Can I drink alcohol while taking CBD oil?


Taking CBD oil while drinking alcohol remains a contentious issue. This is because alcohol and CBD are two substances viewed from a lifestyle perspective. They are completely distinct products, but both are consumed mostly for social benefits. Various studies conducted on the impact of CBD on alcohol show that CBD can help people battling alcohol addiction. In some animal studies, CBD has been shown to help with symptoms associated with withdrawal and addiction, as discussed in this article. In addition, research suggests that CBD helps people reduce their alcohol intake, preventing them from relapsing and keeping them on a healthy track. Below is detailed information about the two substances and if it is right to take alcohol and CBD.


Alcohol is a toxin and a widely recognized depressant impacting the nervous system in several ways. It changes a person’s mood, speech, movement, and coordination. In addition, high alcohol intake results in more effects, including addiction. On the contrary, Mori, et al. (2015) claim that small amounts of alcohol promote health benefits such as lowering blood pressure. However, alcohol is mostly considered a substance that negatively impacts humans’ health and well-being. Hangovers are the main side effect of alcohol despite low, moderate, or high consumption of the depressant to the majority of most people.


Unlike alcohol, CBD is much healthier since it impacts an individual’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) positively. According to Atalay, et al. (2019), CBD contains unique properties such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it suitable for consumption. Historically, cannabis is best known for its THC-induced effects, particularly the euphoric high. While THC is intoxicating, CBD does not cause a high feeling. Due to the intoxicating effects of THC, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), limits its levels to 0.3%, which is considered to have less impact.

Alcohol and CBD

CBD is a supplement for cannabinoids already present in the human body; hence alcohol should not impact these cannabinoids if you take CBD Oil. A study by Turna, et al. (2019) has discovered that if a person consumes alcohol in excess quantities alongside CBD, symptoms of sleepiness might occur. According to Colorado Botanicals, one crucial and harmful similarity is that CBD Oil and alcohol use the CYP450 liver enzyme. Combining the two triggers negative interaction, leading to various side effects. Therefore, consumers should avoid using CBD alongside alcohol, especially if CBD is for therapeutic purposes.

Consuming CBD and alcohol simultaneously may raise the effects of both compounds since they are depressants. Alcohol and CBD’s cumulative effects might increase significantly when mixed. An individual might feel extra relaxed hence releasing their inhibitions. A 1979 clinical trial published in Psychopharmacology shows that when a person mixes alcoholic beverages and takes alongside CBD, significant impairments of psychomotor and motor performances may occur. Still, individuals who only take CBD are not affected. Consuming both substances can also cause one to overestimate situations or lose track of time. CBD alone does not produce cognitive functions effects unless mixed with a cocktail or beer.

Mixing CBD and alcohol might be hazardous in enhancing each other’s effects. Individuals put themselves at a greater risk of injury due to impairment if they feel relaxed, tired, and drowsy from mixing alcohol and CBD. Mixing alcohol and CBD may also result in numbness, exposing your body to injuries.

Advantages of Mixing CBD oil and Alcohol

According to Nona, et al. (2019), CBD may help with alcohol-related Nausea. When a person consumes more alcohol, nausea and vomiting appear to be the classical signs of the body trying to purge the excess. CBD appears to enhance alcohol’s positive effects while fighting the negative symptoms. CBD prevents and relieves nausea. While it helps with the unpleasant experience, repressing alcohol-induced nausea with CBD is not good. This is because vomiting is a sign of toxicity, and the body is trying to get rid of the poison that damages the liver.

CBD Can Lower Blood Alcohol Levels

Blood alcohol concentration determines how intoxicated one feels, although the intensity varies based on tolerance. As blood levels spike, so does the increase of poisoning. Therefore, to avoid the risk of poisoning, mixing CBD and alcohol might help you lower high blood pressure. Alcohol is not healthy, or an anti-blood pressure drug but both cannabis and alcohol relax and open blood vessels for easy blood flow.

CBD Protects Against Alcohol Damage

Excessive long-term alcohol leads to liver damage. However, according to De Ternay, et al. (2019), CBD protects the liver from alcohol-induced damage. CBD promotes the regeneration of new liver cells and mitigates an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants known to harm cells.


Mixing CBD with alcohol might compound some side effects. As discussed above, CBD can protect an individual from alcohol-induced health issues, such as damage to the liver, withdrawal, and alcoholism. However, it is advised that whether one uses CBD gummies or CBD oils, one should always keep off from alcohol consumption. There is no accurate information on interactions between CBD oil and alcohol.


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