Cbd 101: what is organic CBD oil?


Currently, most consumers and producers support a healthy lifestyle and a green environment. Most CBD manufacturers aim to replace contaminated products with better organic options. Some products designed to improve people's health and wellness pose a threat because of the artificial chemicals used in manufacturing them. Some of the most common dangers include cancer, which has become a global threat. Although most CBD products are manufactured alongside other elements, most companies ensure they are organic. Besides, most CBD products are tested for potency and purity for consumers' safety. Learn more about organic CBD oil below.

What Is Organic CBD Oil

CBD products are offered in three types; isolate, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Isolate formulation is the pure form of CBD, with no added elements. On the other hand, full-spectrum contains all elements of the hemp plant, including THC. The broad-spectrum formulation contains all the ingredients of hemp apart from THC. Organic CBD oil is CBD oil that is not compromised by any pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers. Additionally, it has no preservatives or flavoring. Since most people are interested in taking organic products supporting their healthy living style, it's recommended they confirm the following aspects.

Farming Methods

Consumers should do background research on the company they get their CBD oils from. Most companies publish information regarding their operation from the seed level of the hemp to manufacturing. Consumers should ensure the company they choose only uses organic farming practices to boost its hemp growth. Exposing hemp to artificial fertilizers and pesticides endangers the quality of hemp since some traces might infiltrate the end products. In addition, check on other elements used to manufacture the products. Most CBD companies prefer using organic elements such as MCT oil because it's naturally sourced from the coconut plant and enhances effectiveness.

Confirm the Extraction Method

Most CBD companies prefer using the CO2 method of extraction. Unlike other methods, it is considered effective and clean. Besides, this process ensures that only significant cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are extracted from the hemp plant. The use of ethanol, among other methods, exposes products to harmful chemicals that endanger human health. Therefore, before buying any CBD products, confirm their method of extraction, most preferably CO2. If the brand has used alternative methods, consumers should check the measures taken to avoid contaminating the products.

Manufacturing Method

The manufacturing process is significant since it also contributes to the contamination of the products. Organic farming methods and CO2 extraction is not a guarantee for quality. Therefore, go for a company that has minimized the number of chemicals used to reduce contamination risks.

Hemp and Products Testing

CBD companies performing well in the market have their products tested by a reputable independent third-party lab. Most companies prefer using independent labs since public labs have been associated with inaccurate results. Also, various CBD companies use an in-house lab to help them attain accurate results. Consider a brand that tests its product's purity and potency levels and its hemp. Also, go for a brand using ISO 9001 lab since they have been certified and offer accurate results. Before buying CBD oils, ensure the brand offers QR codes to help you affirm the results provided. Scan the QR codes using your mobile phone to compare the results offered on potency and purity levels and the ones in the products. In addition, ensure the products are void of residues, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Type of Organic CBD Oil

If you are shopping for organic CBD oil, you have to go for the quality. Isolate CBD oil is ideal. Unlike other types manufactured with various sweeteners that might interfere with the product's purity levels, isolate the pure form of CBD. It is manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts. It also prevents you from being exposed to the side effects of THC, such as getting high. Although some brands have formulated them in various flavors, it's important to go for the natural flavor. If you wish to evade the natural hemp taste, you can add the recommended dose to your favorite natural drink or foods.


As people try to improve their health and wellness using organic products, CBD products continue to gain fame since they focus on natural products. Most CBD oils are tested for potency and purity. Before using CBD oil, ensure organic practices were upheld from the seed level. Most companies manufacturing CBD products prefer posting their manufacturing practices for transparency. It is recommended to buy from a brand that uses the C02 method of extraction and minimizes manufacturing chemicals to reduce contamination risks. Since some companies give wrong information about their products, it is important to get products with QR codes for verification.

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