8 CBD topicals to help you glow for the holidays


Holidays are the best time of the year for most individuals. They engage in different programs to break from busy schedules, tiring school work, and other activities that often make our day stressful. Some take advantage to focus on their valuable things. That is, spending time with family, prioritizing health, and taking good care of themselves. CBD products are one of the solutions individuals opt for to feel good and look good. They help you be at your best appearance during the holidays.

Features of CBD topicals that guarantees you’ll glow;

  • They help soothe and calm skin.
  • They moisturize skin.
  • Boost skin’s ability to glow naturally.
  • Minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and redness.
  • Ideal for each skin type.

Ingredients that Make CBD Topicals Useful to Your Skin

Adequate CBD

CBD, according to research, offers benefits such as anti-inflammatory abilities, managing skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. They help deal with health conditions and maintain your skin's best state.

Flavonoids and Terpenes

Research indicates’, Flavonoids and terpenes have powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants will help to fight off oxidative stress and minimize signs of aging. Free radicals like pollution, cigarette smoke, and sun exposure destroy our skin significantly. Some terpenes have powerful anti-inflammatory abilities.

Unique Ingredients

Ingredients matter when it comes to skin products. It’s possible to get CBD topicals with safe ingredients as long as you buy from the right brand. Most of them contain great formulas for minimizing age-related signs and other skin issues and maintaining high hydration levels. Common skin-friendly ingredients that CBD contains include;
Ceramides; enable your skin to lock in hydration.
Plant oils such as jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, or coconut oil have excellent hydrating effects.
Glycerin-t’s a good moisturizer that’ll help you grow.
Hyaluronic acid-it’s a superstar moisturizer full of huge benefits that’ll minimize skin-aging effects. Squalene-a perfect skin smoother and soother.

Best CBD Topicals to Make your Skin Glow

Lord jones Royal CBD Oil

This 1 oz bottle is filled with beauty booster ingredients. One of its powerful formulas is grape seed oil, which according to research, loads antioxidants to protect you from premature aging skin issues. The product will highlight your skin and give it an appealing tone. You can use it as a serum by applying directly to your skin. It gives their skin a velvety texture without bad effects on the pores.

CBD Cucumber Face Mask

They’re found in different designs to suit different goals. You can choose lavender, rose, cucumber, charcoal, or aloe. If hydration is your main goal, stick to cucumber or aloe. All flavors are good choices since their ingredients are almost the same. They work well on any skin type. However, the natural fragrance in rose and aloe may not give pleasant results on sensitive skin.

Prima Afterglow Deeply Restorative Cream

Filled with hyaluronic acid and 500mg CBD content, prima uses this product to upgrade CBD-infused supplements for clients. It’s a great night cream that helps flourish tired skin. Consider making an afterglow moisturized flawless skin that everyone will want after coming back from the holidays.

Saint Jane Beauty the C drops

Filled with 500mg CBD, Beauty C drops has earned a great name for themselves in the beauty world. It is made with skin-friendly ingredients, including vitamin C, brightening uneven or dull skin. It's small, making it easy to carry it around wherever you go and use it consistently during the day to give our skin the best treatment.

Herbivore Emerald CBD

Herbivore’s skincare oil gives your face an appealing color. The bottle is pretty and unique. Its colorful appearance is amazing, but back to our main focus-it’s useful for irritating skin.

Perricone MD

CBD-infused eye cream will clear the under-eye section and save you from looking old or having puffy eyes. It’s a rich moisturizer that’ll help you have smooth skin. You’ll enjoy your holiday without being affected by summer allergies.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Cleanser

The products benefit most of those with sensitive skin. Its gentle feel will cleanse any bacteria that may harm your skin. It is formulated with cannabis oil and oregano oil to purify your skin and help it retain its natural moisture.

Chill Mode Eye Gel

CBD gel can give your skin a new look and the best texture, color, and skin health. Its application process is easy with quick-acting effects on the area you apply it to. Don’t expect it to provide long-term benefits, but you can be sure it has a quick way to keep your skin hydrated and soothed.

Directions to Use CBD Topicals

It takes a short time to use CBD topicals. Add two droppers to your hand, then gently apply them on the skin evenly. The products can work on the chest, neck, face, or anywhere you need a moisturizing boost. For better results, shake the topical well before you use it. You can mix with other skincare products for maximum benefits.


CBD topicals are designed for external purposes only. If you’re looking for a skincare product that’ll help you boost your skin’s health, they will do you a favor. Hopefully, this article has given you ideas of what to look for. Try these eight products, and your skin will glow during the holiday. Still, there are many other choices which you can try!


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