Holidot 2016 - Luxury Lipstick

Luxury Lipstick
Holidot 2016

Linda’s Lip Wardrobe: Five Gorgeous Shades

Fashionistas constantly press Linda on how she achieves her look; now they have their answer.

As Linda Rodin sees it, glowing skin and the right lipstick negate the need for other types of makeup. Linda's so simple, yet so luxe, her morning routine goes like this: First she spreads a few drops of RODIN olio lusso Face Oil on her still damp face. Next Linda applies one of her five pigment-rich lipsticks, depending on her mood and sometimes her outfit, then she’s out the door.

Set of 5 Shades: Red Hedy, So Mod, Tough Tomato, Winks, Billie on the Bike

Get it wrapped in Linda’s
Limited Edition Polka Dots