Banana smoothies (with CBD)


It is easy to prepare a banana smoothie with CBD. It's all about bringing the right ingredients, including ripe bananas and CBD oil, and following the simple steps detailed in this article.

Banana smoothies are among the best smoothies you can try. If you are not counting calories and have no problem with sweet smoothies, they are the best for your breakfast, lunch, or post-workout recovery. Early studies show that bananas are good for bones and teeth, specifically because they boast high levels of minerals. Besides, banana smoothies are filling, and you only need a little to feel satiated. Adding CBD oil to your banana recipe boosts its nutritional value, and early studies found CBD therapeutic. Are you feeling adventurous and would like to prepare banana smoothies with CBD? Here is how to go about it.

Why Bananas for Smoothies?

Bananas are among the common fruits and many people's favorite. There are many species of bananas in different parts of the world. Why is there so much hype around bananas, and why should you take them for smoothies? According to Kumar et al. (2021), you need bananas for strong bone formation. Bananas boast a high amount of potassium, manganese, calcium, and many other minerals you need for your bone. The study also indicated that bananas are good for soft tissues. Taking banana smoothies keeps tissues in good shape.

Bananas Boast Many Healthy Compounds, Making Them Great for Smoothies

As long as your smoothies do not have a lot of sugar, they make a good option for your workout sessions, breakfast, hangover moments, and lunch. Did you know that banana smoothies are good for your winter blues? The value of anything that goes to your stomach is measured by the compounds it contains. According to Singh et al. (2016), bananas boast many helpful compounds. They have vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients that improve the body's well-being. It's no wonder that many people like bananas and use them for smoothies.

Banana Smoothies Are Easy to Prepare

The other reason many vouch for banana smoothies is their easy preparation. Smoothie is one thing that promises satiety and is creative to explore, and many want to use bananas for it. Smoothies are easy to prepare, and banana smoothies are no exception. It is all about gathering the right ingredients, adjusting your blender settings to your preferred options, and blending the fruits into a smoothie. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare banana smoothies. Still, you may wonder what CBD adds to banana smoothies.

What Is CBD, and Why Add It to Your Banana Smoothie?

Many people embrace CBD and make it part of their regimen, but not all understand it. According to Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and cannabis plants. Such compounds are collectively called cannabinoids, and CBD is one. There are more than 140 cannabinoids in nature, but CBD stands out for being non-psychoactive and expressing the desired effects without making you feel 'high.' Why should you add CBD to your banana smoothie?

According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic, and many want to tap into this therapy. Early research sees much potential in CBD, but there is insufficient evidence to prove that the cannabinoid has the claimed health benefits. CBD comes in many deliverable methods, including tinctures, oils, and topicals. CBD edibles such as savory foods, desserts, drinks, and beverages are equally common, and many embrace them. You can prepare smoothies with bananas and other fruits and make CBD a part of the ingredient list. Here is how to make banana smoothies with CBD.

Banana Smoothies with CBD: Ingredients

This banana smoothie with CBD is easy to prepare. Gathering the ingredients, preparing them, and making the smoothie take under 10 minutes. Here are what you need for your banana smoothie;

  • 1 cup of orange juice (optional, since you can do bananas only)
  • 1 banana (you can use fresh or frozen bananas options)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 dollop of almond butter (this is equally optional, you can do without it)
  • ½- 1 cup of almond milk (needed for the desired consistency)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (this is ingredient is optional)
  • A few ice cubes
  • Agave nectar or Maple syrup (for sweetening)
  • CBD Oil (as needed per serving)


With the ingredients above ready, proceed as follows to make the banana smoothie;

  • Prepare the fruits and other components in a bowl
  • Transfer them to a blender
  • Adjust the blender to your preferred settings
  • Blend to smoothness
  • Serve the smoothie in glasses
  • Add a drop or two of CBD oil

How Much CBD Should You Add to the Banana Smoothie?

Much is yet to be known about CBD, including how much one needs to take. Sadly, the CBD industry is largely unregulated, and there are no dosage recommendations for taking CBD. Still, it is worth noting that CBD has no one-size-fits-all, and even when preparing banana smoothies with CBD, what might suit you may not suit the other person. For the most part, how much CBD you can take depends on many factors, including;

Previous Exposure to CBD or CBD History

You need only a few drops when using CBD for the first time, but you may change the amount as you get used to the cannabinoid.

CBD potency

You need one drop of stronger or more potent CBD oils, while you might have to take a few drops for less potent options.

Body Metabolism

How fast you can process CBD oil matters, where fast metabolism may allow you to take more CBD and vice versa. With these factors in mind, determine how much CBD you can add to the smoothie. As a rule, keep the dosages and potencies low when starting on CBD.


Banana smoothie with CBD is easy to prepare. You can use plain bananas, add other fruits and flavors like vanilla extract or agave syrup, and wrap up the recipe with CBD oil. How much CBD you add to the smoothie depends on many things, including the potency of the oil, previous CBD history, and metabolism.


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