Blue Couch Candids: Mr. Winky



Who needs a husband when there’s a guy like Winks???  

The lustrous coat, big eyes, sharp intelligence, elegant ears and tiny, eager poodle tail won Linda over instantaneously and the rest, as they say, is history.

The inimitable Winks, named after one of Linda’s mom’s friends, is famously more than just a canine compadre. Winky, Winks, or Mr. Winks, depending on his mood, is equally stylish and charming as Linda, commanding the room with his silver-streaked bell bottoms, playful presence and wonderful doggy smile. As loyal and photogenic as they come, Mr. Winks rarely leaves Linda’s side - and she wouldn’t have it any other way. From flea market jaunts  to photoshoots to curling up on the big blue couch, her beloved poodle truly is a best friend. Originally a black-coated fella, Winks started to turn grey right alongside Linda, showing just how in sync this dynamic duo really is!



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