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CBD gummies are a cool way to maintain a regular, consistent intake of CBD. These CBD-infused sweet treats are tasty, accurately pre-dosed, and conveniently easy to carry around. They come in various flavors and potencies and are available in full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. However, can CBD gummies get you high? Read on to find out.

What Brings About the ‘High’ Effect?

The psychoactive feeling of getting 'high' often accompanies the use of marijuana and other cannabis products. It is often characterized by several side effects, such as a change in the heart rate and hallucination. The cannabis plant has over a hundred chemical compounds; terpenes and cannabinoids. The chemical compound responsible for delivering a psychedelic effect is known as tetrahydrocannabinol. It is mostly excluded or strictly regulated in CBD products,

Factors to Consider When Selecting CBD Gummies

CBD is primarily manufactured using an extract of cannabis, a plant widely associated with recreational use. How does one know if CBD gummies have the same psychedelic effect as marijuana? Here are some factors to consider when selecting CBD gummies for consumption.

  1. The type of CBD in the gummy.
  2. The quantity and potency of THC.
  3. The quality of the product.

CBD Type

CBD gummies are made out of three major CBD strains. The most common gummies are made with broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the plant benefits of CBD, typically except tetrahydrocannabinol. This means broad-spectrum CBD gummies have very little or no chance of being intoxicated. CBD gummies are made with CBD isolate. This is the purest form of CBD, extracted using docile extraction methods and are highly processed. CBD isolate contains pure CBD and no other compound. As a result, CBD isolate gummies are free from THC and cannot deliver a high effect.

Similarly, full-spectrum CBD is the most comprehensive form of CBD. It contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum CBD gummies, therefore, contain THC as a component, meaning it has the potential to produce a psychedelic effect on the user.

Quantity and Potency of THC

Despite being legalized, CBD gummies and other hemp products are legally regulated. The legal threshold of THC in CBD products is 0.3%. This means that the THC potency in CBD gummies with THC is kept to a minimum. 0.3% is a minimal, quite friendly amount of THC, and it typically won’t make you ‘high.’ However, there is a possibility that taking several gummies at a go may increase the THC intake, resulting in a psychoactive effect.

The Quality of the Product

Although THC content in CBD products is legally restricted to a maximum of 0.3%, most CBD products are sold as supplements. The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) does not regulate supplements. It is, therefore, possible for product manufacturers to make false claims about the amount of THC in their products. One may purchase CBD gummies with a higher dose of THC than expected. This cannot be very pleasant for users who are THC-intolerant. To avoid this, always carry out extensive personal research to find trusted CBD gummies.

How to Choose CBD Gummies

CBD gummies come in various CBD types. If you want the health benefits of CBD without any psychedelic effects, always go for certified broad-spectrum gummies. Nonetheless, opt for the CBD isolate gummies for a pure CBD experience. Always look for CBD gummies with evidence of third-party testing by an ISO-certified lab. These will always have an available Certificate of Analysis to prove safety and quality. In case you prefer a little dose of THC in the CBD, look for a quality, secure full-spectrum CBD gummy with COA-backed proof of third-party testing. It is also advisable to buy the CBD gummies from a well-known brand. Popular brands have a reputation to protect the safety of their clients.

How to Take CBD Gummies

Taking a large amount of CBD gummies is not recommended because of the intense side effects of the products. Therefore, it is recommended to start with a low dose, preferably one or two gummies at a time. Gradually increase the dosage depending on personal effects until you achieve the best dosage that works. If you are uncertain about the preferred amount of gummies to take, seek help from a professional in this field for guidance.

Are CBD Gummies a Safe Option?

CBD gummies offer a safer alternative to CBD vape pens and marijuana rolls. The THC content in marijuana is unregulated, which could produce adverse effects on the user. Furthermore, smoking of any form may be harmful to the respiratory organs in the long term. CBD gummies are a friendly option, as they have regulated THC content or none at all. They also have no smoke-related risks.


CBD gummies are made with three types of CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD gummies are the most common; CBD isolate is the purest form while full-spectrum CBD gummies contain every cannabis component, including THC. Full-spectrum gummies can get the user high due to the THC content. Moreover, THC in CBD products is restricted to a maximum of 0.3%, so the potency of THC in full-spectrum gummies is quite low. You can get high by eating several sweets. The type of CBD, the quantity and potency of THC and the quality of the product are all factors that determine the intoxicating properties of CBD gummies. CBD products are unregulated by the FDA, and some products may make false claims. Therefore, it is important to look out for certified proof of safety and quality.

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