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You likely know that 33 out of the 50 states in the USA have partially or fully legalized CBD oil, making the substance a mainstream item. Besides, you might have seen billboards and adverts preaching messages about the potential of CBD oil to help with this or that. In fact, millions are using CBD oil with the hope that somewhat the product might help them fight anxiety, stress, sleep issues, depression and more, and that it will enhance their memory, focus, energy and sex life. Sadly, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that because these claims are based on initial research and anecdotal evidence, which require advanced studies and clinical trials to substantiate them. Meanwhile, you might have a sick child struggling with ADHD, dyslexia, Down syndrome, schizophrenia, epilepsy, arthritis, cancer or any condition, and you wonder whether CBD oil could be the answer you need. Here is all you need to know about giving kids CBD oil.

Parents Have Been Using CBD oil for Kids

CBD oil has picked up in the hype, and it is not only adults who are using it but also teenagers and adolescents are using this substance and parents are giving it to kids. Although there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that CBD oil might help with the many conditions people claim it to help with, parents are giving kids CBD oil nonetheless. For instance, one report by Curaleaf Hemp notes that one of the private Facebook groups the writer belongs to has parents admit giving CBD oil to their kids for epilepsy, autism, dyslexia ADHD, and more.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Kids?

Back to the flesh of this blog, you want to know whether you can safely give your kid CBD oil? You probably don't want to be part of statistics blindly but would like to know if CBD oil is safe in its entirety. Currently, CBD studies like that of Work, (2018)., are limited to the dangers of giving CBD oil to a child, while most user experiences show that CBD oil is well-tolerated. However, there is a need for further scientific research to prove the safety of CBD oil. Most people might mention that they are taking CBD oil or administering it to children without fear, but it is worth noting we have different chemistries, and what has worked for others may not necessarily work for your kid.

Avoid Prescribing Your Kid CBD Oil and Giving It to Him without a Doctor’s Recommendation

As CBD oil becomes more popular, you might feel tempted to give it to your child in the form of gummies or cookies. In other cases, your child might have autism or epilepsy, and you might think that CBD oil is helpful since it is marketed to help with just about anything. Nonetheless, rest the urge to prescribe CBD oil to your kid or giving it to him for recreational purposes. The knowledge gaps in CBD oil mean that people should go slow on it, and if one has to take it, he should consult a doctor. There is even a direr need to consult a doctor if you want to give your kid CBD oil.

There Is a Need to Research Further on CBD Oil for Kids

The popularity of CBD oil does not necessarily mean that all important factors about the cannabinoid are covered, and you are good to go about using it. There is a need for more advanced studies on CBD oil, especially because what we don’t know about it, outweighs the little we know about it. Even parents who give CBD oil to their children admit that there is much to be unveiled about the cannabinoid. While some have witnessed positive effects with CBD oil, others have not had the best experience with this substance. As such, we are not in the business of recommending CBD oil for kids until enough research is conducted with sufficient evidence to prove CBD oil is safe.

If You Have to Buy CBD Oil for Your Kid, Avoid Online Stuff

As the hype around CBD oil builds up, many brands are opening up to meet the growing demand for the cannabinoid. In fact, the USA alone has more than 250 CBD brands. Besides, most brands, whether they have physical stores in the states or not, sell products online. As such, you might be tempted to buy CBD oil for your kid from one of the online companies, which is not the best way to go. If you mean to give your kid CBD oil for some reason and do so for some time, stick to licensed CBD dispensaries. Such are reputable and tend to follow the strict guidelines by the government, especially on product purity standards.

Be Ready to Face Legal Issues Occasionally, Especially When Crossing State Borders to Buy CBD Oil

The Farm Bill was passed in 2018, consequently decriminalizing CBD oil usage, possession, buying and selling, as long as the total THC concentration is less than 0.3%. Yet, it gave states the mandate to craft CBD laws that would guide people henceforth. Following these, CBD laws vary from one state to another, and what is legal in one state might land you in jail in another state. Texas considers CBD oil with less than 0.3% legal, while South Dakota still has some of the strictest CBD laws. This means that traversing one state to another in possession of CBD products might land you in problems, especially if you are moving into or out of a state that considers hemp-derived CBD oil illegal. As such, be ready to face legal issues if you have to traverse states in search of premium CBD oil products for your children.

Should You Give Your Child CBD Oil?

The ultimate of whether or not you will give your child CBD oil is yours. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that CBD oil might help your child with any condition he has. If you choose to give your child CBD oil, shop products from reputable brands and licensed CBD dispensaries and consult a doctor first.


CBD oil has grown in hype, and some parents are giving it to kids. While it might seem safe, there is no scientific evidence to prove that CBD oil is safe for kids. Meanwhile, if you choose to give your child CBD oil, consult a doctor first.


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