Blue Couch Candids: Linda's Mentor

Gosta Peterson


Back when mod was mod, and Twiggy reigned queen, Gosta was pioneering the 60s fashion photography era - and Linda, an aspiring photographer, fell in love with his vision. She decided she had to work for him, and in true Linda fashion took things into her own hands. A quick flip through the phone book led her to hop onto a cross-town bus and show up at his door. After an unanswered doorbell, she was left sitting on the stoop until all of a sudden a handsome guy came bounding up the stairs.

Of course it was Gosta.

A quick skim at her portfolio and a small photo test later (despite claiming she hadn't a clue what she was doing!), Linda boldly asked if she could work for him, "Yeah, see you Monday," -was his answer. Forty years and thousands of photograph laters, the two remain inseparably close.

A big thank you to Annika and Gosta Peterson for the images.

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