from CBD oil to lower the side effects of dementia.

CBD Product Potency

One research recommends a concentration of 400 mg is helpful; however, it's not confirmed. Take a potency that will yield rapid effectiveness depending on your experience with CBD products. If it is your fast time to take CBD oil, consider a concentration of at most 50 mg per ml of CBD oil. It is also vital to note that although CBD oil has been associated with various health and wellness benefits by WHO, it has also outlined possible side effects, especially when overdosing. Some of the common side effects include severe headaches, diarrhea, and changes in weight and appetite.

Purchase from A Reputable Brand

Consider a reputable brand if you wish to benefit from CBD oil. A reputable CBD brand prioritizes customer safety in its operations. Also, go for a transparent brand that uses various organic elements to help you improve the effectiveness of its product. Besides other elements such as Ginka Biloba and Melatonin, CBD can offer more promising results. Don’t forget to conduct a background checkup to ensure the company is using organic hemp to manufacture its products.

Third-Party Lab Results

Since there have been many uncertainties surrounding the lab reports offered by various companies, there is a need to confirm and ensure posted potency and purity levels are accurate. To avoid taking the wrong dose, consider buying from a brand that uses a reputable ISO 9001 certified lab; the labs have adequate resources and personnel helping them offer accurate lab results.

Also, go for a company that offers QR codes and batch numbers on the products beyond offering them on the website. This will enable you to affirm the results being posted. It is also important to go for a company using a centralized lab since it assesses the purity of its raw materials before manufacturing.


If you are fighting dementia using CBD oil, ensure you are going for the best options. Although there are various claims that CBD oil among other elements is beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of dementia, there is inadequate evidence. Besides, ensure you are going for relevant products containing various significant ingredients believed to relieve dementia symptoms. Before buying CBD oil, ensure it is pure to minimize contaminants resulting in harmful diseases such as cancer. Lastly, take considerable amounts to avoid the side effects of CBD, such as heightening anxiety, which worsens dementia symptoms.

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