Buying your first CBD vape pen? Look for these things


A CBD vape pen is a device used to vape CBD e-juice. These pens usually fall into two categories: refillable or disposable cells. It is vital to consider the tank's type, brand, flavor, size or quality, battery, and design whenever a person buys a CBD Vape pen.

The compound CBD has gained popularity because of its long illegal history and numerous speculations that it can treat anything. According to Fagnant & Kockelman (2015), the global market size of CBD was valued at 2.8 billion; economic analysts predict that the figures can triple by the year 2025. According to Rein (2020), 43% of shops in America sold CBD vape juice and CBD Vape pens, and the other 23% sold CBD products such as topicals. These rising figures show that CBD products are flooding the market. Therefore, when buying a CBD Vape pen, it is essential to consider the tank's brand, flavor, size or quality, battery, and design.

Factors to Consider When Buying A CBD Vape pen

Consider buying a CBD product after researching the CBD compound and learning its potential benefits for health in the human system. However, blindly walking into a CBD Vape pen shop or store without considering the tank's category, brand, flavor, size or quality, battery, and design can lead to serious health effects. It is necessary to consider and look out for the following factors to get the best CBD Vape Pen.

Category of The CBD Vape pen

All the CBD vape pens fall into two main categories; disposable and refillable vape pens.

The Disposable Vapes Pens

They come already loaded with CBD vape juice or e-juice. They are the best for individuals who want to vape e-juice. This is because they are minimal and cylindrical, adding that they are discreet. They are cheap, and their only downside is that they do not offer their user the opportunity to shift from one flavor to another like the refillable vape pens. A disposable vape pen usually has three hundred puffs of vape juice.

The Refillable CBD Vape Pen

The refillable CBD Vape pen can repeatedly be filled and refilled with CBD e-juice. It usually comes with a tank attached to a 510 rechargeable battery, as Oar et al. (2022) stated. Some refillable CBD vape pens have atomizer coils in the vape tank, ensuring the CBD vape juice is concentrated and robust. These refillable pens have the advantage of the disposable because the user can adjust the airflow settings. It can be recharged after several days, refilled, and allow the user to customize their vaping experience by changing from one vapor to another. Consider choosing the category you need, either the refillable or disposable CBD vape pen before buying a CBD vape pen.

Brand of the CBD Vape Pen

The fact that many companies are producing CBD Vape pens means there are a lot of brands too. Reputation matters when it comes to brand. It is better to avoid brands with bad reviews and the general importance of making false claims. This is because some producers sell low-quality vape pens. Always go for a well-known brand and consult about it to know what its users say. This will ensure getting a worth CBD Vape pen.

Consider the Flavour

The original CBD compound has a sour or bitter taste. It is not pleasing to the mouth Manufacturers always add flavors to the vape juices. Choosing a flavor suiting a user best when buying a vape pen is critical. According to Krüsemann et al. (2019), Some of the flavors used in vape juice are strawberry, lemon, mint, and peach.

Size Or Quality of The Tank

The refillable CBD Vape pen tank will need regular cleaning to prevent sour flavours, leakage, or buildup. This involves disassembling your pen when refilling it. The vape tank may break or be damaged during the cleaning and reassembling if it is of low quality. Therefore, choosing a good vape pen with high quality and an excellent sizable tank is necessary.

Battery Life

CBD batteries have been designed to vaporize e-juice. A person won't be able to vape until it's recharged when the battery is low. Choosing a CBD vape pen with a good battery is necessary to avoid inconviniences during use.A good battery lasts longer, enhancing the use and durability of a vape pen. The batteries are usually classified into two categories: the buttonless batteries that help to vape CBD isolate and the voltage batteries designed to vape both the isolate and full-spectrum CBD vape juice. The vape pen batteries are usually the 510thread. Choosing a long-lasting CBD vape pen battery will help to improve the vaping experience. A good battery is generally recharged after three to four days.

Quality of the Coils

The vape pen coils need to be changed regularly to keep them clean and prevent the vapor from having a burnt, unpleasant smell. The quality of the coil affects the quality and scent of smoke directly. It is therefore wise to buy CBD vape pens with high-quality coils.


Several people in business and companies are producing it on a large scale due to the popularity the cannabinoid compound has gained over the years. One of its products is the CBD vape pen. Research published by the NCBI group in 2018 revealed that 43% of shops in America sold CBD vape juice and CBD Vape pens, and the other 23% sold CBD products such as topicals. The rising number of companies producing vape pens means some could be low quality and a scam. It is essential to consider the tank's category, brand, flavor, size or quality, battery, and design when buying a vape pen. Choose a vape pen with a good battery to enhanve its use. Ensure a vape pen is legalized before buying it. Choose a strawberry or mint flavor vape pen to enjoy the sweet taste when vaping. Use it considerably to avoid harming the body.


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