Applying CBD topically vs Ingesting


What is CBD topicals? Which is the best way of consuming CBD topicals; applying CBD topically or ingesting? This article explains which is the best way of applying CBD topicals, whether topically or ingestion. It has long been recognized that applying CBD directly to the skin can help to relax the mind and body. While the manner of application differs by individual, most people apply a CBD topical cream, lotion, or oil to the areas of their body they wish to target. Some people use the oil directly in their sleeping area in the morning to assist them in waking up and feeling refreshed. CBD can also be consumed orally via capsules, tinctures, edibles, and tablets. CBD taken orally can take between 15 and 60 minutes to take action. The most common ways of distribution are topical application and oral consumption, depending on the intended use or dosage. Both, however, make independent or cooperative attempts to achieve homeostasis based on user expectations.

Topical CBD

Evans (2020) stated that it specifically refers to CBD-infused lotions, salves, creams, or oils for direct application to tight muscles, aching or stiff joints, and inflammatory areas. The manufacturers explains that the bioavailability of topical and transdermal products is approximately 45 percent. Topical CBD takes 15 minutes to an hour to penetrate and feel in the affected area. CBD is absorbed via the skin, but it does not enter the bloodstream unlike when taken orally or by other methods. It is extensively used to treat localized muscular tension, stiff joints, and inflammation since it is absorbed into the tissue where it is injected.

Ingesting CBD

Those interested in CBD should look for an ingestible version of the chemical. CBD is commonly eaten orally in two ways: placing it beneath the tongue and ingesting it. The sublingual technique's quick absorption rate and ease of usage are highly lauded. Insert the CBD product beneath the tongue for 30-60 seconds and hold it there until entirely absorbed. The body absorbs CBD into the bloodstream through the mouth's mucous membranes.

CBD Ingestible Products

CBD can be ingested in various ways, as long as the product is designed for that purpose.


Gummies and candies offer a similar quantity of CBD per piece, which simplifies dosage, and they are undeniably fantastic. Other common foods include chocolate, savory snacks, beverages such as coffee and tea, and energy drinks, which may act more quickly due to their water-soluble nature and increased absorption efficiency into the body's cells.

CBD capsules

These are encapsulated hemp extract used in the same way as other supplements. These are ideal for people looking for a simple method to include hemp in their daily lives.

CBD oil

They can be used as a food supplement by incorporating it into a favorite cuisine or smoothie. Although CBD oils are typically taken sublingually as a tincture, they are equally beneficial when added to food or beverage.

Bioavailability Of CBD Ingestible vs Topicals

The term "bioavailability" refers to the capacity of your body to absorb CBD from the application region into the bloodstream. Certain hemp CBD products have greater efficacy since they allow for a greater amount of CBD to reach the bloodstream, unmetabolized or broken down. The additional benefits of CBD are conditional on why you use it. Although CBD topicals have poor bioavailability, they diffuse straight into the affected area. The skin works as a barrier, obstructing the entry of chemicals and components into the body. By contrast, CBD topical molecules need not enter the bloodstream since they connect to and stimulate the skin's CB2 receptors.


More CBD molecules (sometimes up to 80 percent or more) may be absorbed and utilized by the body depending on the method of manufacture, for example, a water-based nano CBD particle vs. an oil-based CBD. Compared to CBD in oil form, nanoparticle water-based CBD has higher bioavailability, absorption, and onset time.

  • CBD was isolated using the CBD extraction technique.
  • Numerous other variables also affect absorption.
  • CBD possesses high lipophilicity (a fat-soluble nature).
  • Method of CBD consumption (sublingual tinctures, edibles, combustion, etc.)
  • Each individual possesses natural biological distinctions.
  • Time required for consumption.

Which Is Best for You

Baswan (2020) stated that CBD given topically binds to the administered area's cannabinoid receptors. It is non-absorbable in the bloodstream and ideal for particular treatments and areas. Hilton & Asher (2022) stated that this substance is used to alleviate tired muscles and skin conditions. In contrast, ingesting CBD enables the product to be consumed and absorbed into the bloodstream. This enables CBD to communicate with cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body.

Side Effects

CBD may be safe in small dosages when taken orally. For 13 weeks, doses of 200 mg per day were provided satisfactorily. According to Elias (2019), CBD may cause dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, tiredness, and fatigue. The prescription version, Epidiolex, has been related to liver damage. There is insufficient evidence that CBD is safe or may have detrimental effects when administered topically. Also, some individual can have problems when it come to using such products as their bodies reacts with them. Some can opt for other product other than topicals which have less side effects when used.


Various delivery methods are available for CBD, the most common of which are topical and oral administration, respectively. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these strategies are important to weigh your decision according to an individuals choice and preferences on the product. The market is flooded with different CBD topicals and CBD ingestible that people can try out. These items will be made available to users, and they will be able to choose what is most appropriate for them as a result. If you are new to CBD or unsure of how to choose the best product for your needs, you should seek professional assistance right away. Beginners are advice to seek a health care practitioners health when it comes to dosage and the usage of such products. CBD tinctures containing oil-based CBD will begin to affect you within 30 minutes of using them while those ingested can take as more as forty minutes to one hour for the effects to be felt.


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