CBD oil and UK Law: legal or illegal


The UK government has set up laws governing manufacturing, packaging and selling of CBD products. This ensures that anything that the public consumes must meet the required standards. NFSA is an institution mandated by the UK government to ensure that all companies manufacture and sell quality and legal products. This article will give an insight into whether selling and using CBD in the UK is legal or illegal. To answer this question, the article will explore three major issues: the laws governing CBD in the UK, CBD as a novel food, and the companies approved to sell CBD.

The UK Laws Governing the CBD Products that you Need to Know

The UK government has set laws to ensure the safety and quality control of CBD products. This is to help prevent false and misleading claims about the effects of CBD. In 2018, a legislation was passed legalising certain cannabinoids such as CBD. However, THC cannabinoids are still considered controlled substances hence not legal for public consumption. This means that cannabis oil with high traces of THC is illegal in the UK. Therefore, it is highly advised that you avoid purchasing from companies that advertise CBD products rich in THC or even importing from countries where THC is legal to avoid legal and health issues after using their products. After the legislation of the law that mandates that no product can contain more than 1mg of THC per product, it was found that limiting CBD production to hemp plants rather than the THC-rich marijuana (cannabis Sativa) plants would allow for the safe and legal sale of CBD products.

This is because they have side effects that may cause psychoactive reactions. That is, it cannot make you high. Therefore, it is safe to be taken anywhere, even if driving. Another law suggests that CBD products should be considered food supplements, not medicinal cannabis products. This means that no CBD products can make any medical claims about their effects, which has made it difficult for many CBD companies to tout the benefits of their products. The third law states that all CBD companies must submit a Novel Foods Application to the Food Standards Agency to sell CBD. Sometimes, the application process is long and expensive to regulate the number of companies allowed in the market. Some companies avoid application submission and sell their products illegally, while others take time to submit their products for approval. You should only purchase your CBD products from a brand that has done so.

The UK government has made it illegal for one to grow hemp plants. To ensure that the law is adhered to, the government has installed a few strict regulations, which include: It is illegal to sell CBD flowers and buds even if the THC content is below 0.2 %. All CBD producers must receive a licence from the UK Home Office, CBD Cosmetics require Cosmetic Product Safety Report, all CBD products must be labelled properly per Food Supplement Regulations 2003, CBD Vape Products should be in line with non-nicotine e-liquid regulations.

CBD as a Novel Food

Novel foods have not been available to the UK or EU public before May 1997. With no history of consumption, the Foods Standards Agency is responsible for ensuring they're safe for consumption. Each new food must undergo a safety assessment to be allowed in the UK market. CBD was announced as a novel food in January 2019 and added to the Novel Foods catalogue. However, the catalogue has no legal status that allows authorities to decide about novel foods, their legality, and safety. CBD is a food supplement and should be taken as one.

As of February 2020, Any food or drink containing CBD was considered novel food. All CBD manufacturers wanting to produce CBD food or drink must apply. They require permission for them to operate. Examples of novel foods include all foods eaten around the world but not in the UK, New foods such as probiotic bacteria in yoghurts, Foods made in new ways or by new processes such as UVC treated. All products of CBD are Novel Foods since they are new. These products include CBD Snacks; CBD Gummies; CBD Infused Drinks -teas, coffee, beer, and soft drinks.

Approved Companies to Sell CBD Oil

Blessed CBD

It is one of the recommended CBD oils in the UK. As rated by Observer, Herald Scotland, and Reader's Digest. It provides superior CBD products in broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate formulas. The company has been winning over thousands of satisfied customers since 2018. The company ensures that each batch of products undergoes third-party lab testing. This ensures that every bottle of CBD oil corresponds to the amount of CBD label on it. The lab reports certify that the CBD oils created are free of any dangerous levels of toxins such as solvents and pesticides that can be found in lower-quality CBD products. The company also offers UK customers a potent range of CBD capsules, tropical and mixed fruit-flavoured gummies to help consumers get the most out of their CBD oil products.

Vibes CBD

The company provides its customers with potent isolate-based CBD oils. They use organically grown hemp farms with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. It doesn’t use pesticides or harmful chemicals in its growing process. As a result, Vibes CBD's products are free of contaminants found in other low-quality CBD oil brands. Using the CO2 extraction method in making the CBD oils ensures no heat is applied to the CBD oil that can damage its compounds. At the same time, cold pressing keeps the natural terpenes and other essential oils intact. UK customers can purchase Vibes CBD products in potent CBD oil tincture drops, CBD capsules, and fruit-flavoured CBD gummies infused with Vitamin D3.


CBD is legal in the UK. The legality comes in handy when following all the stipulated laws governing CBD products' manufacturing and selling. To be on the right side of the law, buy the CBD from a trusted and certified company that has been granted permission to operate. The products from such companies always meet the required THC limit. They don't make misleading medical claims. The company has also submitted a novel food application to the FSA for the product quality check to ensure that the CBD is fit for you to consume. The CBD becomes illegal when bought from non certified companies, planting hemp plants for personal use or when you sell the flowers or buds of the CBD.

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