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CBD oil is a popular hemp-based supplement obtained by blending hemp plant extracts with other elements. CBD products are not yet clinically endorsed as any form of medical remedy, although they are believed to offer various health and wellness benefits. However, there is substantial anecdotal evidence from online user reviews and preliminary research to suggest that CBD oil can help with particular mental and physical health complications. There are three main types of CBD oil. These are CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD oil. This article explores some of the benefits and advantages of full-spectrum CBD oil.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

The type of CBD oil is determined by the inherent compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes contained in the oil. Unlike isolate and broad-spectrum CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD oil contains every compound found in the hemp plant. THC is the psychoactive compound that produces the 'high' effect associated with cannabis products such as marijuana. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains every compound found in full-spectrum oils except THC. CBD isolate, on the contrary, contains pure CBD as the sole component. Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most inclusive type of CBD oil. It, therefore, has more potential wellness benefits than the other types of CBD oil.

Advantages of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-spectrum contains more terpenes and cannabinoids than broad-spectrum and isolate CBD oils. This means it offers more potential wellness benefits due to the multiple compounds working together to deliver a strong entourage effect. The entourage effect is achieved when multiple compounds with different therapeutic properties work together to provide a comprehensive effect of several benefits. Full-spectrum CBD oil has a stronger entourage effect potential than CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD oils. This is because it has the highest number of chemical plant compounds.

CIt is More Natural

Compared to broad-spectrum and isolate, full-spectrum CBD oil has more natural inherent compounds and terpenoids. Full-spectrum CBD oils are subjected to less processing compared to other types of CBD oil. Isolate is a rather highly processed and refined product despite being pure. Full-spectrum CBD oil is subjected to simple processing using inert solvents. As a result, most of the delicate beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids are retained. The integrity of the inherent compounds is also preserved; hence the final product is closer to the natural plant extract.

Has Considerable THC Levels

Full-spectrum CBD oils provide a friendly option for people who prefer THC in their CBD products. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain up to 0.3% of CBD oil, which is a comfortably tolerable amount. With full-spectrum CBD oil, you can manage the THC intake without risking excessive THC consumption, resulting in drug dependency. Recreational cannabis products with THC, such as marijuana, contain indeterminable levels of THC content. They also pose smoke-related risks to the user.

Authentic Full-spectrum CBD oil products have the THC content indicated on the COA provided for certified quality and safety verification or on the product label. Know the amount of THC you are consuming and manage your dosage. Also, CBD oil is quite versatile and can be taken in multiple friendly ways without exposing the plant compounds to extreme heat or risking smoke-induced complications. Full-spectrum CBD oil offers a friendly alternative to other THC-inclusive cannabis products.

Wellness Benefits of Full-spectrum CBD Oil

Since full-spectrum CBD oil possesses all inherent terpenes and cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant, it is bound to offer all the potential health and wellness benefits attributed to CBD. It is believed to offer a supplementary remedy for certain mental and physical health complications. Full-spectrum CBD oil offers all of these potential benefits, some of which are listed below.

It May Help Contain Acne

A study conducted by Oláh, et al., (2016).,on the effect of CBD on the skin shows that full-spectrum CBD oil may help keep the skin smooth by containing the spread of acne. There is sufficient anecdotal evidence to prove that CBD reduces acne breakout on the human skin by restricting activity in the sebaceous glands. These are the glands responsible for the secretion of sebum, which keeps the skin moist and oily. Too much production of sebum can result in the formation of acne. Full-spectrum CBD oils restrict activity in the sebaceous glands, effectively preventing acne formation.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil May Help Reduce Addiction

The beta-caryophyllene terpene is one of the components contained in full-spectrum CBD oil. A recent study conducted by Ledesma, et al., (2021)., on mice found that this terpene reduced addictive characteristics in mice. Although more research is still needed on the significance of these findings to humans, there is sufficient reason to hope that full-spectrum CBD oil containing this terpene may help manage addiction and substance dependency. For addicted marijuana users, full-spectrum CBD oil offers a rehabilitative option by providing a cannabis product with minimal THC content. This helps the user to scale down their THC intake gradually.

Potential Pain Relief

Full-spectrum CBD oil may offer potential relief from chronic MS and nerve pain. Preliminary research by Iskedjian, et al. (2007)., has discovered that CBD in full-spectrum oil may help reduce nerve pain by regulating the speed with which nerve signals are transmitted across the nerve cells. Notably, many people with chronic and MS pain symptoms have reported impressive results on online website reviews after trying out full-spectrum CBD oil.

Potential Anti-Seizure

Most users with epileptic seizures have reported positive results on product reviews after trying out full-spectrum CBD oil. A preliminary study conducted by Gray, & Whalley.(2020). on several human subjects recorded impressive results with seizure reduction. CBD is also believed to help boost the effects of some clinical anti-seizure drugs.

Full-spectrum CBD oil also offers several other CBD-related benefits, including potential relief from anxiety, depression, high bp, insomnia, appetite loss, and conditions that result in brain cell degeneration, such as Parkinson's disease.


Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most inclusive CBD oil available. It contains every terpene and cannabinoid from the hemp plant, including THC. It has the most natural terpene and phytocannabinoid profile since it undergoes the least processing. Full-spectrum CBD oil delivers maximum entourage effect through various compounds working together to produce a collective effect. For THC-tolerant users and enthusiasts, full-spectrum CBD oil provides potent, natural, and comprehensive CBD-related wellness benefits. However, CBD oil reacts differently based on the user and has many compounds, including THC; full-spectrum CBD oil may adversely affect some users. It is advisable to consult experienced practitioners or carry out proper background research before trying out full-spectrum CBD oil.


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