CBD lotion or topicals: which is right for you


Among CBD products present on the market, topical CBD is one of the fastest expanding industries. Its alternatives include salves, balms, ointments, and lotions, among other products.

They are popular among adults for reasons connected to aging skin and body. They are applied directly to the skin and absorbed to treat pain, inflammation, and discomfort. The differences between lotion and topicals are discussed below to help you determine which is best.

The Difference between CBD Lotion and Other Topicals

The ratio of water to oil is the fundamental distinction among CBD lotions and any other topicals. The base of CBD lotion, also known as CBD cream, has a small amount of water and moisturizing agents, whereas balms and salves predominantly use fatty oils and wax without water. Lotions are easy to rub into the skin's pores because of their light, non-greasy composition.

How to Choose CBD Lotion and Other Topicals

When evaluating CBD lotions and topicals, Consider the following factors;

Third-party Lab Test

It should have independent third-party lab test findings. These indicate that the product is free of potentially dangerous chemicals or contaminants and that the CBD and THC concentration is as stated.


Shea butter and natural botanicals like citrus, pepper, menthol, peppermint, and camphor are commonly found in CBD creams and topicals. Before using any CBD topicals, confirm the contents to ensure you're not allergic to any stated substances.


Make sure you understand the CBD content of any CBD lotions or topicals you use. Though some manufacturers may state how much CBD this gives in each application, this is measured in milligrams of CBD per container.

Product Category

There are a variety of CBD topicals and lotions. Some salves or ointments that contain CBD and other natural chemicals provide heat or cold sensations for additional pain relief.

How to Use CBD Lotions Vs. Other Topicals

When you initially start using CBD lotion, you should apply it locally to the sore location to treat it. Exercise greater caution when taking a CBD topical. To ensure you're getting the right amount of CBD lotion, you'll need to know how many milligrams there are in the package. Thus, you'll know instantly whether the lotion contains enough CBD to provide therapeutic relief. Topical lotions with fewer milligrams of CBD are typically less effective than those containing greater milligrams.
Ensure the area you're massaging is clean and clear of sweat, grime, and dead skin cells. Apply a generous amount of lotion to the affected region. Massage it into the skin fully and gently, rather than rubbing it on. This helps the cream enter deeper tissue and disseminate over a larger body area.
After applying topical treatment such as lotion, always wash your hands. Because some formulations contain cooling or heating substances, rubbing your eyes or touching your nose or mouth after an application would be unpleasant. Similarly, you should avoid using lotions containing mint, pepper, camphor, or menthol on the insides of your elbows or the backs of your knees since the skin may get inflamed. Generally, use topical CBD lotions the same way you would CBD oil: start low and gradually increase your dosage.

Side Effects of CBD Lotions and Topicals

Read the ingredients list carefully before applying any cream to your skin to avoid allergic reactions. It's critical to choose a company that verifies that no toxins, heavy metals, additives, or fertilizers were used in the manufacturing process. Hesitate to purchase them without confirmation from a third-party lab that they were created from organic, refined materials if adverse side effects develop.
Under no circumstances can a topical cream be taken orally as it is not digestible.


Depending on the situation and the user's preferences, lotions and CBD topicals can be utilized efficiently. On the other hand, CBD lotions are easier to use than other topicals such as salves or patches. Creams, lotions, and sprays take time to act, but they can be administered to particular areas of pain. You can use topical CBD creams alone or in conjunction with other modalities such as heat or ice. They may relieve muscle tension and soreness while also instilling a sense of peace and relaxation.

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