Breaking down CBD: what's in extra strength CBD oil?


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant alongside tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is mostly extracted from the organic hemp plant and manufactured alongside other vital elements such as MCT oil (coconut) oil. Institutions such as World Health Organization (WHO) have recognized various therapeutic potentials of the hemp plant such as enhancing sleep and reducing anxiety. Due to its association, it has gained fame in the USA and other parts of the world. Therefore, CBD oil is manufactured in various potency levels, flavors and offered in different quantities. For rapid effectiveness, it is advisable to consider a higher potency or extra-strength CBD. That said, here are some key facts about extra-strength CBD oil to help you shop and use it appropriately.

Meaning of Extra-Strength CBD

If you are familiar with CBD products, you might have encountered the word “extra-strength”. The first thing that people consider while shopping for CBD oil is the CBD concentration in the product. After that, they look at the three types of CBD; isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum extracts. Although it is difficult to develop a specific definition of extra-strength CBD oil, various researchers consider a potency of 50 mg onwards when determining the effectiveness of the product.

It is also difficult to associate a specific potency with extra-strength CBD oil because the body might develop resistance to the normal dose. Therefore, you may need to increase the dose to feel the impact. However, a new user might consider a dose of 50 mg as extra-strong due to the immediate impact of foreign material in the body. In simple terms, extra-strength is the total concentration of CBD oil taken for rapid effectiveness.

The Components of Extra-Strength CBD Oil

For CBD oil to qualify as extra strength, it should have various features. Here are some of the qualifications for CBD oil to be considered extra strength.

Amount Of CBD

The first thing you need to consider is the CBD potency in the products. A higher CBD concentration in any product yields rapid effectiveness. Although most companies manufacture their products with a low CBD concentration from 10 mg per milligram, others offer an extreme level of 5000 mg per milligram. As a result, the difference in CBD strength has a direct impact on its dose. For instance, taking a low potency might require a higher dose to feel the impact, contrary to the higher dose. Also, the potency level has a direct impact on the prices. Although a higher potency might be expensive, its impact is rapid, and you end up spending less than a low potency that will require frequent shopping to feel the impact.

The CBD Extract

Three main CBD extracts are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Full and broad-spectrum CBD has other vital hemp compounds, unlike isolate that contains purely CBD. Also, the difference between full and broad-spectrum CBD is that broad-spectrum does not have THC contents, though they all pact vital hemp elements such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Experts recommend isolate CBD for extra strength. Experts, therefore, recommend isolate CBD for people looking for extra-strength CBD oil because it contains a higher concentration. However, the extract is not best for those looking to benefit from a broad list of therapeutical potentials of the hemp plant.

Other Elements Used to Extra and formulate CBD Oil

Other elements used in formulating CBD oil determine its strength. The common element used to formulate CBD oil strength is MCT oil. Most companies prefer coconut oil (MCT) because it is natural and has bioavailability properties. This feature yields rapid effectiveness because it speeds the digestion of CBD oil in the bloodstream. Also, depending on the purpose of the products, other organic ingredients might be included to improve the effectiveness.

Things to Consider While Shopping for CBD Oil

The Hemp Source

The source of hemp also contributes to the strength of CBD oil. Most USA-based CBD companies source their hemp locally from Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky; the widely known and the best producers of quality hemp within the USA. However, Colorado is the best producer due to its soil fertility. Also, knowing the hemp source is not enough. You should conduct a background check-up to ensure only organic farming practices are used to sustain the growth of hemp to the harvesting level. Confirm the company is not using artificial fertilizers and pesticides, which interferes with the quality or strength of CBD due to their chemical compositions.

Extraction and Manufacturing Processes

The extraction and manufacturing methods used also contribute to the strength of CBD oil. Companies using the CO2 method of extraction have offered better quality to their consumers in terms of strength since it poses fewer contamination risks. CO2 is widely used due to its effectiveness in obtaining only significant elements of the hemp plant needed in manufacturing. When harmful chemicals are used during extraction and manufacturing processes, they interfere with the quality of the products, giving them a lower strength.

The Brand’s Reputation

There has been a common trend of CBD brands misinforming their customers on their products' potency and purity level. This has exposed customers who are not keen on the lab results to take higher doses which threaten their health. Therefore, confirm whether the brand you are buying from has received warnings from FDA about its products. You should read consumers’ reviews to know what you are getting into before buying.


While looking for extra-strength CBD oil, consider various factors contributing to the strength. First, pay attention to the potency levels in the CBD oil you are going for. Higher CBD concentrations yield more rapid effectiveness than a lower concentration. However, it is vital to note that extra-strength CBD oil has cons and pros. For instance, higher potency levels will help you take a lower dose and spend since little amounts will yield the desired effect. However, be careful on the dose since a slight overdose might result in the negative impact of CBD oil, such as severe headaches. To avoid taking the wrong dose, use an accurately marked dropper.

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